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The University of KANSAS Undergraduate Catalog Vol. 2005, No. 1, May 1, 2004 Periodical postage paid at Lawrence, KS THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS (USPS ) is published four times per
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The University of KANSAS Undergraduate Catalog Vol. 2005, No. 1, May 1, 2004 Periodical postage paid at Lawrence, KS THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS (USPS ) is published four times per year, monthly May through August, by the University of Kansas Office of University Relations, University Relations Center, 1314 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, Office of University Relations, University Relations Center, 1314 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS This bulletin is for informational purposes and does not constitute a contract. KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway guest-lectures in Professor Max Utsler s class on Sports, Media, and Society. 2 How to Use This Book Cover: KU s main campus is in Lawrence, a city of 80,000 in hilly northeast Kansas. Students come to KU from every county in Kansas, every state in the nation, and more than 100 foreign countries. Photography by R. Steve Dick, Sharon Hartbauer, Doug Koch, Jennifer Larson, Aaron Paden, and Earl Richardson. The Kyou portal gives students access to many online services and resources. Visit the Kyou portal at https:// This is the University of Kansas Undergraduate Catalog for academic years It tells you what degrees are available at KU and what you must do to earn them. It also contains official descriptions of all the courses KU offers at the undergraduate level. Some courses listed in the catalog are not offered every semester. To find out whether a course is offered in a particular semester, consult the KU Timetable of Classes, online at Courses with a at the end of their titles are typically topics or seminar courses that may be repeated for credit. Usually these courses offer different topics each time they are offered. Check with the course instructor about requirements and topics. Many departments make changes in their degree requirements and course descriptions between printings of the Undergraduate Catalog. Check with department offices or deans offices to see what changes have been made. The catalog and other academic publications are online at A complete listing of departmental Web sites is available at Familiarize yourself with the catalog before you meet with your adviser. Take the Undergraduate Catalog along to your advising sessions. General Information All KU undergraduate students should read the General Information chapter, beginning on page 11 of this catalog. It gives information that applies to all undergraduates about application, admission, enrollment, tuition and fees, and financial aid. To find out whether the school you are enrolling in has additional or different requirements, read your school s chapter of the catalog. Tuition, fees, and enrollment information vary from term to term. Check for current information. The Kyou portal gives students access to many online services and resources. Visit the portal at General Regulations All KU undergraduate students should read the General Regulations chapter, beginning on page 35 of this catalog. It lists the rules governing credit, course work, permanent records, transfer of credit, changes of enrollment, grading, graduation, and general requirements of the university. A typical section from the General Regulations chapter is shown in the next column. Rules are listed in alphabetical order by topics (Adding a Course, Honor Roll, Incompletes, etc.). The large-print section for each topic applies to all students. Different or additional regulations for a particular school are listed in smaller print. For some topics, this information is in chart form. For most topics, you should read the large-print general information and the section of the text or chart that applies to the school in which you are enrolled. In the following example, the first paragraph applies to students in any school. The last paragraph describes additional regulations for students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Academic Advising Academic advising is an important part of each student s KU experience. Many schools, the College, and departments require students to meet with their academic advisers at least once a semester. See Academic Advising in the General Information chapter of this catalog. See Advising in each school s chapter of this catalog. