Void Singularity-Vacuum, Generation of Torsion Fields in Dimensional Continuums and its Relevance to the Spinning of the Cosmos

/Summary The theory of creation of cosmos and its continual motion put forward by the author has been scrutinized through a comprehensive search in the literature in hope of finding parallels or analogies in form of experimental verification and
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  Void Singularity-Vacuum, Generation of Torsion Fields in Dimensional Continuums and its Relevance to the Spinning of the Cosmos By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract/Summary The theory of creation of cosmos and its continual motion put  forward by the author has been scrutinized through a comprehensive search in the literature in hope of finding parallels or analogies in form of experimental verification and other theoretical-mathematical accounts that would corroborate the theory. According to this theory, it is proposed that the cosmos was created from implosion of an omnipotent singular point of infinite conscious energy through a mechanism involving a stretching, spinning nozzle-like apparatus, discharging matter and antimatter, while giving birth to the marvel of space-time. It is suggested that time and space are different aspects of the same  phenomenon that can only exist mutually, and that the concept of space-time can best be characterized or measured through definition of a single parameter referred to as ‘frequency.’ Furthermore, it is explicated that frequency is the product of the operation of cosmos at large, which is ROTATING CONSTANTLY  ABOUT ITS SPIN AXIS, PASSING THROUGH ITS POINT OF ORIGIN THAT WE REFERE TO AS THE ‘SOURCE,’ ‘God,’ or ‘Prime Creator,’ meanwhile vibrating (expanding-contracting) rectilinearly in the radial direction along a vector defining the position of a point in the space-time. It is elucidated that a series of 356 dimensional layers, nested together not unlike the Matryoshka dolls, each  characterized by a distinct threshold frequency of vibration, are constantly spinning and vibrating rectilinearly about the SOURCE that, at the same time, putting everything that they contain in synchronous harmonic resonant motion with them. Therefore, the concept of time, being equal or proportional to the inverse of  frequency, is intimately related to the SPINNING OF THE COSMOS. Furthermore, it has been proposed that there exists a ‘highway,’ referred to as the NEURAL NETWORK OF GOD, which resides totally outside of the space-time, void of any matter or antimatter, which consists of a conglomerate system composed of layers sandwiched between each dimensional layer as well as an intricate system of ‘wormholes’ within the spa ce-time. It is suggested that this vacuum-wormhole network carries with it ‘torsional waves’ in form of vortices that are the result of the very spinning of the cosmos. This void-vacuum system is the primary means by which the SOURCE communicates with its sentient constituent parts making up the WHOLE. As a result, communication is instantaneous, as each entity within constitutes a ‘quantum point   , ’ being ‘entangled’ with the SOURCE and with one another. It is surmised that within this arterial neural network of God, communication occurs instantaneously, and at a colossal speed equal to perhaps billions time over the limiting speed of light in physicality. Furthermore, the torsion waves that deliver the  precise communication of consciousness signals are not unlike the electromagnetic or gravitational waves within physicality, which constitute the very essence of existence of ALL in space-time continuums, but are uniquely potent and act with laser-like  precision. The theoretical model of cosmos rotating about its axis and the notion of void singularity-vacuum, and the consequent generation  of torsion waves in vacuum, and their propagation in time and space, has been checked against experimental and theoretical models advanced by other scientists and researchers for feasibility and verification. In fact, it turns out that the idea of the “Great Emptiness” or “the Dao” is no t new and existed in China as early as 5000 years ago. It is reported in the literature that, indeed, everything interacts with vacuum, and that it is the energy of vacuum that feeds the whole world of existence through magnetized wormholes in the fabric of space. Furthermore, it is elucidated that it is through such magnetized wormholes that information can be transmitted outside of space and time. In fact, wormholes can organize themselves, which then form distinctive vacuum domains in gravity, being transformed into electricity. Such vacuum domains are self-radiant balls of ionized matter that contain considerable amounts of energy. A torsion field may be created as a self-sustaining vortex in the ether or time-space, which is innately non-electromagnetic, although it may be considered to produce electromagnetic effects such as light. By spinning, a vortex can be generated that may excite photons out of the fabric of time-space. As a result, a torsion field can be created that would harness and store light within it. There are, indeed, regions discovered in Russia, where these vacuum domains appear, often as balls of light. Furthermore, these vacuum domains emit waves of low frequency much like our brain waves that as a result of resonance interact with our thoughts. Many spiritual teachers produce visible balls or columns of light, wave packet of electromagnetic energy, in deep meditation or during their energy work. It is surmised that these phenomena have to do with gravity and anti-gravity forces that are stable wormholes that facilitate hyper communication with energies   from outside of our space-time continuum. Another phenomenon closely associated with formation of vacuum domains, which is often reported and is documented, is the well- known events of gravity anomalies on Earth. It is found that there are many theoretical models and experimental investigations available in the literature with regard to the torsion waves and their applications. It is confirmed that as a result of spinning, self-sustaining vortices may be created in either the ether or the fabric of space-time that are referred to as torsion fields. A torsion field is considered as a vortex or a structure of multiple nested vortices. It is believed that it primarily exists in the ether or void-vacuum, but also in time-space as a zero  point field. Torsion fields can be generated as the result of the distortion of geometry of the physical vacuum. Each substance  possesses its own characteristic torsion field. A torsion field may be generated by spin or angular momentum. The structure of the torsion field of every object can be changed by the influence of an external torsion field. As a result of such an influence, the new configuration of the torsion field remains intact, even after the source of the external torsion field is removed or diverted to another area of the space. Indeed, scientists have recognized for quite some time that "spinning fields" really do exist, and that analogous to electromagnetic fields generated by a charge, and gravitational  fields caused by weight, torsion fields are created by rotating objects. This ideology started with the so-called Cartan-Einstein theory advanced as early as in 1920s. However,   the Cartan-Einstein theory was historically overshadowed by the immense  popularity of its torsion-free counterpart and other alternatives  partially because torsion was considered to add little to the theory  at the expense of introducing immense complexity reflected in its governing equations. The Cartan- Einstein theory is a gravitational theory similar to Einstein’s general theory of relativity but with the exception that it includes the participation of a ‘torsion tensor’ arising from the intrinsic angular momentum (spin) of the matter much in the same way, in which the curvature is coupled to the energy and momentum of matter. In other words, both independent translational and rotational degrees of freedom are considered to describe the geometry of motion. Thus, the spin of matter in curved space-time requires that torsion is not constrained to be zero but is a variable. This is to say that both the metric and torsion tensors are independent variables giving the correct representation of the generalization of the conservation law for the total angular momentum with regard to the presence of the gravitational field. According to the general relativity, the gravitational collapse of a sufficiently compact mass forms a singular black hole. Torsion, on the other hand, helps to avoid the  formation of singularities such as black holes. In the Cartan-Einstein theory, instead, the collapse forms a regular Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole) to a new, growing, universe on the other side of the event horizon. This approach is particularly interesting because black holes recycle matter and lead to regeneration of energy in the form of antimatter formed by the infinitesimal white holes residing at the other side of the event horizon. In this regard, the Cartan-Einstein theory is a viable concept that is, and should be, very much part of the physics literature. In 1960s, there was independent resurgent interest in the theory by Kibble, and by Sciama. Furthermore, in 1976, an important review of the subject matter appeared in which a generalization of Einstein's gravitational theory was discussed with the spin of matter as well
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