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Tools and Methods for assessing the health and environmental impacts of urban transport in France

Tools and Methods for assessing the health and environmental impacts of urban transport in France Damien Verry Urban transport modeling, Project manager Certu, France Ministère de l'écologie, de l'énergie,
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Tools and Methods for assessing the health and environmental impacts of urban transport in France Damien Verry Urban transport modeling, Project manager Certu, France Ministère de l'écologie, de l'énergie, 1 du Développement durable et de l'aménagement du territoire Purpose: Outline To present environment assessment tools used for Urban Mobility Plan in France. CERTU Urban transport planning in France Environmental diagnosis: methodological aspects Example and results 2 What is Certu? Agency of the French Ministry of Ecology, sustainable Development and Spatial Planning. 170 employees in Lyon Capitalizes, develops and disseminates knowledge and methodologies on a wide variety of urban issues: Town Planning and Travel, Housing, Accessibility For local government agencies, local authorities, institutes and companies which are involved in public service activities. 3 Urban transport planning: how to reduce traffic environmental impacts? French ministry SD: New laws Grenelle de l environnement (2008) National Environment Health Action Plan (2010) Development Plan for Public Transport 1500 km (2020) 2.5 billion euros Agencies: Certu, Ademe Environmental diagnosis:med Local authorities Urban Mobility Plans (PDU) Reduce car trafic in cities 4 Focus on Mobility Environmental Diagnosis (MED). Since 1996, Urban Mobility Plans are compulsory for each city ( inh., every 5 years). Environment assessment must be done. Mobility Environmental Diagnosis (MED) have been developed by researchers, agencies, ministry engineers. MED Objectives: - to determine the overall pollutant emissions generated by the traffic --to estimate and relate the inventory of mobility-related energy consumption and pollutant emissions to the individual mobility behaviours, -- to simulate the variations of these environmental impacts as a result of changing individual behaviour depending on socio-economic determinants and political actions. 5 Focus on Mobility Environmental Diagnosis (MED). Methodology in 3 Steps: Mobility Data: survey and analysis Urban trips Modeling Impacts environment assessment 6 1. Standardized and consistent travel surveys Local travel surveys in urban areas, with the «Certu standard» method : Big towns Large areas Medium size towns EMD EDGT EDVM National Transport Survey ENT 7 1. Standardized and consistent travel surveys More than 70 surveys in 60 differents cities since 1970 with Certu methodology More than 30% of the french population. 8 1. Standardized and consistent travel surveys A guidebook has been published, sold on our website : All the material needed is on a Cd Rom joined to the guidebook (questionnaires, letters, list of controls required, etc.) 9 2. Urban transport modeling To estimate traffic flows, traveled distance, speed and cars characteristics Multimodal model for urban transport planning, State of art: 10 3.Impacts environment assessment o Emissions equation models are based on Copert 4, a software aiming at the calculation of air pollutant emissions from road transport. Financed by the EEA (European Environment Agencies). Download: o A software, Environment Energy Assessment of Trips (DEED) adapted to the French surveys, has been developed by Ademe: o A adapted tool (Ademe /Certu) will be finished for the end of this year. 11 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Results: car use is decreasing Car modal share (%) 68% 64% 64% 60% 60% 55% 56% 57% 58% 58% 55% 53% 54% 50% 48% 49% 50% 42% 38% 59% 56% 49% 52% 45% 50% 60% 55% 12 BORDEAUX 1978 BORDEAUX 1990 BORDEAUX 1998 BORDEAUX 2009 LILLE 1976 LILLE 1987 LILLE 1998 LILLE 2006 LYON 1976 LYON 1985 LYON 1995 LYON 2006 NICE 1998 REIMS 1987 REIMS 1996 REIMS 2006 RENNES 1991 RENNES 2000 RENNES 2007 ROUEN 1996 ROUEN 2007 STRASBOURG CUS 1988 STRASBOURG CUS 1997 STRASBOURG CUS 2009 TOULON 1985 TOULON 1998 TOULON 2008 Public transport, walking, cycling are increasing. Example: Lille Lille, a city in North of France 1,1 Million inhabitants 13 Example: Lille, evolution Main pollutants emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particles matters) are decreasing. Technology improvements and car use decreasing. 14 Example: Lille, evolution Average individual CO2 emissions in 2006 Evolution average individual CO2 emissions 1998/2006 Urban sprawl is a main factor to explain the pollutants emission large area of analysis is needed. 15 Example: Lille, transport goods CO2 em issions passengers/goods 29% 71% Passengers Goods 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% -5% CO2 emissions evolution 98/ % 5% -1% passengers goods total The next mobility plan have to be more focus on good transports. 16 Conclusion Mobility Environmental Diagnosis (MED) seems to be essential to succeed in urban transport planning and in car environmental impacts decreasing. Tools exist and can be adapted for different contexts of cities. Key Factors: - Good data quality - Harmonized methodologies -National/local levels interaction - Benchmarking - Transparency 17 Thank you for your attention. 18 Certu s missions Statistics, observation, standardization Developing methodologies Information letters Articles in the specialized press Web site Studies Capitalizing knowledge Disseminating Technical recommendations Training sessions, conferences Publications Experimentation and innovation 19 Fields of activity Road Traffic and safety Roads and Public Space Mobility and Transport Geographical Information Systems of Transportation CERTU Urban Planning and Housing Environment Cities and Public Facilities Horizontal projects Sustainable Development Cities accessible for all Town Planning and Travel Road access for all Risks and Urban Planning Energy 20
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