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UNIT 53. Verb + -ing (enjoy doing / stop doing etc) A. Look at tese e!a p#es$ ã I enjoy reading. (not I enjoy to read) ã %o&#d yo& ind c#osing te door' ã (ris s&ggested going to te cine a. (not s&ggested to go) )*ter enjoy+ ind and s&ggest+ ,e &se - ing (not to .) /o e ore 0erbs tat are *o##o,ed by -ing$ /top postpone ad it a0oid i agine 1inis consider deny risk *ancy ã /&dden#y e0erybody stopped ta#king. Tere ,as si#ence ã I2## do te sopping ,en I20e *inised c#eaning te *#at ã 3e tried to a
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  UNIT 53. Verb + -ing (enjoy doing / stop doing etc) A. Look at tese e!a p#es$ ã I enjoy reading. (not I enjoy to read) ã %o&#d yo& ind c#osing te door' ã ris s&ggested going to te cine a. (not s&ggested to go)*ter enjoy ind and s&ggest ,e &se  ing (not to )o e ore 0erbs tat are *o##o,ed by ing$toppostponead ita0oidi agine1inisconsiderdenyrisk*ancy ã &dden#y e0erybody stopped ta#king. Tere ,as si#ence ã I2## do te sopping ,en I20e *inised c#eaning te *#at ã e tried to a0oid ans,ering y 4&estion ã I don2t *ancy going o&t tis e0ening. (I2 not ent&siastic abo&t it) ã a0e yo& e0er considered going to #i0e in anoter co&ntry'Te negati0e *or is not ing$ ã %en I2 on o#iday I enjoy not a0ing to get &p ear#y B. %e a#so &se ing a*ter i0e &p (6 stop)7&t o** (6postpone)o on / carry on (6 contin&e)8eep or keep on (6 do so eting contin&o&s#y or repeated#y) ã I20e gi0en &p reading ne,spaper. I tink it2s a ,aste o* ti e ã 9enny doesn2t ,ant to retire. e ,ants to go on ,orking. (or  to carry on ,orking) ã :o& keep interr&pting ,en I2 ta#king or yo& keep on interr&pting ,en I2 ta#king.%it so e 0erbs yo& can &se te str&ct&re 0erb + so ebody + ing$ ã I can2t i agine eorge riding a otorbike ã :o& can2t stop e doing ,at I ,ant ã orry to keep yo& ,aiting so #ong. Tat2s a## rigt Note te passi0e *or (being done / seen / kept etc)$ ã I don2t ind being kept ,aiting. (I don2t ind peop#e keeping e);.%en yo& are ta#king abo&t *inised actions yo& ca say a0ing done / sto#en /said etc.$ ã Tey ad itted a0ing sto#en te oney  <&t it is not necessary to &se a0ing (done). :o& can a#so say$ ã Tey ad itted stea#ing te oney ã I no, regret saying (or a0ing said) ,at I said=. *ter so e o* te 0erbs on tis page (especia##y ad it/deny/s&ggest) yo& can a#so&se tat $Tey denied tat tey ad sto#en te oney. (or Tey denied stea#ing)a s&ggested tat ,e ,ent to te cine a. (or a s&ggested going )   =>=?I= UNIT 5353.@ o p#ete eac sentence ,it one o* te *o##o,ing 0erbs (in te correct *or )$@.e tried to a0oid ans,ering y 4&estionA.o&#d yo& p#ease stop making  so &c noise'3.I enjoy listening  to &sicB.I considered applying  *or te job b&t in te end I decided against it.5.a0e yo& *inised reading  te ne,spaper yet'C.%e need cange o&r ro&tine. %e can2t go on living  #ike tisD.I don2t ind yo& using  te pone as #ong as yo& pay *or a## yo&r ca##sE.Fy e ory is getting ,orse. I keep forgetting  tingsG.I20e p&t o** writing te #etter so any ti es. I rea##y &st do it today@H.%at a st&pid ting to do an yo& i agine anybody being  so st&pid'@@.I20e gi0en &p  trying  to #ose ,eigt  it2s i possib#e@A.I* yo& in0est yo&r oney on te stock arket yo& risk losing  it. 53.A o p#ete te sentences *or eac sit&ations &sing ing 1. %at sa## ,e do'%e co&#d go to te Joo. She suggested going to the zoo2. ;o yo& ,ant to p#ay tennis'No not rea##y. He didn’t fany playing tennis . !. :o& ,ere dri0ing too *ast.:es. It2s tr&e. orry She admitted driving too fast . %y don2t ,e go *or a s,i 'ood idea. She suggested going for a swim#.  :o& broke te ; p#ayer.No I didn2t. He denied breaking the $% player&.  an yo& ,ait a *e, in&tes'&re no prob#e . 'hey didn’t mind waiting a few minutes .53.3 o p#ete te sentences so tat tey ean te sa e as te *irst sentence. Use  ing.@.I can do ,at I ,ant and yo& can2t stop e.:o& can2t stop e doing ,at I ,antA.It2s not a good idea to tra0e# d&ring te r&s o&r.It2s better to a0oid tra0e#ing d&ring te r&s o&r 3.a## ,e paint te kitcen ne!t ,eekend instead o* tis ,eekend'a## ,e postpone painting te kitcen &nti# te ne!t ,eekend'B.o&#d yo& t&rn te radio do,n p#ease'5.%o&#d yo& ind t&rning te radio do,n'C. 7#ease don2t interr&pt e a## te ti eD.%o&#d yo& ind not interr&pting e a## te ti e'  53.B Use yo&r o,n ideas to co p#ete sentences. Use ing.@. e2s a 0ery interesting person. I a#,ays enjoy ta#king to er A. I2 not *ee#ing 0ery ,e##. I don2t *ancy going o&t3. I2 a*raid tere aren2t any cairs. I ope yo& don2t ind sitting on te *#oor B. It ,as a bea&ti*&# day so I s&ggested a0ing a picnicB. It ,as 0ery *&nny. I co&#dn2t stop #a&ging5. Fy car isn2t 0ery re#iab#e. It keeps breaking do,n 
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