The New World Perspective

The New World Perspective is a unification of all knowledge that matters on this planet. This document proves the existence of higher life and unites science and religion once and for all with complete understanding of all religions, quantum physics, dimensions, psychology, medicine, energy, and life into one.
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  The New World Perspective ByRob Hamrick Special Thanks I would like to send an enormous thank you to Ellie Crystal for allowing me to use her site,, for a lot of reference materials, that she has gathered together for everyone's convenience and expansion of knowledge. Thank you. Dedication I dedicate this writing to my mom, Kim, who, through many years of struggling within the darkened moments that had surrounded many aspects of her life, still managed make sure that my sister and myself were always taken care of and loved. I would also like to dedicate this writing to my dad, oward, who had !een there for my mother, giving her hope, lifting her up, and loving her when everyone else had turned her away. Thank you !oth for !ringing me up in this world to look past the darkness, to see the light in all, and always stand for what is right. I love you !oth more than you can ever know. I also dedicate this writing to unny, my !eautiful soul#mate, who has !een on this $ourney to understanding with me, !y my side every step of the way, from the depths of our own hell, to the shocking of life and love !ack through our hearts. %ithout you, I would still !e drowning in are my light. I love you.  Chapter 1 The New World Perspective Welcome to The New World Perspective. This document has been put together to show the world a whole new way of looking at things, hence the name, The New World Perspective . Throughout our existence on this planet, knowledge has come and gone, technologies have beenwiped out due to time or conuest, empires and civili!ations have risen and fallen, meanings behind wars and the true nature of these civili!ations lost through time and translation. ven our bodies, for the most part, have lost their ability to operate #or at least we$ve lost the knowledge as to how to operate it% to its fullest abilities. &id you know that the human body uses less than '() of its brain and &N*+ y point being, a lot of things have changed since the beginning of our existence. * lot of knowledge has been lost over time, especially about ourselves, the human body,our universe, and beyond. What -$m attempting to do through this document is show you that all of the answers to allof the uestions that have the human mind in wonder, are right in front of you and have been forever...and you control all of it. - know it sounds like a pretty broad statement, but - will be showing you how true it is. What - want from you is to keep an open mind. - am not trying to discredit anyone$s work with this document, but am trying to show you how everything in our world is connected, bringing knowledge of how our existence works on many levels, unlocking long lost information for all, while showing you how to unlock yourself in the process. *lso, pleasedo not steer away from reading this at some point because of a lack of understanding at first. There are * /T of topics that need to be covered in order to explain everything that exists around us. -n doing so, many topics will over0lap one another...meaning, sometimes one thing must be explained in order to explain something else , but in order to understand something else there are parts of one thing that you must understand. -t sounds confusing, but have faith that the further on you read, the more the previous parts will make sense. -n order to understand the workings of our universe, our bodies, minds, energy, history, and the dimensions in which theyexist, there will be a lot to take in and understand. - am aware of this and - will try to explain thingson the most simplest of levels, for everyone$s understanding. 1or those of you who are understanding in some of these topics, - ask that you be patient and read on. 2our perception on what you think you know will be broadened. Though some of my explanations of very complex concepts may seem incomplete or not explained down to its finest point, it is more important that everyone has a grasp on the understanding of the !asics of these concepts and not the terminology of the sciences down to its last drop. This will be informative, yet - will try not to make this sound like some boring college lecture. There$s uite a bit of this information out there readily available to everyone, but most of it is segregated from other information and sometimes itisn$t written in a way that everyone can understand right from the beginning...- will try my best to remedy this.The New World Perspective will cover 3ust about everything that is important to humanity and beyond. - can$t really sum that up any more. - will cover a lot of our history and reason from the beginning of time. verything that we have done on this planet weaves together with everything else, so it is important that we get the full picture . 2ou wouldn$t take sides between friends of yours who are arguing until you got the full picture or everyone$s side of the story , right+ Then, how can we truly live life to its fullest without an understanding of life to its fullest  + -n order to do this, we will need to be able to look outside of what we have been taught and open our brains for more knowledge, more understanding...a different look at what makes up our world and what makes up you . This document has the potential to bring everything in our world together and be reali!ed as /ne. 4eligions, politics, will all become clear as to how they all tie in together and - will do so in the most factual way possible with references to as muchas - can grab.  -$ve really struggled in finding the perfect way to start this out. -t$s really difficult to imaginewhere to start when everything in existence runs in a circle. -t$s like the uestion, Which came first, the chicken or the egg+ /ne cannot exist without the other and to sit and dwell on such a uestion with only partial information could drive a mind mad. -n all reality, who can argue over such a thing when no one has a definitive answer+ 5ow can there be any validity to fighting over a uestion that cannot be solved with only partial information+ *t some point, this was reali!ed and the uestion now sits on a table waiting for someone to answer it, but until that point, it waits and mocks humanity, who look for answers that are right in front of them. This uestion, Which came first, the chicken or the egg+ , looms over mankind as a metaphor for our ignorance...and - mean that in most literal of ways... ignor#ance ...the act of ignoring and keeping one$s self from gaining knowledge because of it. -f you were to look at it from a scientific point of view, a chicken may have evolved early on as something smaller and gained the ability to lay an egg as its way of reproduction. -f you look at it from a religious point of view, 6od could have made the egg or the chicken first. 