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The Pleasures of South Park (An Experiment in Media Erotics)

The Pleasures of South Park (An Experiment in Media Erotics)
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  lmT Edited by Jefrey Andrew Weinstock STATE UNIVERSTY OF NEW YORK PRESS  CHAPTER Z The Pleasures of South Park (An Experiment in Media Erotics) BRIAN L. OT O ne f my vte scenes rm South Park depcts 8-yea-ld and ecently deptzed lcal plce ce Ec Catman patllng the steets f Sth Pak n hs Bg Wheel Dng a tne tac stp, atman nnts Stan's the, Randy Mash. The sbseqent exchange, which is sht" Cstyle, ends wth Catman whackng hm n the knee wth hs nghtstck and yellng, Respect my athtah!" I e t ths as ne f my vte scenes" becase I d nt have vte epsdes" f South Pak. It jst s nt that knd f shw South Pak s dven by,  me apppately anmated" by, memable mments, mages, and catchphases (mst f whch expedtsly fnd the way nt the Intenet and/ Tshts), athe than by sstaned naatve cmpexty  say that nt by way f dspaagng the sees, bt f dawng attentn t ts hetcal mde Fmally and aesthetcally, South ark s, n a wd, pstmde," whch lteay citc Tey Eagletn defnes as a depthless, decenteed, ngnded, seleflexve, playul, devatve, eclectc, plalstc at" (v) Add t that the ct that outh Park appeas n televsn, whch s wdely egaded as the pstmde medm pa excellence" (ODay 112), and t ases an mptant qestn: What s the le and unctn f the ctc when cnnted wth pstmde textalty? Hstcally, ctcsbe they at, lteay,  meda centeedhave sght t nlck" the mystees f a text, t ncve" ts deep meanng  hdden delgy Bt pstmde textalty cnonds ths task and pehaps even endes t mpssble Unlke the mdenst text, whch has dscete 39  40 Brian L. Ott bndaes and ceebaes a na sgned, psmde exa s dfse and pveges he bndess sgne. N snga, sac, ned message hen exss  ecve  exhme n psmde exa 1 Rahe han beng ganzed  sa "smehng, psmde exa ecmbnes he cness smehngs ha have aead been sad I makes n cam  nncence, gna,  ahenc As sch, he cca "mehds  mdesm-Maxsm scasm, semcs, mnsm, and pschanassae p sed  addess psmden exa Tha,  cse, has n spped ccs rm ng, rm naive agng ha "exs sch as South Park, whch se ehnc, aca, gende, and sexa seepes secnscs and nca, ae acs, sexs, and hmphbc N a ccs have en n hs ap, hweve. Thse wh ecgnze ha we ve n a ce  excess,  neexa webs, and an endess pa  sgnes, have ed  decnscn  shw he nsab  exs 2 Insead  wkng  ncve a ex's hdden meanng, decnscnss seek  shw hw meanng s awas deed 3  The cena cnce, heeoe, ke ha  mdes ccs, cnnes  be wh meanng, ahgh admed s dspesa, ahe han s cheence I nd hs appach  psmde exa eqa nsasyng becase  ends wad a phsph  nhsm As a psscas, I cnc ha exs d n "speak wh a snge, nfed,  sabe vce B as a pagmas, I am specfca neesed n he sevae  meda exs n  eveda ves.  Ths, hs chape seaches o an aeave cca pacce, ne ha s nehe hemeneca n decnscns Insead  psng exa meanngs, be he dscee  duse, I ow he ead  ccs sch as Ssan Snag and Rand Bahes and g n seach  exa peases M am s  map he cns  a he  meda ecs b examnng psmde exa n ems   sgicance ahe han sgncan 5  Twad ha end I evese he pca cca oma Rahe han "empng (sme mgh sa "mpsng) he  jdge a ex, I seek  spn he rm a ex I   South Park n smp  mnae ths ex, b as  mnae he chaace  psmde exa and  pe a he  meda ecs becase, as Bahes expans n /Z, "each snge) ex s he ve he (and n he mee exampe) 12) Becase psng he meanng  deg  South Park s ress, I w nsead expe s meannfulness-th wa  speaks dec  he bd M cena qesn s n  what des South Park sa  vewes, b  how des South Park ase vewes? T answe hs qesn, I pbe sx scenes rm he shw, each  whch ncns as a ansgessve pease: he abjec, he canvaesqe, he neexa, he nc, he mna, and he dephess Ahgh I examne hese ec mdes ndependen, he ae ten deep necnneced Indeed, he aecv es age n he was he csspnae ne anhe. The Pleasures of South Park 1 Beoe ng  hese ec mdes, hweve, I wsh  cmmen be n he cnen and om  hs chape Wh egad  pease, I addess n hse peases ha I egad as pncpa,  a eas pena, cnehegemnc Ths, he chape scps avds egmes  pease ed n dencan, naave om, and vesc pacces  kng As I have demnsaed esewhee, sch peases epdce dmnan deges and sbjecves (O, "Re)Lcang) Wh egad  he chapes  om, I have cnscs aemped  speak n he "angage  eevsn wheneve pssbe Becase an magebased wk was mpacca, I adped a me ragmena and eexve se han s pca  ms academc wng Lke eevsn hs chape es sevea "channes  cnen, each  whch s eae secnaned and can be ead  sed b he eade n an de In he sp  eevsn, whch nceasng qes m he pas, hs chape  reqen engages wh he wk  he schs as a wa  acknwedgng hw schashp se s ecmbnan The Abject South Park s ns sexa scagca, and sexa scagca I smehng can cme    g n smenes ans,  pbab has n South Park. Fm lamng s and aen ana pbes  s gebs and M Hanke, he Chsmas P, hs sees s bsessed wh asses and especa he hes Seecng m ve "ana scene rm South Park s, heeoe, n smpe ask Tha sad, wh egad  pease, he "whe  beween M Save and Pas Hn n he epsde, "Spd Sped Whe Vde Pase, sands ane Ate he ng gs n Sh Pak begn dessng and behavng ke Pas Hn, M Save chaenges Pas Hn  a whe  n he hpes  eachng he gs ha beng a "whe s nhng  be pd  On a sage n rn  he whe wn, Pas and M Save cmpee  deemne wh he bgge whe s Fwng sex wh a gp  men, Pas sccess nses a whe pneappe n he vagna Cam sandng p  ake hs , M Save eaps n he a an ands n Pass head, whee he sqms n she s cmpee engd n hs ans The scene ends wh an naana sh  Pas Hn cawng hgh M Saves bwes kng  o an ex (whch vsa epeas he same scena pevs paed  wh a geb n "The Deah Camp  Teance epsde)  The whe  scene rm South Park s a paca cea exampe  wha cca hess da e  as he abjec As Ja Kseva expans n Powrs of , he abjec s eaed  pevesn, pn, cpn, and deemen 517) As each  he cnceps sgges, abjecn ases rm he ansgessn  sca abs  he cssng  ca cnsced bndaes Becase he "bd s a mde whch can sand o an
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