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  Theorist Structures Dynamics Development Psychopathology Psychotherapy Application FREUD Id, ego, superego; Unconscious, preconscious, conscious Sexual & aggressive instincts; Anxiety & the defense mechanisms; Tension reduction Erogenous zones; Sexual energy; Oral, anal, phallic stages of development; Oedipus complex Infantile sexuality; Fixation n & regression; Conflict; Symptoms Free Association; Hypnosis; Dream Analysis Projective Techniques ADLER Conscious self; Creative self Overcome inferiority; Compensation; Striving for superiority Parents/Parenting style; Birth order; Style of life Inferiority; Underdeveloped social interest Adlerian therapy Self-Directed Search Early recollections; Family Constellation; Dream (analysis) JUNG Ego, Personal unconscious (complexes); Collective e unconscious (archetypes) Striving for unity of all systems of personality Stages of Development (Childhood, youth, middle life, old age); Self-realization Disintegration Jungian therapy MBTI; Word Association test; Dream Analysis; Active Imagination  Theorist Structures Dynamics Development Psychopathology Psychotherapy Application HORNEY Basic hostility  –   Basic anxiety Neurotic needs; Neurotic trends Childhood experiences Neuroses; Hatred; Idealized self-image Horneyian therapy Horney-Coolidge Tri-dimensional Inventory; Feminine psychology FROMM MURRAY Id, superego, ego Needs, Presses, Thema, Value Vector Claustral, oral, anal, urethral, genital; Longitudinal principle Complexes; Tension Need assessment TAT, EPPS ERIKSON Epigenetic principle; Ego Resolution of conflicting forces Stages of Psychosocial Development Maldevelopments Play therapy Generativity & parenting  Theorist Structures Dynamics Development Psychopathology Psychotherapy Application ALLPORT Traits; Definition of Personality Functional Autonomy Proprium (7 stages) Neurosis Morphogenic studies CATTELL Traits Ergs & Sentiments Stages of development (infancy, childhood, adolescence, maturity, late maturity, old age) Anxiety Factor analysis; Personality tests (16PF) EYSENCK  Traits Specific acts or conditions; Traits drive behaviors; Cortical activity Biological components of the human body Neuroticism; Psychoticism MASLOW Instinctoid/Needs Satisfaction of deficiency needs / metaneeds Hierarchy of needs vis-à-vis Life stages Metapathologies; Jonah complex Group therapy; Embrace B-values Management / Organizational behavior; Positive psychology  Theorist Structure Dynamics Development Psychopathology Psychotherapy Application ROGERS Self; Ideal self Self-actualization; Congruence of self & experience; Incongruence & defensive distortion & denial Congruence & self-actualization VS Incongruence & defensiveness Defensive maintenance of self; Incongruence Therapeutic atmosphere; Congruence, unconditional positive regard, empathic understanding Client-centered therapy KELLY Constructs Processes channelized by anticipation of events Increased complexity & Definition to construct them Disordered functioning of construct system Psychological reconstruction of life; Invitational mood; Fixed-role therapy; Rational-emotive therapy Corollary of sociality SKINNER Behavior Modification None Stimulus-response; Schedules of reinforcement & successive approximations Maladaptive behaviors; Counteracting strategies Operant conditioning Training educational system; Token economy


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