Too much Sugar? Overreaction: Cuban Response to Critical Sympathy/ abstract

the study of Cuban response to critical sympathy. In the Cuban case, overreaction is like a ballistic missile. When does a proportional response become an over reaction? how to avoid overreaction? The present study is focused on the following
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  Too much Sugar? Overreaction: Cuban Response to Critical Sympathy  / abstract by Vladimir Alexander Smith-Mesa When does a proportional response become an overreaction? Why the exaggerated or disproportionate response? Is overreaction a manifestation of immaturity? How to avoid overreaction? Overreaction or to make a big emotional deal over something that appears too small to warrant the explosion is a sign of immaturity, a distinctive developmental stage of life, particularly in early adolescence. Can we recognise ‘overreaction’ in politics and what are its consequences? The present study intends to answer all these questions. This is the story of Cuban overreaction to critical sympathy; an essay on negation as a philosophical category and on criticism as “a misunderstanding”. The present paper is an anthology of critical sympathy in relation to the Cuban revolution. Testimonies are: the short film P.M. & its censorship, Mikhail Kalatozov's film I am Cuba & its recept ion in Cuba, that Letter to Pablo Neruda” & Neruda's response (“Carta abierta a Pablo Neruda”, 31 July 1966) published in Granma, a Cuban newspaper , the Padilla case & its letters, K.S. Karol's book Guerrillas in power & its reception in Cuba... among many others . These are evidences, historical documents like 'memories of a time of immaturity ’…     ...'
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