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Title: Diffusion Through Various Mediums

(Include a brief description of the content covered in your lab report. Be sure to include any major conclusions or objectives. This is always included on a separate page, prior to the Introduction. Abstracts should be the last section of the lab
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  Title : Difusion Through Various Mediums Lab Partner(s) : Charles Funk  Date : 9/29/2019 Abstract : ( Include a brief description of the content covered in your lab report. Be sure to include any major conclusions or objectives. This is always included on a separate page, prior to the Introduction. Abstracts should be the last section of the lab report to be written, and are approximately 100 - 150 words.) In this lab I will be testing the diferent types o difusion. The rst type will be done through the liquid corn syrup. Dye will be used as the solute to  test how weight afects the rate o difusion. Red dye has less molarity than blue dye and should difuse quicker. The second experiment tests the difusion through a membrane. This experiment uses glucose, iodine, and liquid starch as concentrations. The Dialysis tubing will be used as the membrane each substance will be sealed and tested in. All concentrations will be sealed in the tubing and placed in the water. The water will then be tested and determined to be positive or negative with the substances. Introduction and Background : In this experiment I will be testing the difusion o dye through a liquid as well as membrane permeability. From my research I hypothesis that the lighter the molecular weight o a solute, the easier it is to difuse into a solvent. The weight o a solute can be ound through the molarity it carries. The second experiment o Concentration and Membrane Permeability will be used to test the efect o certain concentrations and their ability to permeate a Dialysis tube membrane. I predict that the iodine and glucose will permeate the best due to the smaller molecule size. Glucose on the other hand contains larger moleculesand will be harder to seep through the membrane. Method :  Difusing Through A Liquid:  The way I will determine how the weight afects the speed o difusion is by using red and blue colored dye. Blue dye carries more molecular weight and thereore should dissolve slower than red. Both substances will be dissolved individually into a solute made o Corn syrup. Both solvents will be given equal amount o Corn Syrup and the amount dissolved will remain the same. A ruler will then be kept under a petri dish to measure the rate o difusion. chart will be kept and updated every 10 seconds or 2 minutes on the speed at which the dye dissolves. Membrane Permeability: In the second experiment I will nd what types o concentrations are able to permeate a membrane. I will use glucose, Iodine, and Liquid Starch as concentrations to taste against Dialysis tubing. All substances willbe sealed inside the tubing and placed into a beaker. Ater each solution has spentequal time in the water a test will be used to determine i the substance has permeated or not. Concentration Gradients and Membrane Permeability: Results : Time (Sec.)Blue DyeRed Dye10.5 cm1.5 cm201 cm0 cm302 cm0 cm402.5 cm2 cm503 cm0 cm  600 cm0 cm700 cm0 cm800 cm0 cm900 cm0 cm1000 cm0 cm1100 cm0 cm1200 cm0 cm With difusing through a liquid, the key pattern that was ound is that the Red dye seemed to increase the distance o spread aster than the Blue dye. Both dyes has a drop of point ater 60 seconds and did not grow any urther apart.  Through testing, both iodine and glucose tested positive or permeating the dialysis tubing. The starch however did not permeate the membrane and was completely sealed of rom the water it was contained in. Discussion :  The results shown in the chart show that the red dye spread aster than the blue dye. This is   in line with my hypothesis which states that the lighter solute willdifuse aster. The blue dye took longer to difuse due to its heavier weight, These nders urther reinorce the idea that speed o difusion is increased when the weight o a solute is lower.In the Membrane permeability test the results showed that the concentrations o iodine and glucose permeated the dialysis tube completely while the starch stayed contained. These results were expected due to the small size o the iodine and glucose molecules compared to the large starch ones.
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