The Rite-The Making of a Modern Exorcist - Matt Baglio (1)

FOR SARA AND NOAH CONTENTS PROLOGUE CHAPTER ONE | Rome CHAPTER TWO | The Calling CHAPTER THREE | Going Back to School CHAPTER FOUR | no! o#$ Enem% CHAPTER F&'E | O(ening the Doo$ CHAPTER S&) | &n *% Name CHAPTER SE'EN | Sea$ching +o$ an E,o$ci-t CHAPTER E&GHT | The Fi$-t Night CHAPTER N&NE | Di-ce$nment CHAPTER TEN | C$o--ing O.e$ CHAPTER ELE'EN | The Fall CHAPTER TWEL'E | S#++e$ing o+ the So#l CHAPTER TH&RTEEN | A Pa-to$al A(($oach CHAPTER FOURTEEN | Win/o!- to the So#l CHAPTER F&FTEE
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      FOR SARA AND NOAH CONTENTS PROLOGUECHAPTER ONE | RomeCHAPTER TWO | The CallingCHAPTER THREE | Going Back to School  CHAPTER FOUR | no! o#$ Enem%CHAPTER F&'E | O(ening the Doo$ CHAPTER S&) | &n *% NameCHAPTER SE'EN | Sea$ching +o$ an E,o$ci-tCHAPTER E&GHT | The Fi$-t NightCHAPTER N&NE | Di-ce$nmentCHAPTER TEN | C$o--ing O.e$ CHAPTER ELE'EN | The FallCHAPTER TWEL'E | S#++e$ing o+ the So#lCHAPTER TH&RTEEN | A Pa-to$al A(($oachCHAPTER FOURTEEN | Win/o!- to the So#lCHAPTER F&FTEEN | Li0e$ationCHAPTER S&)TEEN | O$gani1ing the *ini-t$%CHAPTER SE'ENTEEN | The E,o$ci-tAUTHOR2S NOTE2SACNOWLEDG*ENTS NOTESSELECTED B&BL&OGRAPH   PROLOGUE An/ !a$ 0$oke o#t in hea.en3 *ichael an/ hi- angel- +o#ght again-t the /$agon4 The /$agon an/ hi- angel- +o#ght 0ack5 0#t the% !e$e /e+eate/5 an/ the$e !a- no longe$ an% (lace +o$ them in hea.en4 The g$eat /$agon !a- th$o!n /o!n5 that ancient -e$(ent5 !ho i- calle/ the an/ Satan5 the /ecei.e$ o+ the !hole !o$l/6he !a- th$o!n /o!n to the ea$th5 an/ hi- angel- !e$e th$o!n o#t !ith him46   Revelation 12:7-9 Among he$ -ac$amental-5 the Catholic Ch#$ch5 in o0e/ience to the Lo$/2- P$a%e$5 al$ea/% in ancient time- me$ci+#ll% ($o.i/e/ that th$o#gh (io#- ($a%e$- he$ (eo(le ma% a-k Go/ to li0e$ate the +aith+#l +$om all /ange$- an/ e-(eciall% +$om the -na$e- o+ the De.il4 &n a t$#l% #ni7#e  !a%5 e,o$ci-t- !e$e e-ta0li-he/ in the Ch#$ch !ho5 in imitation o+ Ch$i-t5 co#l/ c#$e tho-e o0-e--e/ 0% the One5 e.en 0% comman/ing /emon- in the name o+ Go/5 -o that the% might /e(a$t5 le-t +o$ !hate.e$ $ea-on the% /o +#$the$ ha$m to h#man c$eat#$e-46   Decree from the Congregation for Divine Worship of the Faith, November 22, 199 The thi$t%8+i.e8%ea$8ol/ !oman la% on a (a//e/ +ol/ing ma--age ta0le5 he$ a$m- an/ leg- hel/ 0% t!o men4 She !o$e a 0lack P#ma -!eat -#it an/ he$ /a$k  0$o!n hai$ !a- (#lle/ 0ack tightl% into a (on%tail4 While not hea.% -he !a- a little on the -tock% -i/e3 an/ a- -he g$#nte/ an/ -t$#ggle/5 the men +o#ght to hol/ on4 Nea$0%5 anothe$ man an/ !oman ho.e$e/5 $ea/% to inte$.ene4 The e,o$ci-t -too/ a +e! +eet a!a%5 a -mall c$#ci+i, in one han/ an/ a -il.e$ cani-te$ +ille/ !ith hol% !ate$ in the othe$4 S#$.e%ing the -cene5 he ha/ a /eci-ion to make4 The e,o$ci-m ha/  0een going on +o$ the 0ette$ (a$t o+ an ho#$5 an/ the -t$ain !a- 0eginning to -ho! on e.e$%one4 Sho#l/ he contin#e9S#//enl% the !oman2- hea/ t#$ne/5 he$ e%e- +i,ating on a -(ot nea$ the +a$ !all4 :No;< the /emon -ai/ in a /ee( g#tt#$al .oice coming +$om /ee( !ithin he$5 :the one in 0lack i- he$e5 the  =in,;<The e,o$ci-t +elt a momenta$% $a% o+ ho(e5 kno!ing +$om (a-t e,o$ci-m- that thi- !a- the /emon2- co/e to /e-c$i0e Saint Gemma Galgani4:An/ the little !hite one +$om Al0ania;< the /emon $oa$e/4:*othe$ Te$e-a o+ Calc#tta9< the e,o$ci-t a-ke/4The /emon let +l% a -t$ing o+ 0la-(hemie- in