Transcript of Innochat 2014.10.23

Transcript of Innochat 2014.10.23
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  Innochat Higher Education - Lower Innovation Expectations? Times shown in: Eastern Daylight Time and Coordinated Universal Time Between 2014 Oct 23 11:50 and 2014 Oct 23 13:10 23 people sent 413 messages containing #innochat 11:56:0315:56:03 IE_Innovation @IE_Innovation Next week #OpenInnovation comes to #Chicago! Check the schedule here #innochat #innovation 11:56:4015:56:40 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM 5 minutes until blast off for today's #innochat 12:00:0016:00:00 Ken Rosen @Ken_Rosen RT @JohnWLewis: #innochat is at NOW (9am PT), NoonET: Higher Ed -Lower Innovation Expectations? with @DrewCM 12:01:3616:01:36 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage RT @Ken_Rosen: RT @JohnWLewis: #innochat is at NOW (9am PT), NoonET: Higher Ed - Lower Innovation Expectations? with @DrewCM 12:01:4316:01:43 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins RT @Ken _Rosen: RT @JohnWLewis: #innochat is at NOW (9am PT), NoonET: Higher Ed - Lower Innovation Expectations? with @DrewCM 12:01:5116:01:51 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM Greetings one & all. I trust you are fine & dandy on this delightful Thursday morning/afternoon/evening? Welcome to this week's #innochat 12:02:0716:02:07 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis @Ken_Rosen Great to see you again, Ken. @DrewCM is in the hot seat this week. #innochat 12:02:2516:02:25 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins Hi @DrewCM @JohnWLewis @Ken_Rosen :) #innochat 12:02:4416:02:44 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage Cathryn Hrudicka >> > #author + #innovation + #socbizconsultant & #executive #coach — in #Berkeley CA #innochat 12:02:5116:02:51 Paul Ellis @PaulEllisUK Hi all - been a while since I was able to join #innochat 12:02:5316:02:53 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM Hello to you from soggy Central NJ. Drew Marshall here, CEO w/ Primed Associates and focused on innovation culture #innochat 12:03:0816:03:08 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @Renee_Hopkins @JohnWLewis @Ken_Rosen Greetings to you dear people.#innochat 12:03:2016:03:20 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins Hello, @CreativeSage @PaulEllisUK! #innochat 12:03:2216:03:22 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis @DrewCM Hello Drew. Oh what a big topic you have (chosen, this week)!#innochat 12:03:2516:03:25 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @PaulEllisUK Good to see your shiny face. #innochat 12:03:3416:03:34 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage Good morning (PT), @Renee_Hopkins @DrewCM @JohnWLewis@Ken_Rosen @PaulEllisUK #innochat 12:03:4716:03:47 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @JohnWLewis Go big or go home as my compatriots in Oz say. #innochat 12:04:0516:04:05 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins Renee Hopkins here, from Business Innovation Factory (@TheBIF) in also-soggy Providence, Rhode Island. #innochat 12:04:1016:04:10 Matt Recio @mattbrat1 Hi All. Matt in sunny & refreshingly cool Atlanta. Time for #innochat. 12:04:1316:04:13 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @CreativeSage Hellooooo! [think: in the style of Mrs. Doubtfire] #innochat  12:04:2216:04:22 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins @mattbrat1 Hi! #innochat 12:04:3116:04:31 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis @DrewCM I bet it's soggier here in Devon. Cycled 3 miles each way to the villageshop earlier this afternoon and got damp! #innochat 12:05:1116:05:11 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @Renee_Hopkins @TheBIF Hello to BIF-Central (dinner with@WandaMcClure was a delight and your presence was missed) #innochat 12:05:1916:05:19 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage Good to see you, @mattbrat1 ! #innochat 12:05:3016:05:30 Paul Ellis @PaulEllisUK @JohnWLewis @DrewCM Damp as in the english definition meaning soakedthrough to the skin and starting to get wrinkly skin! :) #innochat 12:05:4216:05:42 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis Hello @Renee_Hopkins @DrewCM @CreativeSage et al #innochat 12:05:4916:05:49 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @mattbrat1 Hey Matt - it was delightful in ATL this week. I was down for acouple of days with a client. #innochat 12:06:0916:06:09 Ken Rosen @Ken_Rosen Hello everyone. Ken Rosen of Performance Works--strategic consulting forCEOs and CMOs #innochat 12:06:2216:06:22 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @PaulEllisUK @JohnWLewis I completely concur with the veracity of thatdefinition. #innochat 12:06:2816:06:28 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @Ken_Rosen Welcome! #innochat 12:06:3916:06:39 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage I'm sorry to tell all of you damp people in the English rain, but it's beautiful andsunny here in Berkeley, California today! #innochat 12:06:4416:06:44 Matt Recio @mattbrat1 I'll retract my sunny statement so as not to irk the soggy parts of the world :)#innochat 12:07:0016:07:00 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM  