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The Second Coming
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  The Second Coming BY WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer;Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned;The best lack all conviction, while the worst  Are full of passionate intensitySurely some revelation is at hand;Surely the Second Coming is at hand The Second Coming! ardly are those words out  #hen a vast image out of  Spiritus Mundi  Troubles my sight$ somewhere in sands of the desert  A shape with lion body and the head of a man,  A ga%e blank and pitiless as the sun, &s moving its slow thighs, while all about it 'eel shadows of the indignant desert birds The darkness drops again; but now & know That twenty centuries of stony sleep #ere ve(ed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,  And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards )ethlehem to be born*  A Vision  (1925; revised 1937) outi!es s#ste$ t% t & s su''osed# dit ted # su'er! tur  o$$e!t tors s'e *i!+ t%rou+% Mrs,Ye ts, - See the comments on automatic writing  in your text. . It tur!s its  * o! t%e $ i!stre $ t&e!tiet%/e!tur# ort%odo0ies o %risti !it# M r0is$ !d 's#%o ! #sis,Ye ts e!visio!ed ie s ' tter!ed ter T%e 4re t W%ee ( &%ee &it% t&e!t#/ei+%t s'o*es re'rese!ti!+ t%e t&e!t#/ei+%t '% ses o t%e u! r $o!t%) i!ste d o t%e $ore o$$o! stroo+i  &%ee o t&eve %ouses,i* %ere  to vie& +r '%i o Ye tss Lu! r 6% ses,Ever# sou ( !d ever# ivii tio!) ' sses t%rou+%  t&e!t#/ei+%t '% ses o t%e &%ee, E % '% se is  eed !d iustr ted, 6% se 19 t%e 8Assertive M !8 is iustr ted # B#ro!, 6% se 17 8 i$o!i M !8 i!udes  !te S%ee# L !dor !d Ye ts %i$se,  :o&ever or 6% se I !d its e0 t o''osite 6% se 15 &%i% re'rese!t soute# 'ure t#'es Ye ts s & !o %u$ ! ou!ter' rts, !e %istori  revoutio! o t%e &%ee t *es t&o t%ous !d #e rs !d e % suessive revoutio! $ou!ts s'ir # to& rd t%e 4re t Ye r (2<=== #e rs) &%i% &i re * out o t%e &%ee to+et%er,Ye ts so s & t% t e % i!dividu  & s o$'osed o & rri!+ ee$e!ts !d t% t t%is $i!+i!+ o o''osites %ed true or e % ou!tr# !d e % er , :e re'rese!ted t%is o!>u!tio! o o''osites s t&o i!ter'e!etr ti!+ o!es (8 gyres 8)? A ross setio! o t%ese e seess# tur!i!+ o!es &i reve  t%e $i!+ed s'ets o s'eii i!dividu  !d !o t&o ross setio!s &i ever 'rove ide!ti , T%us e % 'erso!  ! e see! to 'ossess so$e % r teristis t% t re diret# o''osite to %is do$i! !t ! ture, A 'erso! &%ose ! ture i!tersets t%e di +r $ $id& # &oud suer ' r #sis o tio! or eei!+ e use %e &oud e 'ued e@u # i! t&o o''osite diretio!s,I! t%e 4re t W%ee e % o Ye tss t&e!t#/ei+%t  si 'erso! it# t#'es is so rr !+ed t% t it  es its diret o''osite t%e 'erso! it# $ost diere!t ro$ it, T%is o''osite is its M s*, or ever# 'erso! it# t%ere is Mask  ut t%e o>etive 'ri$ r# '% se 'erso! itiess%oud i+!ore t%eir M s*s or ese t%e# &i e rustr ted !d destro#ed, T%e su>etive or rtisti 'erso! ities  $ust %oose M s* to &e r ut t%e# re  ed &it% t&o to %oosero$ True M s* !d  se !d it is !eess r# t% t t%e# %oose orret#, (T%e ove is t *e! ro$ M rti! S,  #s History of Enqlish Literature: 183 to the !resent   4 rde! it#? oued # 19< 25/<, he gra#hics are mine ,) T%e oo&i!+ 'rovides @ui* oo* t  Yeats's Faculty Psychology ? The Four Faculties   CharacteristicsWill  (T%e Is) &i drive ! tur  e+o Mask  (T%e u+%t) e$otio! desire; &% t o!e &is%es to eo$e; &% t o!e revere!es Creative Mind (T%ou+%t t%e C!o&er) i!teet; i!! te u!ivers  Ide s; t%e o!sious# o!strutive $i!d Body of Fate (>et o T%ou+%t; t%e e!viro!$e!t (ot% '%#si  !d $e!t )  C!o&!) T%e Four Faculties   re t%e resut o t%e our $e$ories o the $aimon %&aemon' or the (ltimate Self of the )an ? ã T%e  Will  (T%e Is) or t%e ! tur  e+o o $ ! is s% 'ed out o t%e  i$o!s $e$or# o  t%e eve!ts o %is 'rese!t ie &%et%er o!sious# re$e$ered or !ot, ã T%e Mask  (T%e u+%t) t%e o>et o desire or ide o t%e +ood is s% 'ed out o t%e i$o!s $e$or# o t%e $o$e!t o e0 t tio! i! %is ' st ives, ã T%e Creative Mind  (T%ou+%t t%e C!o&er) is s% 'ed out o t%e  i$o!s $e$or# o ide s//or u!ivers s//dis' #ed # tu  $e! i! ' st ives or t%eir s'irits et&ee!ives, ã T%e Body of Fate  (>et o T%ou+%t; t%e C!o&!) is t%e series o eve!ts ored u'o! %i$ ro$ &it%out !d is s% 'ed out o t%e  i$o!s $e$or# o t%e eve!ts o %is ' st i! r! tio!s,T%e Four Principles   re t%e 'o&ers t% t +uide t%e Four Faculties   !d de  &it% ie ro$ de t% to irt%? ã :us* ã 6 ssio! te Be ut# ã S'irit ã eesti  Bod#e r# I do!t e0'et #ou to u!derst !d  o t%is i! +re t det i, :o&ever i! oo*i!+ t t%eo!e't o t%e gyre   !d t t%e  si o''ositio!s i! %is Faculty Psychology  #ou s%oud reo+!ie Ye tss & re!ess o t%e du  ! ture o e0iste!e t% t &e s & i! t%e Ro$ !tis&it% t%eir o!er! or 8t%e reo!ii tio! o o''osites,8
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