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  Miller 1 Ryan Miller Instructor Haak English 1510 22 October 2018 Students Spending too Much Time Testing The history of standardized testing started in 1912 by Henry Goddard at Ellis Island. He did this because he wanted to prove that immigrants coming into America were unintelligent. The immigrants that were tested were Jews, Hungarians, Italians, and Russians. When World War 1 started the president of Columbia University, Nicholas Murray Butler, was disappointed by all of the Jews enrolling into the college. He wanted to have an intelligence test to limit the number of students that would enroll in the college, without making a policy that would limit the number of Jews.  An opportunity that would allow to assess this intelligence test on a large-scale would-be World War 1. The army had made mental tests were created in 1917, with Goddard and Carl Campbell Brigham. This test would help to place recruits for their  jobs. Some would argue that these questions would not exam intelligence, but rather a knowledge of products. In which newly arrived immigrants who did not know English would not know what these products are or an answer. Carl Campbell Brigham used the data that he collected from this assessment to prove that there are four different types of immigrants in the United States. The way he ordered them by “intelligence” Nordic; Alpine; Mediterranean; and last, American Negroes. This data was used by congress and influential in the Immigration Act of 1924. This act forced allowances on how many immigrants that could enter the United States.  Miller 2 The College Board in 1925 which already had standardized tests for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and other colleges. This was the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). In 1926 the first SAT was distributed and directed to over 8,000 people. Some of the questions comprised of brand names, chicken breeds, and cuts of beef, and had a section that contained a fake language with its own set of vocabulary and grammar rules. It also had 40 questions that had to be completed in 6 minutes that would foresee on how well you would do in college.  After World War 2 there was an influx of people that were attending college that there was a vast demand for the SAT. In 1947 this caused the College Board created a non-profit Educational Testing Service (ETS) to help take the load of the vast number of tests. The next year the number of students that took the SAT was 75,000. Until 1957 students nor high schools were told their scores. The first ETC president Henry Chauncey supposed the SAT was a similar to and IQ test. He revered such tests and alleged that testing could help define occupation goals of students. Particularly those students that led those who would stop their education after high school. He recommended that students get tested at the end of the eighth or ninth grade, a nd then every one or two years afterwards. One student didn’t have to pay a fee each time they took a standardized test. Some approximations of the amount Americans spend on testing are as high as $500 million annually. These tests are helping colleges on which students to accept to their university. The tests are the ‘Gatekeepers’’ to getting into college and most of the time these tests are the only item that colleges are looking at for incoming students. Students that might have a low- test score, won’t get in, no matter how remarkable the rest of their  Miller 3 application is. This is why some schools might inflate these scores to help their students to get in.   Miller 4
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