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The Pharisees and Scribes in the Gospel of Thomas (Postgraduate Conference, University of Leeds: April 2015)

The Pharisees and Scribes in the Gospel of Thomas (Postgraduate Conference, University of Leeds: April 2015)
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  University of Leeds, Biblical Studies Conference SRB April 24 th  2015 1 ‘The Pharisees and Scribes in the Gospel of Thomas’    Simeon R Burke (Christ’s, Cambridge:   NB: I will happily take all questions and comments both during and after the event. My email is provided above. Presentation Outline 1.   Introduction and Context a.   The Texts Gospel of Thomas 39: Jesus said, the Pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge and they have hidden them. They have neither entered nor have allowed those who wish to enter to do so. But you, be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Gospel of Thomas 102: Jesus said, woe to the Pharisees for they are like a dog sleeping in the manger for it neither eats nor does it allow the cattle to eat. b.   The Polemics of Thomas c.   Aims  2.   Who Were Thomas ’ Pharisees and Scribes?   a.   Thomas as the carrier of first century traditions i.   Proponents 1.   Francis Watson (2013 p.271). 2.   John Dominic Crossan (1991:427-8) 3.   Gilles Quispel (various) and April DeConick (2005; 2006); cf. G. Scholem (1960). 4.   Stephen Patterson (1993) ii.   Evaluation and Problematising the Discussion 1.   A Comment on Genre: Is a Sayings Collection Necessarily Primitive? 2.   Counterfactual Ruminating: What do we actually learn from a  primitive Gospel? 3.   Introducing the Bigger Picture: Thomas and Judaism more generally (see d.iv) b.   Thomas ’ Pharisees and Scribes as Second Century, Jewish Opponents i.   Proponents 1.   Charles Hedrick 2.   Matteo Grosso (2011) ii.   Evaluation 1.   Dangers of Mirror Reading 2.   Gnosticism and Early Judaism  University of Leeds, Biblical Studies Conference SRB April 24 th  2015 2 3.   Anti-Jewish or Anti-Authority? c.   Thomas ’ Pharisees and Scribes as the Mainstream Church i.   Proponents 1.   Biggar Pearson (1984:445). 2.   R. McL. Wilson (1974:177-189) 3.   Claudio Gianotto (2007:157  –  173) ii.   Evaluation 1.   Who was the mainstream church? d.   Alternative Proposal: The Symbolic Error of the Pharisees and Scribes i.   A Cautious Line Between Primitivism and Definitive Second Century Group ii.   The Error: Failure to Pass on Knowledge iii.   The Keys of Knowledge: Jesus’ Words iv.   Relating the Pharisees and Scribes to Thomas ’s Attitudes Towards Judaism More Generally 1.   Jewish Scriptures: Saying 52 2.   Jewish Customs: Saying 6, 14. 3.   Parallels with the Nag Hammadi Corpus 3.   Conclusions Bibliography Crossan, J.D. 1991. The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant  . San Francisco: Harper: San Francisco. De Conick, A.D. 2005.  Recovering the Original Gospel of Thomas: A History of the Gospel and its Growth . LNTS 286; London/ New York: T&T Clark International.  ———    2006. The Original Gospel of Thomas in Translation: With a Commentary and New English Translation of the Complete Gospel   (LNTS 287; London/New York: T&T Clark International. Gianotto, C. 2007. ‘Quelques aspects de la polémique anti -  juive dans l’EvangileselonThomas’, in L. Painchaud & P. -H. Poirier, eds. Colloque internationale: “L’Évangile selon Thomas et les textes de Nag Hammadi”. Québec, 29–  31 mai 2003. Leuven: Peeters. 157  –  173. Grenfell, B.P. & A.S. Hunt, eds. 1897.  ΛΟΓΙΑ ΙΗΣΟΥ  . Sayings of Our Lord  . London: Egypt Exploration Fund.   Grosso M. 2011. Vangelo secondo Tommaso: Introduzione, traduzione e comment  . Roma: Carocci. Hedrick, C. 2010. Unlocking the Secrets of the Gospel according to Thomas . Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock. Patterson, Stephen J. 1993. The Gospel of Thomas and Jesus . Sonoma, Calif.: Polebridge. Pearson, B. 1984. 'Jewish Sources in Gnostic Literature'."Jewish Sources in Gnostic Literature." In Michael E. Stone, ed Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period. Apocrypha. Compendia rerum iudaicarum ad Novum Testamentum 2.2 (Assen: Van Gorcum/Philadelphia: Fortress. 443-481. Quispel, G. 1958. "L'Evangile selon Thomas et les Clementines," VigChr   12: 181~96 Quispel, Gilles, "Gnosticism and the New Testament." From The Bible in Modern Scholarship. Ed. J. Philip Hyatt. Nashville: 1965, 252-271. Scholem, G. 1960.  Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism and Talmudic Tradition . New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Smith, Carl B., II.  No Longer Jews: The Search for Gnostic Origins . Peabody: Hendrickson, 2004. Watson F. 2013. Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Wilson, R. McL. 1974. “Jewish Gnosis' and Gnostic Origins”, HUCA 45:177 -189. University of Leeds, Biblical Studies Conference. April 24 th  2015.
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