7oth are ideals held strongly #and of course are not the only views% and both arebelieved by many, though -$m sure most don$t care and haven$t put that much thought into it. Whatif our whole existence, our whole lives and the meaning behind this all, dwells within this uestion+ This is not an opinionated uestion, yet it$s treated that way. This is a factual   uestion without an answer, meaning there is  an answer to this uestion, we 3ust can$t see it. What if the egos behind both thought processes have kept them from coming together and forming the true  answer+ What if this whole time we$ve been tossing aside ideals that could bring this world together in pure unity 3ust because of a misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge...or more importantly, a total lack of care+ Why does religion want to be right and want science to be wrong+ Why does science want to discredit religion+ These are 3ust generali!ed uestions and - know that not all people fit into one of these categories or the other, however this has been the general story throughout our history. 5ere$s a uestion that should be asked...what if they$re both right+ Well, - believe they are, and -$m going to show you how and why. 8cience has shut out religion, religion has shut out science, every theoretical science is arguing over every other theoretical science, and religions are fighting other religions...over what+-gnorance and belief in their ignorance. They all choose  to segregate themselves from one another and shut out what they were told to shut out, more or less. -$m sure that most of you reading this have had some form of belief in your family9life growing up that was taught to you. Whether or not you$ve kept up with these beliefs has been completely up to you, but this belief system, whatever it may be, existed in your life at one point. What you may have been taught at this point, was that this belief was to be the foundation to whatever you may face in life and you should be building upon this foundation with events of yourself. 5owever wonderful this may sound, the problem is that the foundations that have been built, for an undefined amount of years,have been based solely on a few ideals, foregoing the rest of the information that exists around us, closing off minds to the rest of the story . -f you take this same logic that most people live their lives by, and apply it to something else more tedious in your life, it will show that it makes no sense to live like this. 1or example, if you were teaching a teenager to drive a car, you wouldn$t say 5ere$s the keys to the car. The key goes in the key hole on the right side of the steering wheel. Turn it forward to start the car. 6ood luck and have fun driving: Though the foundation of the knowledge is there, there is * /T of information that wasn$t passed on to get the car successfully out of the driveway, to a destination, and back again. 8o, why do we limit our knowledge+ Why do most choose to live their lives with only partial information+ What is everyone so afraid of+ *re people truly afraid of learning or stepping out of their comfort !one +  *re people afraid of the hurt that might come with finding out that what they have believed to be whole truth is 3ust a fragment of the big picture + -t$s a proven fact that people do not en3oy disappointment. - don$t think that anyone can disagree with me on that, but can this be the only reason that has segregated us all on this planet+ 1ear of the unknown+ ;an it be true that fear, pride, or a dislike for disappointment can motivate people over time to close out their minds and segregate themselves not only from others, but the openness of their minds for greater understanding...or is there something more to this+  Why have we been living the lives that we do+ Why do we do the things we do+ Why do you get up everyday, get dressed, go to work, pay taxes, go home+ /f course there$s more to your life than this, but this is the foundation of your existence, in *merica anyway...but why+ -s it  3ust because that$s what you$ve been told to do+ -s this consistency moving us further in the worldas a whole+ *re we closer to understanding our existence because of this monotonous lifestyle or is there much more for you to understand about what$s going on+ There is a much  bigger picture to look at than the daily grind that we all are living. There is a very complex system in place all around us that doesn$t 3ust revolve around the minor successes and failures in one person$s life. There is a web of a world that we are all tied to. There is a weaving of lives and energy that we have created in the world we know that has lead us down this road of ignorance. -n order to understand what our purpose is here, what our ultimate goal is, we must look down to the very bottom of what makes us us . We must also take a look at what we make up....our larger   selves...what we are a part of. This is where we$ll begin. Chapter  Dimensions /kay, let$s get started unwrapping this tangled up mess of uestions that surround our world and make us what we are. *s you can see by the title of this chapter, we$ll be starting with an understanding of dimensions. 8eems pretty intimidating to start out with a topic so large and misunderstood, but that$s all the more reason to start here. -f we climb this hill first, the rest of this should run pretty smoothly. Trust me...- got you.When someone hands you a ruler or tape measure and asks you to get the dimensions of something, what are they asking for+ We all know the answer to this. We are to take the ruler9tape measure and measure that something in length, width, and height. < dimensions. 8o, we are all aware  that we live in the < dimensional world because this is what we are capable of measuring and witnessing. -n order to measure this ob3ect, we would need to either spin the ob3ect around, move our heads for another perspective, or walk around it to measure all sides. We can$t 3ust look at it from one side and measure all sides, because it wouldn$t be an accurate measurement. We actually have to move around the ob3ect or spin the ob3ect around to get a view of all sides in order see it from all angles to measure it. What does this prove+ -t proves that we can only see  in ' dimensions. 2ou can sit with an easel and some paint, then paint an exact image of what you are seeing onto a canvas. * perfect replica of what we see can be put onto a surface that only has ' dimensions, length and width. Pretty simple to understand thus far, right+ 8o, what makes us aware that we live in a world with < dimensions+ ight coming from a direction, bouncing off of ob3ects and the ability to look at things from all angles by us moving around it. Take the same painting on your canvas and shine a light on it. The sub3ect matter in your painting isn$t affected by the light #other than the light reflecting off of the paint or the canvas itself% because it$s ' dimensional. -t has no depth. Try to imagine a world where light doesn$t comefrom a specific defined point like a sun or a light bulb. * world where you can see normally, but there is no shadows. Would you still believe that you lived in a < dimensional world from 3ust looking+ When things got closer to you, they would 3ust seem like they were getting larger and when things moved away from you, they would get smaller. No real perception of depth at all. * sphere would 3ust look like a circle, and a cube would look like a suare. Without a defined point of light, it would seem as though we were living in a cartoon...a ' dimensional viewpoint. ight is what defines everything that we see or don$t see and how we perceive it. 8o what is = dimensional and ' dimensional, then+ /ne dimensional would be a  point  . * dot with no length or width. * dot that has no understanding of anything. * dot that cannot see beyond itself or that has no awareness whatsoever of anything else around it...not even other
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