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Using 10 Basic Words to Describe the Entire Democratic Domestic Agenda

Using 10 Basic Words to Describe the Entire Democratic Domestic Agenda
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  Using 10 Basic Words to Describe the Entire Democratic Domestic Agenda by Anand Shastri Originally Written October 15, 2009 Revised July 17 th , 2015   For many decades, the liberal intelligentsia has conducted many studies, been very thorough in research methods, and produced phenomenal conference papers and publications, all of which are great. However, there is a powerful argument that the Democratic Party, once the party of the people, has forgotten how to connect with regular people. I would argue that this is not just because of the liberal intelligentsia, but also by the growth of fiscal conservatives in the Party, who because of social issues, vote Democratic. Regardless of the group though, our Party’s communication of what we stand for has become far too detailed. With the exception of the most politically active, it does not resonate with the electorate, nor can it. We need to simplify our agenda, and make it easy to communicate. So, I use just 10 basic words that describe virtually the entire Democratic, domestic agenda. I’ll present them, and then describe and explain them, although the latter should only be done when asked for. Here is the Democratic Party’s domestic agenda: 1-2) equal opportunity, 3-4) economic justice, 5-8) political and civil equality, 9) privacy, 10) tolerance. Outside of gun control and budget aspects of our military, these words cover the entire domestic agenda. Here’s how: words 1 -2) equal opportunity –  we Democrats believe government has a role to put people in a better position to take care of themselves, and make sure they are given a true chance at achieving the American dream. This means that all youth be given basic healthcare, the best K-12 public education, financial aid for college and advanced degree education, an environment that allows our youth to develop their skills, and programs designed to keep our youth o ut of harm’s way. Furthermore, we argue that tax dollars for these programs are not a tax, but rather an investment in the human capital. Who knows? Maybe the tax dollars that provided a talented student with financial aid for education could produce the doctor that saves your child’s life, or the architect that designs your dream house. Words 3-4) economic justice –  this means that government should not only put people in a better position to take care of themselves, but it should also provide a helping hand for those cannot. Please remember, economic justice does not mean equal outcome, at least not to me. It means that those who work at low-wage positions should receive a substantial boost in the minimum wage, and as far as disabled Americans, they should not be neglected. It also means that it’s intolerable for America ns to work full-time, yet  live in poverty, and that any assistance to lift them out of poverty is quite justified. Lastly, it means keeping our social contract with the elderly intact. They have worked their butts off their entire lives for us, and they deserve a secure retirement, one which is not dependent on the performance of the stock market. Words 5-8) Political and civil equality –  all Americans should be allowed the right to vote; this is non-negotiable. Horrible barriers that make voting more difficult should be eliminated. Furthermore, no one should be denied housing on the basis of race, gender, religion, srcin, age and sexual orientation. Political equality also includes campaign-finance reform. Civil equality means that with regards to gender, a man and woman must receive equal pay if they do the exact same job. It also means banning same-sex marriages is essentially gender discrimination, which is a violation of civil rights laws. If Jennifer can marry Tom, but Bill cannot, then Bill is being discriminated against simply because he is a man. Word 9) privacy –  we Democrats believe that government should not regulate our private lives. While not being happy with abortion, privacy means the decision is made by each woman, not the government. It means sexual behavior is not regulated government. It means the usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes is between licensed doctors and patients, not government bureaucrats. Finally, it means government should not put non-violent drug offenders in prison. Word 10) tolerance- this means that we accept people based on who they are as people, regardless of their demographic background. Whether it is based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., hate crimes should be penalized. It means that we do not demonize people who are different from us. It means we should not view others from an “us vs. them” perspective. This includes accept ing people who we may strongly disagree with on issues be it conservatives or even fascists. Basically, it means we allow all kinds of people to succeed in America, which I should add applies not merely minorities, but whites too. Finally, it means that the pro- “coexist” view on religion should include Christianity. Using these 10 words to describe the Democratic domestic agenda has resulted in me producing the shortest length article I have written in quite some time. While it is neither as thorough as other op-ed pieces and certainly not as thorough as research papers, it is a clear and blueprint for people who are political, but not to the junkie extent, and even serves as a foundation for those of us who are junkies.
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