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the roles of IMC in halal marketing; case study of FGV

the roles of IMC in halal marketing; case study of FGV
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  ABSTRACT A topic of the roles of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) has generally been acceptedas a profound and the correct way of the executing Marketing Communication. IntegratedCommunication is a key factor in the success and the failure of today’s increasingly competitie business world. Integrated Communication is based on harmonic strategic planning of ariouscommunication outlets of an organi!ation. "here by implementing IMC into the right track willhelp organi!ation rise up tremendously. #his research explores the roles of IMC in Malaysia focusing in selected $oernment %ink Company ($%C) which is &elda $lobal 'enture olding erhad (&$') in implementing IMCwhere this study try to identify the stages of implementation IMC in the selected organi!ationand the barriers to implement it. #here is a study from other country studying the roles of IMC but focusing in the different perspectie of the roles of IMC* which the study is on +the roles of measurement IMC, #urkish pension fund-. #herefore* it is belieed that a similar study inMalaysia will be able to contribute to the deelopment and conceptual framework of IMC ingeneral* and specifically in understanding the concept IMC in Malaysia. It is also hope that thisresearch will proide a platform for future IMC research.#he ualitatie method has been used in this research* whereby* in/depth interiew and openended uestions are used to answer the research uestions. #he interiews were conductedtowards &$'’s staffs in order to get the information and clarification of the implementation of IMC in the organi!ation. &rom the uestionnaires responses* it assists in the interpretation of theresults and understands the result.  #hree research uestions has been used for this study which reole around the area of market process* implementation of IMC and the barriers in implementing the IMC in the organi!ation(refer to figure 0). In general* this study tried to see the point of iew from the managers of theorgani!ation about the understanding of IMC* the implementation of IMC in the organi!ation andthe barrier of IMC in the organi!ation itself. #o the respondents* IMC are existing in their organi!ation but the leel of implementation or the percentages of the implementation does notmeet to the 0112. #here are barriers in the organi!ation in implementing the IMC* but they doreali!ed the benefits and adantages of it.&igure 03 4rogressie stage of IMC (5itchen* 6chult!* 5im* an* %i* 7118)&rom this study* there is a striking leel of awareness and IMC program implementation of the&$'’s organi!ations. &$' as the goernment link company ($%C)* has a long way towardsimplementing the IMC programs. &rom the research* we can see that the main factor is from theorgani!ation itself. As the world’s third largest player in the palm oil industry* &$' needs to   break down the silo walls within the organi!ation in order to be more effectie in executing thefour pillars of IMC. At the moment* the functions of 4ublic 9elations operate separately from the Marketingfunctions. In order for &$' to embrace the IMC to its fullest* it needs to change theorgani!ational structure and culture. IMC is not :ust about combining 49 and Marketing* it iscontrary to many beliefs that both can be simply married and becomes marketingcommunications. "hile Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) will reuire much effortthere are many benefits to it. IMC can create competitie adantage* boost sales and profits*while saing money* time and stress. IMC wraps communications around customers and helps them to moe through the ariousstages of the buying process. #he organi!ation simultaneously consolidates its image* deelops adialogue and nurtures its relationship with customers.
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