unit 2 3 - lesson 9 - calculating cs ps tw 1

Calculating Consumer/Producer Surplus HL - Paper 3 Learning outcomes: Students will: ● Calculate market equilibrium ● Calculate p-intercept for Quantity Demanded ● Calculate p-intercept for Quantity Supplied ● Calculate consumer & producer surplus Calculating consumer/producer surplus Steps: 1. Calculate Market Equilibrium Price 2. Calculate price intercept for Quantity Demanded 3. Calculate price intercept for Quantity Supplied 4. Find the area of both right triangles (CS & PS) Try this... Q
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  Calculating Consumer/Producer Surplus HL - Paper 3  Learning outcomes: Students will:●Calculate market equilibrium●Calculate p-intercept for Quantity Demanded●Calculate p-intercept for Quantity Supplied●Calculate consumer & producer surplus  Calculating consumer/producer surplus Steps:1.Calculate Market Equilibrium Price2.Calculate price intercept for Quantity Demanded3.Calculate price intercept for Quantity Supplied4.Find the area of both right triangles (CS & PS)  Try this... Qs = -400 + 50PQd = 800 - 30PFollow the steps and remember to label●Price & Quantity Equilibrium●Price intercept for Qd●Price intercept for Qs


Jul 22, 2017


Jul 22, 2017
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