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Top 12 Tips for Driving Consistent Sales Growth

Simon has over 25 years’ proven international management, sales, business development and strategy experience with particular emphasis on new business start up, growth and acquisition
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   TOP 12 TIPS  FOR DRIVING CONSISTENT SALES GROWTH WRITTEN BY: SIMON WARMAN-FREED   CEO INTELLIGENT BUSINESS GROWTH   2 Simon has over 25 years’ proven international management, sales, business development and strategy experience with particular emphasis on new business start up, growth and acquisition:He has built a number of highly successful £  multi million start up IT and services companies. Simon also spent time as a Sales and marketing director with “Big 4” professional services rm with a focus on helping entrepreneurial and mid-market companies optimise their strategy to deliver signicant growth. Simon founded Intelligent Business  Growth which has successfully worked with many companies to build and implement sales and marketing strategies and deliver signicant business wins. He has a deep expertise in understanding the  issues and pressures facing business owners and people within businesses at all levels, and a track record of delivering strong results. SIMON WARMAN-FREED CEO INTELLIGENT BUSINESS GROWTH   3 copyright Simon Warman-Freed 2013 1 SALES PROCESS Develop a documented sales process. It is the foundation for continuous improvement, measurement and focus. It is the roadmap and framework for coaching and for creating a common language with the sales force. 2 GROWTH STRATEGIES PORTFOLIO Dene your top strategies for growth each year. Research suggests that Account Penetration, Retention and New Business Acquisition are the most important strategies. You must do these three and then execute them awlessly. Pursuing too many strategies dilutes your focus and therefore impedes success. 3 REPOSITIONING  Reposition yourself as a “problem solver” so you have something for your “solution or service” to x. Broaden your perspective and therefore your impact. Focus your sales force on strategies that help improve your customer’s business results. Be aggressive in quantifyingthe cost of the customer’s problemstherefore heightening the value of yoursolution or service in solving these problems. 4 METRICS Create deliberate measures that reect both historical and leading indicators of effectiveness. The number of measures you select will depend on your business and the level of rigour you need to apply for your sales force. TOP 12 TIPS FOR DRIVING CONSISTENT SALES GROWTH   4 copyright Simon Warman-Freed 2013 5   CUSTOMER BUSINESS REVIEWS  Make quarterly or semi-annual Business Reviews a must for each salesperson’s top ve customers. This customer satisfaction measure must include identifying any potential issues that they may have with your organisation. Enforcing Customer Business Reviews is a proven strategy to build account penetration and to establish customer loyalty. It is the single best strategy to change the customer’s perception of your sales force from “vendors” to “advisors.” 6 GROWTH PLANNING  Establish accountability and discipline for achieving nancial goals through Territory Growth Plans and Key Account Strategy practices. Organisations that are rigorous around territory execution win more often than those that don’t. 7 FORECASTING Establish a monthly forecasting system that looks at the pipeline formally, and is a key element of the formal coaching conversation. Ensureyour forecasting method communicatesclearly where each opportunity stands in the sales process. Pipeline management reminds the salesperson of the need to think like a business person and to make deliberate choices on where to invest time in order to move opportunities forward. 8 SALES MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Explicitly dene the practices you expect of your sales managers. Dene standards for their roles as leaders, recruiters, strategists and coaches rather than gloried salespeople. Choose sales managers not for their selling skills but for their desire to lead, teach and coach.
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