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  Tugas 2.2BAHAN AJARkelas XI SMK (3.14)Basic competence:3.14 Menganalisis fungsi social, struktur teks, dan unsure kebahasaan teks interaksi transaksionallisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasiterkait pendapatdan pikiran, sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya. (perhatikan unsure kebahasaan I think, Isuppose, in my opinion)4.14 Menyusun teks interaksi transaksional, lisan dan tulis, pendek dan sederhana, yangmelibatkan tindakan member dan meminta informasi terkait pendapat dan pikiran, denganmemperhatikan fungsi social, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuaikonteks.Lesson objectives:From this lesson, students are expected to be able to: - Applying social function, text structure, and linguistic elements of verbal and writtentransactional interaction text that involves giving and asking for information related toopinion and thoughts, in accordance with the context of their use. (Note the linguisticelement I think, I suppose, in my opinion). - Compile text on transactional, verbal and written interactions, shortand simple, whichinvolves giving and requesting information related to opinion and thoughts, payingattention to the social function, text structure, and correct and contextual elements of language.Character Value: From “My opinion” students are expected to be able to develop character: - Tolerance: attitudes and behaviors that reflects respect for difference in religion,creed, ethnicity, customs, language, race, and opinions. - Communicative: Attitudes and actions that encourage themselves to produce somethingthat is useful for community, and recognize, then respect the success of others. - Honest: attitudes and behavior that reflect the unity between knowledge, words,and deeds (knowing what is right, saying right, and doing what is right). - Responsibility: attitudes and behavior of a person in carrying out their duties andobligations, both related to themselves, social, community, nation, state, and religion. My Opinion………..    Task 1 Listen to the speaker and complete the following short dialogue. Choose the appropriateanswer in the box down below.Maggie: Tina, what do you think is the best action to (a)……. global warming? Tina : I (b)……… everyone should start changing their life styles.Maggie: What do you mean?Tina: Well, we have to start to do what we can, to help reduce (c)……... Maggie: Wha t do you (d)……….. that we should do?Tina: Well, there are lots of things that we can do. We should start saving electricity, recycling things, using public transportation, buying and (e)……….. as much as we need only. Basically, just save anything that we can. Maggie: that’s a (f)……idea. I will do that. Expressions ã Expression of asking for opinion: - What is your opinion about?-What do you comment on? - What do you think of……? -What do you feel about? - Do you have any opinion?Do you know how to give an opinion? We can use many expressions in givingopinions. Can you mention some of them? If not, in this chapter you are going to learnhow to ask for and give information related to opinion. However, before westart first we  Introduction Listeninga.Consumingd. suggestb.Global warminge. greatc.Reducef. think Speaking  ã Expression of giving opinion - I think….(saya pikir…) - I don’t think… (Saya tidak berpikir...) - I’m fairly certain that…. (Saya cukup yakin bahwa..) - I’m quite certain that….(Saya cukup yakin bahwa…) - I would have thought that …. (Saya akan berpikir bahwa..)   Task 1 Say your agreement or disagreement on this following opinion!   Task 2 Perform thisdialogue below in front of the class then answer the questions !Emily: Hi, tom! What are you doing?Tommy : I’m reading a newspaper.Emily: Is there any good news?Tommy: I have just read about full day school.Emily: What do you think about that? In my opinion,Television Dramaprograms ontelevision are notinteresting anymore.I think that youngIndonesian footballplayer does not haveany place to develop.I think romance, horror,and comedy genremovie have dominatedIndonesian moviescene.  Tommy: In my view, it is useful for Indonesia education development. Because if school time is extended until 4 or 5 pm,students can learn more. Therefore, Indonesia’s educational ranking in the world can be increased. Emily : Do you think so? But how about the students? Don’t you think it is too boring for them?Because they will be at schoolall day.Tommy:No, if the teacher can bring a funsituation, giving them excitingactivities, so the students will enjoy their day in school.Emily : I think you’re right. Questions:1.Who are they in the dialogue?2.What are they doing?3.What are they talking about?4. What is Tommy’s o pinion about full day school?5.How long do the students spend time at school with full day school program isallowed?  Task 1  Read the text carefully in front of the class! The Advantage and disadvantage of Cell phone for Children If you wantto give your kid a cell phone, consider the advantage and thedisadvantage of cell phones for children.On top of the advantages, cell phone can encourage child safety at all times. Justimagine if the children to be in an emergency circumstance, they cansimply utilizecellphone to get in touch with you for help.On the other hand, cell phone also gives negative impacts to kids. Rather thanstudying, kids havea tendency to spend much time sending text message to buddies ormaybe using a number of apps such as games.So, choosing the appropriate cell phone for your sons or daughter can influence allbenefits associated with a cell phone for children.  Task 2 Aditya: Dika, what are you doing after school?Dika : I still don’t know what to do this afternoon.Aditya : You don’t join any course? Dika : No, I don’t have any course today. Reading
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