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. All first- and second-year students must meet with their advisers each semester before enrolling for the following semester. A hold is placed on the student s enrollment and removed only after the student meets with the adviser. The College and School Chapters Eleven schools at KU admit undergraduate students. Each school has its own chapter in this book. The College or CLAS refers to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which admits most undergraduates and offers the largest number of majors. Look for your areas of interest in the chapters belonging to the school that offers them. If you are not sure where to find a program, look in the index at the back of this catalog for page numbers of individual programs and course categories. Each school lists general information and common requirements for most degrees at the beginning of its chapter. You should read all the general information for your school. To receive a degree from that school, you must meet its general and graduation requirements. Requirements for major or minor subjects within the degree programs usually are listed by department. To major or minor in a subject, you must complete its specific requirements in addition to the general and degree requirements of your school and those of KU. Some degrees, such as the Bachelor of Science programs offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, list complete degree requirements under the department offering the degree. 3 Directory of Undergraduate Majors and Subfields Major fields in this list show the degree in parentheses and, in most cases, will appear on the diploma and the transcript. Minor fields will appear on transcripts only. Subfield names (concentrations, emphases, options, etc.) generally do not appear on diplomas or transcripts. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences African & African-American Studies (B.A., B.G.S., minor) African Studies African-American Studies American Studies (B.A., B.G.S.) Anthropology (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Astronomy (B.A., B.S., minor) Atmospheric Science (B.S., minor) Air Pollution Meteorology General Meteorology Hydrometeorology News Media Forecasting Biochemistry (B.A., B.S.) Biology (B.A., B.S.) Cell Biology (B.S.) Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (B.S.) Genetics (B.S.) Organismal Biology (B.S.) Chemistry (B.A., B.S., minor) Biochemistry Biological Chemistry Chemical Physics Environmental Chemistry... 95, 96 Classical Antiquity (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Classical Languages (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Communication Studies (B.A., B.G.S., minor) East Asian Languages & Cultures (B.A., minor) Chinese or Japanese Language & Literature East Asian Area Studies Economics (B.A., B.G.S., B.S., minor) English (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Creative-writing English Traditional English Environmental Studies (B.A., B.G.S., B.S.) Environmental Policy Environmental Science , 119 Land Use European Studies Co-major (Bachelor s degree, minor) French (B.A., minor) French & Italian Italian Geography (B.A., B.G.S., B.S., minor) Geographical Information & Analysis Physical Geography Geology (B.A., B.S., minor) Engineering Geology Environmental Geology , 134 General Geology Geophysics Germanic Languages & Literatures (B.A., minor) History (B.A., B.G.S., minor) History of Art (B.A., B.G.S., minor) (see also Fine Arts) Human Biology (B.A., B.G.S.) Human Development (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Humanities (B.A.) Humanities Literature Western Civilization International Studies Co-major (Bachelor s degree) Jewish Studies (minor) Latin American Studies (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Leadership Studies (minor) Linguistics (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Literature, Language, & Writing (B.A., B.G.S.) Mathematics (B.A., B.S., minor) Applied Mathematics & Related Fields Microbiology (B.A., B.S.) Molecular Biosciences (B.S.) Peace & Conflict Studies (minor) Philosophy (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Physics (B.A., B.S., minor) Computational Physics Political Science (B.A., B.G.S.) Prelaw Study (no degrees offered) Premedical Professions (no degrees offered) Predentistry Premedicine Preoptometry Preveterinary Medicine Psychology (B.A., B.G.S.) Cognitive Psychology (B.S.) Public Administration (B.A., B.G.S.) Public Service & Civic Leadership (minor) Religious Studies (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Russian & East European Studies Co-major (Bachelor s degree) Slavic Languages & Literatures (B.A., minor) Polish Studies Russian South Slavic Studies Sociology (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Spanish (B.A.) Special Major (B.A., B.G.S.) Speech-Language-Hearing (B.A., B.G.S., minor) Systems Analysis & Design (Certificate) Theatre & Film (B.A., B.G.S.) Film Studies Theatre Theatre & Film Studies (B.G.S. only) Women s Studies (B.A., B.G.S., minor) 4 Directory of Undergraduate Majors & Subfields The University of Kansas is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 30 North LaSalle St., Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602, (800) Visit KU online at The University of Kansas Undergraduate Catalog is printed with soy ink on recycled paper. School of Allied Health Clinical Laboratory Science (B.S.) , 220 Molecular Biotechnology Cytotechnology (B.S.) , 224 Health Information Management (B.S.) , 226 Occupational Studies (B.S./M.O.T.) , 228 Respiratory Care (B.S.) , 231 Certificate Programs Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Diagnostic Ultrasound Technology Nuclear Medicine Technology School of Architecture & Urban Design Architectural Studies (B.A.) Architecture (B.Arch.) School of Business Accounting (B.S.B.) Business Administration (B.S.B.) Finance (B.S.B., pending approval) School of Education Health, Sport, & Exercise Sciences Health & Physical Education Teacher Licensure (K 12) (B.S.E.) Athletic Training (B.S.E. Athletic Training) Sport Science (B.S.E. Sport Science) Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy Sports & Fitness Management Community Health (B.S.E. Health Education: Community Health) Teaching & Leadership (B.S.E.) Elementary (K-6) Middle (5-8) English Secondary (6-12) English Middle (5-8) Mathematics Secondary (6-12) Mathematics Secondary (6-12) History & Government Secondary (6-12) Speech & Theatre Middle (5-8) Science Secondary (6-12) Biology Secondary (6-12) Chemistry Secondary (6-12) Earth & Space Science Secondary (6-12) Physics Foreign Language (PK-12) Endorsements Journalism Psychology Teaching English as a Second Language Special Education School of Engineering Aerospace Engineering (B.S.) Architectural Engineering (B.S.) Chemical Engineering (B.S.) Biomedical Concentration Environmental Concentration General Program Petroleum Concentration Premedical Concentration Civil Engineering (B.S.) Computer Engineering (B.S.) Computer Science (B.S.) Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Engineering Physics (B.S.) Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Petroleum Engineering (B.S.) School of Fine Arts Art & Design Art & Design (B.A. in Fine Arts in Art & Design). 320 Art Expanded Media (B.F.A.) Painting (B.F.A.) Printmaking (B.F.A.) Sculpture (B.F.A.) Design Ceramics (B.F.A.) Design Theory (B.F.A.) Industrial Design (B.F.A.) Interior Design (B.F.A.) Metalsmithing/Jewelry (B.F.A.) Textile Design (Weaving) (B.F.A.) Theatre Design (B.F.A.) Visual Communication (Graphic Design, Illustration) (B.F.A.) History of Art (B.F.A.) (see also Liberal Arts) Visual Arts Education (B.A.E.) Music & Dance Dance (B.F.A.) Dance (B.A. in Fine Arts in Dance, minor) Music (B.A. in Fine Arts in Music ) Musicology Music Theory Piano/Organ/Orchestral Instruments Voice Music with an Outside Minor/Concentration Music Musicology (B.M.) Music Theory (B.M.) Composition (B.M.) Music Performance Organ (B.M.) Church Music Piano (B.M.) Strings & Harp Double Bass (B.M.) Harp (B.M.) Viola (B.M.) Violin (B.M.) Violoncello (B.M.) Voice (B.M.) Theatre & Voice (B.F.A.) Wind & Percussion Bassoon (B.M.) Clarinet (B.M.) Euphonium (B.M.) Flute (B.M.) French Horn (B.M.) Oboe (B.M.) Percussion (B.M.) Saxophone (B.M.) Trombone (B.M.) Trumpet (B.M.) Tuba (B.M.) Music Education & Music Therapy Music Education (B.M.E.) Music Therapy (B.M.E. Therapy) Music Minor School of Journalism & Mass Communications Journalism News & Information (B.S.J.) Strategic Communications (B.S.J.) School of Nursing Nursing (B.S.N.) School of Pharmacy Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) School of Social Welfare Social Work (B.S.W.) Other Programs (No degrees offered) Applied English Center Independent Study KU Language Across the Curriculum KU Study Abroad Programs Military Studies 5 Directory of Courses Courses are grouped in categories (Accounting, English, Pharmacy Practice, etc.). Abbreviations are based on the category names. Category names are listed first. The college or school that offers the course follows (CLAS is the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences). Name, College or School Abbr. Page Accompanying (Piano), Fine Arts ACMP 348 Accounting, Business ACCT 254 Advanced Basic Design Studies, Fine Arts ABDS 325 Advanced Design Studies, Fine Arts ADS 325 Aerospace Engineering, Engineering AE 292 Aerospace Studies, Military Studies AIR 395 African & African-American Studies, CLAS AAAS 68 American Studies, CLAS AMS 72 Anthropology, CLAS ANTH 74 Applied English, Applied English Center AEC 389 Arabic, CLAS ARAB 71 Architectural Engineering, Engineering ARCE 301 Architecture, Architecture ARCH 241 Army, Military Studies ARMY 393 Art, Fine Arts ART 326 Art Basic Studies, Fine Arts ABS 326 Art History, CLAS HA 152 Astronomy, CLAS ASTR 80 Atmospheric Science, CLAS ATMO 82 Audiology, Allied Health AUD 228 Band, Fine Arts BAND 339 Bassoon, Fine Arts BASN 339 Biological Sciences, CLAS BIOL 89 Biometry, Allied Health BIOM 219 Brass Courses, Fine Arts BRSS 340 Business, Business BUS 255 Business Law, Business BLAW 255 Carillon, Fine Arts CARI 340 Ceramics, Fine Arts CER 326 Chamber Music, Fine Arts CHAM 340 Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, Engineering C&PE 297 Chemistry, CLAS CHEM 97 Chinese, CLAS CHIN 106 Choral Music, Fine Arts CHOR 340 Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering, Engineering CE 302 Clarinet, Fine Arts CLAR 340 Classics, CLAS CLSX 100 Clinical Laboratory Science, Allied Health CLS 222 Communication Studies, CLAS COMS 103 Name, College or School Abbr. Page Conducting, Fine Arts COND 340 Construction Management, Engineering CMGT 303 Croatian & Serbian, CLAS CRSB 197 Cytotechnology, Allied Health CYTO 225 Czech, CLAS CZCH 197 Dance, Fine Arts DANC 341 Danish, CLAS DANE 138 Deaf Education, Education DE 277 Decision Sciences, Business DSCI 256 Design Basic Studies, Fine Arts DBS 326 Design Theory, Fine Arts DSGN 326 Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography, Allied Health CSON 234 Dietetics & Nutrition, Allied Health DN, DIET 226 Double Bass, Fine Arts DBBS 342 Drawing, Fine Arts DRWG 327 Dutch, CLAS DTCH 138 East Asian Languages & Cultures, CLAS EALC 107 Eastern Civilizations, CLAS ECIV 109 Economics, CLAS ECON 111 Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Engineering EECS 306 Engineering, Engineering ENGR 308 Engineering Management, Engineering EMGT 309 Engineering Physics, Engineering EPHX 310 English, CLAS ENGL 115 English as a Second Language, Applied English Center ESLP 390 Environmental Studies, CLAS EVRN 119 Euphonium, Fine Arts EUPH 342 European Studies, CLAS EURS 122 Finance, Business FIN 256 Flute, Fine Arts FLUT 343 French, CLAS FREN 125 French Horn, Fine Arts FRHN 343 Geography, CLAS GEOG 129 Geology, CLAS GEOL 135 German, CLAS GERM 138 Greek, CLAS GRK 101 Guitar, Fine Arts GUIT 343 Haitian, CLAS HAIT 71 Harp, Fine Arts HARP 343 Harpsichord, Fine Arts HPCD 343 Hausa, CLAS HAUS 71 Health, Sport, & Exercise Sciences, Education HSES 277 Health Information Management, Allied Health HEIM 227 6 Directory of Courses; Safety & Crime on Campus The University of Kansas belongs to the Association of American Universities, a select group of leading higher education institutions in the United States and Canada. Member institutions are chosen on the basis of their national significance in graduate studies and research. The Office of Admissions and Scholarships is in the KU Visitor Center, 1502 Iowa St., Lawrence, KS , (785) , fax: (785) , Name, College or School Abbr. Page Hebrew, CLAS HEBR 192 History, CLAS HIST 142 History of Art, CLAS HA 151 Honors, CLAS HNRS 154 Human Development & Family Life, CLAS HDFL 155 Humanities & Western Civilization, CLAS HWC 160 Hungarian, CLAS HNGR 141 Information Processing Studies, CLAS IPS 162 Information Systems, Business IST 257 Industrial Design, Fine Arts INDD 327 International Business, Business IBUS 257 Interior Design, Fine Arts INTD 328 Italian, CLAS ITAL 126 Japanese, CLAS JPN 110 Jazz, Fine Arts JAZZ 343 Jewish Studies, CLAS JWSH 192 Journalism, Journalism JOUR 358 KiSwahili, CLAS KISW 71 Korean, CLAS KOR 110 Latin, CLAS LAT 101 Latin American Area Studies, CLAS LAA 165 Liberal Arts & Sciences, CLAS LA&S 167 Linguistics, CLAS LING 168 Management, Business MGMT 258 Marine Corps, Military Studies MCOR 397 Marketing, Business MKTG 260 Mathematics, CLAS MATH 171 Mechanical Engineering, Engineering ME 312 Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacy MDCM 374 Metalsmithing/Jewelry, Fine Arts METL 328 Music, Fine Arts MUS 344 Music Education & Music Therapy, Fine Arts MEMT 344 Music Theory & Composition, Fine Arts MTHC 346 Musicology, Fine Arts MUSC 346 Naval Science, Military Studies NAVY 397 Neuroscience, Pharmacy NURO 375 Norwegian, CLAS NORW 141 Nuclear Medicine Technology, Allied Health NMED 234 Nursing, Nursing NURS 365 Nursing (Graduate), Nursing NRSG 368 Oboe, Fine Arts OBOE 347 Occupational Therapy, Allied Health OT, OCTH 230 Orchestra, Fine Arts ORCH 347 Organ, Fine Arts ORGN 347 Painting, Fine Arts PNTG 328 Percussion, Fine Arts PCUS 348 Percussion Ensemble, Fine Arts PENS 348 Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy PHCH 375 Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmacy P&TX 375 Pharmacy, Pharmacy PHAR 375 Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy PHPR 375 Philosophy, CLAS PHIL 174 Physics, CLAS PHSX 177 Name, College or School Abbr. Page Piano, Fine Arts PIAN 348 Polish, CLAS PLSH 197 Political Science, CLAS POLS 180 Portuguese, CLAS PORT 205 Printmaking, Fine Arts PRNT 329 Psychology, CLAS PSYC 186 Psychology & Research in Education, Education PRE 281 Public Administration, CLAS PUAD 190 Recitals, Fine Arts REC 349 Recorder, Fine Arts RECO 349 Religious Studies, CLAS REL 192 Respiratory Care, Allied Health RESP 232 Russian, CLAS RUSS 197 Russian & East European Studies, CLAS REES 195 Saxophone, Fine Arts SAXO 349 Scandinavian, CLAS SCAN 141 Sculpture, Fine Arts SCUL 329 Slavic Languages & Literatures, CLAS SLAV 198 Social Welfare, Social Welfare SW 384 Sociology, CLAS SOC 201 Spanish, CLAS SPAN 205 Special Education, Education SPED 281 Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences & Disorders, CLAS SPLH 208 Strings, Fine Arts STRG 349 Swahili (KiSwahili), CLAS KISW 71 Swedish, CLAS SWED 141 Systems Analysis & Design, CLAS SA&D 209 Teaching & Leadership, Education T&L 282 Textile Design, Fine Arts TD 330 Theatre & Film, CLAS TH&F 211 Trombone, Fine Arts TROM 349 Trumpet, Fine Arts TRUM 349 Tuba, Fine Arts TUBA 350 Tuba-Euphonium Consort, Fine Arts TUEU 350 Turkish, CLAS TURK 200 Ukrainian, CLAS UKRA 200 Ultrasound Technology, Allied Health UTEC 234 Urban Planning, Architecture UBPL 245 Uyghur, CLAS UYGR 110 Viola, Fine Arts VIOA 350 Violin, Fine Arts VION 350 Violoncello, Fine Arts VNCL 350 Visual Arts Education, Fine Arts VAE 330 Visual Communication, Fine Arts VISC 330 Voice, Fine Arts VOIC 351 Wind & Percussion, Fine Arts W&P 351 Wind Ensemble, Fine Arts WENS 351 Wolof, CLAS WOLO 71 Women s Studies, CLAS WS 215 Yiddish, CLAS YDSH 141 Safety and Crime on Campus The annual security report about KU safety policies, crime statistics, and campus resources is available online at or on paper from the De
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