Was Whether the Letter and the Translation Will Be a Letter Yasin Yasin Islam Muhammad Pbuh Sholawat Full Moon

Was Whether the Letter and the Translation Will Be a Letter Yasin Yasin Islam Muhammad Pbuh Sholawat Full Moon
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  YasinPrevious: Letter (035) Fathir (paragraph 45)Next: Letter (037) as-Shaffat (Paragraph 182)Letter No.: 36Meaning of Name Letter: YasinNumber of paragraphs: 83 (eighty three) versesDerived at:Class letter:Additional Information:Ya Sin.QS. Yasin (36): 1By the Qur'an full of Wisdom,QS. Yasin (36): 2Thou art indeed one of the apostles,QS. Yasin (36): 3(Which is) above the straight path,QS. Yasin (36): 4(A revelation) sent down by the Almighty, the Merciful,QS. Yasin (36): 5in order that you may warn a people that their fathers had never given awarning, so they are heedless.QS. Yasin (36): 6Indeed, there has definitely accepted the word of (the provisions of God)against most of them, because they do not believe.QS. Yasin (36): 7We have put the shackles on their necks and their hands (appointed) to thechin, so that their gaze upward.QS. Yassin (36): 8And We have set before them the walls and behind the wall (too), and we close(the eyes) so they can not see.QS. Yasin (36): 9The same to them whether thou admonish them or thou do not admonishthem, they will not believe.QS. Yasin (36): 10Surely you just give warnings to people who want to follow the warnings and  the fear of God, Most Gracious, although he did not see it. So give them theglad tidings of forgiveness and a glorious reward.QS. Yasin (36): 11Verily, We bring life to the dead and We record what they have done and themarks they left behind. And everything we collect in a clear Book (LauhMahfuzh).QS. Yasin (36): 12And create for them a parable, which is a resident of a country when themessengers came to them;QS. Yasin (36): 13(Ie) when We sent to them two messengers, and they denied them both, soWe reinforced them with the (envoys) of the third, then the third they said:'We are the people who are sent to you-xx. QS. Yasin (36): 14They replied: Ye are but mortals like us and Allah, Most Gracious, not downnothing, you are nothing but lie. QS. Yasin (36): 15They said: Our Lord knows that we are indeed the one sent to you.QS. Yasin (36): 16And our duty is only to convey (the command) to clear. QS. Yasin (36): 17They said: 'We were unfortunate for you, indeed if you do not stop (calling us),we shall surely stone you, and ye shall receive a painful punishment from us. QS. Yasin (36): 18Messengers said: Deplorable you is because you own it. What if you weregiven a warning (you ill-fated)? Nay, but ye are a people transgressing allbounds. QS. Yassin (36): 19And there came from the edge of town, a man with a beetle he said: O mypeople, follow the Messengers,QS. Yasin (36): 20Obey those who ask no reward thee, and they are the ones that receiveguidance.QS. Yasin (36): 21Why I do not worship (God) who has created and that is Him you (all) bereturned?QS. Yasin (36): 22  Why I will worship gods other than Him if (Allah) Most Gracious willedkemudharatan toward me, their intercession would not give the slightestbenefit for myself and they do not (yet) be saved?QS. Yasin (36): 23Actually I would then be in manifest error.QS. Yasin (36): 24Actually I have been faithful to your Lord, so hear (confession of faith) me.QS. Yasin (36): 25It is said (to him): Go to heaven. He said: Would that my people know,QS. Yasin (36): 26what causes my Lord forgive me and make me among those who glorified. QS. Yasin (36): 27And We sent not down against his people after he (died) a pasukanpun fromthe sky and not worthy of us down.QS. Yasin (36): 28There is no punishment for them but only one shouts: then suddenly they wereall dead.QS. Yasin (36): 29What big regret of the slaves, a rasulpun not come to them but they mockedhim.QS. Yasin (36): 30Do they not know how many generations before them have We destroyed, thatthe people (which We have destroyed), it does not return to them.QS. Yasin (36): 31And each of them everything will be collected again to us.QS. Yasin (36): 32And a mark (God's great power) for them is the dead earth. We turn the earth,and We remove the seeds thereof, so they eat thereof.QS. Yasin (36): 33And We gave him the gardens of dates and grapes and we are sending himsome springs,QS. Yasin (36): 34That they may eat of its fruit, and from what is cultivated by their hands. Sowhy are they not grateful?QS. Yasin (36): 35Glory to God who has created all the pairs, both from what is grown by the  earth and of themselves, or from what they do not know.QS. Yasin (36): 36And a mark (God's great power) for them is night; We tanggalkan day fromnight, so with them immediately in the dark,QS. Yasin (36): 37and the sun runs in circulation. Such assessment is the Mighty, the Knower.QS. Yasin (36): 38And We decreed for the months of moon-moon, so that (after he gets to thelast moon) he returned as a bunch of old forms.QS. Yasin (36): 39It is not possible to get the moon and sun malampun can not precede theafternoon. And each one circulating in an orbit.QS. Yasin (36): 40And a sign (the greatness of God's great) for them is that We bore theiroffspring in the laden ship,QS. Yasin (36): 41We have created for them and they would drive such as Ark.QS. Yasin (36): 42And if We will, We drowned them, then there is no helper for them nor will theybe saved.QS. Yasin (36): 43But (We saved them) because mercy from Us, and to give pleasure to live upto some point.QS. Yasin (36): 44And when it is said unto them: Fear ye that which is before going to tortureand torment that would come that ye may receive Mercy , (they turn back).QS. Yasin (36): 45And have no other came to them a sign from the signs of their Lord, but theyturn away therefrom.QS. Yasin (36): 46And when it is said unto them: Spend a party of sustenance provided by Allahunto you , then those who disbelieve say unto those who believe: Are wegoing to feed to people that if God willed He surely will give him ate, but thereis no you in clear error. QS. Yasin (36): 47And they say: When (the) promise (the Day of Resurrection) if ye aretruthful?
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