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Water Level Indicator and Controller using PIC Microcontroller

Water Level Indicator and Controller using PIC Microcontroller
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  Water Level Indicator and Controller using PIC Microcontroller  by Ligo George / 242 Comments  <="" ins="">Contents • 1 1. Power Supply Section • 2 2.!ter Leel Sensing Section • # #. $eceier Section • 4 4. Controlling Section o 4.1 Circuit %i!gr!m o 4.2 &i'roC Co(e • ) or'ing • * %ownlo!( +ere • , -uy +ere o  ,..1 1*2 C0!r!cter LC% &o(ule  ,..2 S $3 r!nsmitter !n( $eceier   ,..# +125 +12% 5nco(er %eco(er P!ir +ere is ! simple6 ers!tile pro7ect w0ic0 in(ic!tes t0e leel o8 w!ter !n( !utom!tic!lly controls it by using P9C &icrocontroller. 0e !ter Leel Sensing Section senses t0e leel o8 w!ter in t0e t!n' !n( sen(s it :wireless; to t0e $eceier Section. $eceier Section is connecte( to t0e Controlling Section6 w0ic0 process t0e receie( in8orm!tion !n( pro(uces isu!l6 soun( in(ic!tions !n( controls t0e oper!tion o8 t0e motor w0eneer reuire(. 0e pro7ect is (ii(e into 4 sections.  1. Power Supply Section Power Supply section proi(es reuire( supply 8or $eceier !n( Controlling mo(ules. $eceier mo(ule reuires ) power supply. Controller mo(ule reuires ) !n( 12 supply. Circuit %i!gr!m?  2.Water Level Sensing Section  S $3 r!nsmitter   Leel Sensor mo(ule is m!(e o8 wit0 +125 enco(er !n( S :mplitu(e S0i8t eying; $3 tr!nsmitter. 0is circuit c!n be (rie using @ b!ttery. 3or more (et!ils !bout t0is tr!nsmitter6  ple!se re!( t0e !rticle ireless $3 r!nsmitter !n( $eceier using S $3 &o(ule. 0is circuit is pl!ce( ne!r t0e !ter !n' !n( connecte( to t0e t!n' !s s0ow in t0e 8igure below.!ter !n' Connections 3. Receiver Section  S $3 $eceier  $eceier &o(ule is m!(e o8 wit0 +12% (eco(er !n( S $3 receier. 0e (!t! tr!nsmitte( byt0e Sensor mo(ule is receie( by t0is mo(ule !n( is gien to t0e Controlling &o(ule. 3or more (et!ils !bout t0is receier6 ple!se re!( t0e !rticle ireless $3 r!nsmitter !n( $eceier using S $3 &o(ule. 4. Controlling Section Circuit iagra!
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