We will be kicking off in another couple of minutes. Just letting a few moregather... #innochat 12:07:0716:07:07 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis @PaulEllisUK Not quite that bad, but sweaty too and I did consider a quick bath before #innochat! @DrewCM #toomuchinfo 12:07:1216:07:12 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins @DrewCM Glad you had a chance to visit with @WandaMcClure - wish I couldhave been there too! #innochat 12:07:2416:07:24 Husamettin Erciyes @husamerciyes Good morning all from San Francisco #innochat 12:07:5216:07:52 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage +1! RT @Renee_Hopkins @DrewCM Glad you had a chance to visit with@WandaMcClure - wish I could have been there too! #innochat 12:07:5616:07:56 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis @CreativeSage Not as sorry as we are, Cathryn! ;-D #innochat 12:07:5716:07:57 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @CreativeSage The only time it isn't beautiful and sunny in Berkeley, CA is onthose infrequent times when you have wind. #innochat 12:08:0116:08:01 Paul Ellis @PaulEllisUK @CreativeSage All that sunshine gets a bit samey no ? - ahem #innovation in weather reporting *cough* #innochat 12:08:0216:08:02 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage  Welcome! RT @husamerciyes Good morning all from San Francisco #innochat 12:08:2916:08:29 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins @DrewCM @CreativeSage We are having rain AND wind here in Providence -first Nor'easter of the fall. #innochat 12:08:3316:08:33 Husamettin Erciyes @husamerciyes @CreativeSage thank you! #innochat 12:08:4616:08:46 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins @husamerciyes hello! #innochat 12:08:4616:08:46 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage Cough! RT @PaulEllisUK @CreativeSage All that sunshine gets a bit samey no ?- ahem #innovation in weather reporting *cough* #innochat  12:08:5816:08:58 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM RT @Renee_Hopkins @husamerciyes hello! #innochat 12:09:1216:09:12 Bruno Winck @brunowinck @CreativeSage #innochat good rainy afternoon :) perfect for working andchatting 12:09:2416:09:24 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins @brunowinck hello! #innochat 12:09:2816:09:28 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM Let us get this non-traveling show on the road, shall we? Q the First to follow...#innochat 12:09:3416:09:34 Husamettin Erciyes @husamerciyes @Renee_Hopkins hello! #innochat 12:09:3816:09:38 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @brunowinck Welcome, sir! #innochat 12:09:3916:09:39 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis I did a little flying in the US, and it was difficult for them to understand that weather is almost always marginal here. ;-) #innochat 12:09:4616:09:46 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage .@Renee_Hopkins I'm sorry about the bad weather there. Actually, we need rainhere, and it should happen tomorrow, I think. #innochat 12:09:5116:09:51 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM Q1 What is your perspective on the state of innovation in higher education?#innochat 12:10:0716:10:07 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage .@brunowinck Good to see you, too! #innochat 12:10:3216:10:32 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage RT @DrewCM Q1 What is your perspective on the state of innovation in highereducation? #innochat 12:10:3616:10:36 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @JohnWLewis That is the most often used descriptor for weather in Seattle when I was a pilot in training. #innochat 12:11:0716:11:07 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins Great topic, @drewcm! You mentioned @SNHU and College for America -@TheBIF was part of initial project: #innochat 12:11:2116:11:21 Paul Ellis @PaulEllisUK @DrewCM A1 Problem here is higher education is too broad a market to give a valid generalised response #innochat 12:11:5616:11:56 Husamettin Erciyes @husamerciyes  A1: overall I think innovation is not up to speed in higher education. They follow the trend slowly #innochat 12:12:0616:12:06 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins  A1. Higher education is a broad topic, yes, but broadly needs innovation andnew business models! #innochat 12:12:2216:12:22 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage  A1) ...And need I mention, the deplorable student loan situation in the U.S.?