a $age5 then hi- .oice took on a mocking chil/like tone4 :Oh5 look at them; Look at them; The% a$e h#gging an/ g$eeting each othe$;< Then5 0ack to a /ee( g#tt#$al $a-(5 :Di-g#-ting; Di-g#-ting;<To the !oman l%ing on the ta0le5 the t!o +ig#$e- a((ea$e/ a- i+ in a /$eam4 Saint Gemma !a- /$e--e/ in he$ t$a/itional 0lack5 an/ looke/ .e$% m#ch a- -he ha/ in he$ t!entie-4 O//l%5 *othe$ Te$e-a al-o looke/ .e$% %o#ng6(e$ha(- onl% t!ent%8+i.e4The e,o$ci-t glance/ o.e$ hi- -ho#l/e$ to !he$e the !oman !a- -ta$ing an/ -a! nothing 0#t the 0lank !all4 :Let #- thank Saint Gemma Galgani an/ *othe$ Te$e-a +o$  0eing he$e !ith #- to/a%5< he -ai/4:No5 him too4 Sen/ him a!a%5 -en/ him a!a%;< the /emon !aile/4Un-#$e o+ !ho ha/ =#-t a$$i.e/5 the e,o$ci-t a//e/5 :& -a% thank %o# that he i- he$e4<Then -#//enl% the !oman -at 0olt #($ight5 he$ a$m- e,ten/e/ in +$ont o+ he$ a- i+ -he2/ 0een %anke/ #( 0% -ome #n-een +o$ce4 :Lea.e me alone;< the /emon -c$eame/5 e.en a- the !oman +laile/ to 0$eak +$ee +$om the in.i-i0le g$a-(4 The t!o men !ent to (#ll he$ 0ack /o!n5 0#t the e,o$ci-t motione/ +o$ them to -to(4 :Let2- -ee !ho =#-t came4 &n the name o+ >e-#- an/ the &mmac#late 'i$gin5 !ho i- thi-  (e$-on9<:Nooooooo;< the g#tt#$al5 +e$ocio#- .oice g$o!le/4 :Tot#- t######-;<The e,o$ci-t -mile/ in!a$/l%5 $ecogni1ing the Latin motto4 :Thank %o#5 Hol% Fathe$ >ohn Pa#l &&5 +o$ coming to hel( o#$ -i-te$5< he -ai/4:No5 no;< the /emon -h$ieke/4 :Damn %o#; Get a!a% +$om me;<Again5 in he$ /$eamlike -tate5 the !oman !atche/ Po(e >ohn Pa#l &&5 !ho -eeme/ no ol/e$ than thi$t% an/ !a- /$e--e/ all in !hite5 0le-- he$ +o$ehea/ th$ee time-4Wanting to take a/.antage o+ the a((a$ent $ein+o$cement-5 the e,o$ci-t ($e--e/ on4 :Re(eat a+te$ me? Ete$nal Fathe$5 %o# a$e m% C$eato$ an/ & a/o$e %o#5< he -ai/ to the /emon4:U( %o#$-;< the .oice $e-(on/e/4:Ete$nal Fathe$5 %o# a$e m% C$eato$ an/ & a/o$e %o#5< the e,o$ci-t in-i-te/4 !  0om0 i- going to e,(lo/e i+ & -a% it;< the /emon -ho#te/4:& o$/e$ %o#5 in the name o+ the &mmac#late 'i$gin *a$% an/ in the name o+ >e-#- Ch$i-t5 to $e(eat tho-e !o$/-5< the ($ie-t comman/e/ again4All at once5 the !oman +elt a!a-h in an inc$e/i0le +eeling o+ lo.e a- the .eile/ +ig#$e o+ *a$% a((ea$e/ 0e+o$e he$5 !$a((e/ in a gol/8an/8!hite .eil that co.e$e/ hal+ he$ +ace4 Watching in ama1ement a- the +ig#$e a(($oache/5 the !oman !a- e.en mo$e -#$($i-e/ to -ee that *a$% !a- ga1ing at he$ tea$+#ll%4A- the e,o$ci-t !atche/5 the /emon once again !ent into a +it4:No5 no5 no5 /on2t c$%;< he -c$eame/5 an/ the !oman2- 0o/% ($acticall% con.#l-e/4Then +o$ an in-tant the !oman -na((e/ o#t o+ the t$ance5 -a%ing5 :A tea$ +$om *a$% i- all it took5< 0e+o$e +alling  0ack into the -tate4The e,o$ci-t !a- elate/ to kno! that *a$% !a- ($e-ent an/ hel(ing4 He in-tantl% la#nche/ into a Hail *a$% E.e$%one in the $oom =oine/ in5 e.en the !oman on the ta0le4 et -omeho! the e,o$ci-t kne! it !a-n2t o.e$4 #he $emon m%st be hi$ing to allo& her to recite the pra'er  5 he tho#ght4 :Sa% a+te$ me? Ete$nal Fathe$5 %o# a$e m% C$eato$ an/ & a/o$e %o#5< he -ai/ to the /emon4The !oman th$a-he/ an/ -c$eame/4 :No;< the /emon 0a$ke/4 :&2m not going to -a% it; & m#-t not -a% it5 & can2t3 it i- again-t e.e$%thing4<The e,o$ci-t co#l/ +eel that the /emon !a- !eakening4 He a-ke/ e.e$%one in the $oom to kneel4 :Ete$nal Fathe$5 %o# a$e m% C$eato$ an/ & a/o$e %o#5< he intone/5 !hile
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