#innochat 12:12:2316:12:23 Ken Rosen @Ken_Rosen Is Q1 about whether academic research will be innovative or whether teachingapproaches will be innovative? #innochat 12:12:3316:12:33 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage RT @PaulEllisUK @DrewCM A1 Problem here is higher education is too broad amarket to give a valid generalised response #innochat 12:12:3416:12:34 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @PaulEllisUK OK, I offer the following as a starting point: Tertiary ed provided by academic institutions in 3-4 year degrees. #innochat 12:12:3916:12:39 Paul Ellis @PaulEllisUK  A1 I think on hear say there are many innovative projects and practices butinnovation is not an endemic quality in HE #innochat 12:12:4316:12:43 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis  A1 My occasional contact with nearby business school suggests they are on the innovation ball, (but that is not what you mean). #innochat 12:13:0916:13:09 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage  A1) The Real Revolution in Online Education Isn't MOOCs - Michelle Weise@HarvardBiz FYI #innochat 12:13:1516:13:15 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @Renee_Hopkins @drewcm @SNHU @TheBIF Thanks. I thought that mightget your attention! #innochat 12:13:2916:13:29 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins I also worked on-staff at the University of Texas at Austin, and I can say withcertainty that higher ed needs innovation!! #innochat  12:13:3816:13:38 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis RT @Renee_Hopkins: Great topic, @drewcm! You mentioned @SNHU andCollege for America - @TheBIF was part of initial project: 12:13:4416:13:44 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @CreativeSage The level of student debt in the USA is appalling and remarkable.#innochat 12:13:5816:13:58 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage RT @PaulEllisUK A1 I think I hear there are many innovative projects andpractices but innovation is not an endemic quality in HE #innochat 12:14:0616:14:06 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins @DrewCM Yes, indeed, although I would have mentioned @SNHU even if youhad not! I love what they're doing. #innochat 12:14:2516:14:25 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage RT @Renee_Hopkins I also worked on-staff at the U of Texas at Austin, and Ican say w/ certainty that higher ed needs innovation!! #innochat 12:14:2716:14:27 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @Ken_Rosen The focus today is not academic research - rather the provision of education at the tertiary level #innochat 12:14:3416:14:34 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage RT @DrewCM @CreativeSage The level of student debt in the USA is appallingand remarkable. #innochat 12:15:0716:15:07 Richard Angus @IERichardA How does #technology influence #OpenInnovation? #innovation 12:15:1216:15:12 Lisa Richards @_LisaRich  A1: It depends on the institution itself, some are falling behind while others arerising. #innochat 12:15:1416:15:14 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @PaulEllisUK I agree. There is a lot of movement but is it sound and fury signifying nothing ? #innochat 12:15:2616:15:26 Paul Ellis @PaulEllisUK  A1 Innovation in teaching practices is often a characteristic of successful andpopular schools and colleges and their results #innochat 12:15:3616:15:36 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage  A1) Not mentioning names, but there has been shameful financial &environmental waste at some major universities, which continues. #innochat 12:15:4416:15:44 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @_LisaRich Can you provide some examples of those you think are meeting thechallenge? #innochat 12:15:5116:15:51 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis  A1 When I was at university (long ago) we had some innovative sandwich courses including engineering with languages ... #innochat 12:15:5116:15:51 Bruno Winck @brunowinck  A1 I admit disclose that my knowledge on High Education is not very actual#innochat so will skip the question :) 12:16:0016:16:00 Matt Recio @mattbrat1  A1 Higher Ed biz model is crying out for innovation. Current system seemsunsustainable. #innochat 12:16:0516:16:05 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins @Ken_Rosen Universities in particular do try to be all things to all ppl. I don'tthink they are clear on their value proposition #innochat 12:16:2616:16:26 Robert Egby @robert_egby RT @CreativeSage: A1) Not mentioning names, but there has been shamefulfinancial & environmental waste at some major universities, which c… 12:16:3716:16:37 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins @mattbrat1 And there are so many business model possibilities for higher ed!Ste 1 would be for them to realize that. #innochat 12:16:4316:16:43 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage  A1) There are some very good small, private colleges that are under-recognized,and they are often the true innovators. #innochat 12:16:5116:16:51 John W Lewis @JohnWLewis  A1 … including engineering lectures in foreign languages and placementsabroad. #innochat 12:16:5516:16:55 Andrew Marshall @DrewCM @PaulEllisUK That's interesting: I'm reading a compelling case for innovation inpractices of teaching rather than institution #innochat 12:17:1716:17:17 Renee Hopkins @Renee_Hopkins RT @CreativeSage: A1) There are some very good small, private colleges that areunder-recognized, and they are often the true innovators. … 12:17:3216:17:32 Lisa Radin @milguy23  A1 1 child just graduated, 1 college soph. Don't see 'state of innovation', do seemore demand for critical thinking. #innochat 12:17:3216:17:32 Cathryn Hrudicka @CreativeSage RT @Renee_Hopkins And there are so many business model possibilities forhigher ed! Ste 1 would be for them to realize that. #innochat
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