What are the Methods of Pregnancy Scan Offered by GynaeMD Women's & Rejuvenation Clinic in Singapore?

Dr. Christopher Ng, MD is a popular Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Aesthetics specialist. He specializes in advanced, minimally invasive laparoscopic, endoscopic and pregnancy scan tests which are available at GynaeMD Women's & Rejuvenation Clinic in Singapore. This document delineates the various tests conducted on pregnant women and their benefits. To know more, click here
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  What are the Methods of Pregnancy Scan Offered by GynaeMD Women's &Rejuvenation Cinic in Singa!ore Pregnancy scan is a medical test conducted to reveal the exact position of the baby and to check what's going on inside the womb. GynaeMD Women's  !e uvenation #linic in $ingapore has been acknowledged as one of the popular hospitals for pregnancy diagnosis.!ead on to know the Methods of Pregnancy $can %ffered by GynaeMD Women's  !e uvenation #linic in $ingapore& #$%$#%# D(#G$OS(S & CO)$S($G he method involves several diagnosis tests to check chromosomal disorder( such as Down syndrome and genetic diseases. #hromosomes carry genes that pass certain characteristics from parents to their children. )n many cases where there are too many or too few chromosomes( or there is a defect in a chromosome( birth defects usually occur.his test is specially conducted to those women who have an increased chance of having a babywith a disorder. #M$(OC$%S(S )t is a process where a small amount of the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby in the womb is removed by passing a fine needle through the mother's abdomen. he right time to conduct this test is after the *+th week but before ,-th week of pregnancy.he result of this test comes in two weeks. )f a disorder is diagnosed( you will be given information and ample opportunities to discuss this with the concerned doctors in the clinic. C*OR(O$(C +()S S#MP($G ,C+S- #horionic villus sampling #/$0 is a prenatal test that identifies chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome and other genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis( sickle cell disease and halassemia. he test is conducted #ells are taken from tiny finger1like pro ections on the placenta called chorionic villi and are sent to a lab for genetic analysis.#onducted between ** and *, weeks of pregnancy( the miscarriage rate in #/$ is between -.2 to *3. 4lso( the risk of fetal limb abnormalities is reduced when performed after ** weeks. )ts results are available in about 5 to *- days. #$%$#%# )%R#SO)$D SC#$S  $everal babies are delivered normal. 6ut all women have a little chance of delivering a baby with physical problems. he routine detailed ultrasound scan is conducted to detect these abnormalities in your baby by examining your baby7s anatomy( evaluating normal growth( checking the placental position and cervical status. his scan detects up to 8-3 of ma or abnormalities and is done between ,- to ,9 weeks. .D & /D SC#$S 4 :D scan shows you a life1like image of your baby and a 9D scan delivers a real1time moving image of the baby. 6oth scans take about :- minutes or sometimes more depending on your baby7s position and movement. !emember( these scans are not replaced by the routine ,nd trimester screening scans. 0%# W1($G #SSSSM$% 2 GROW%* SC#$3 DOPPR S%)D(S ;etal movement counting test is conducted to track your baby7s movements. Whereas( the growth scan accesses the baby's growth and evaluates the placental location( amniotic fluid volume as well as fetal movements. )t is conducted within ,9 to 9* weeks. he #G measures your baby7s heart rate and health. Dr Christo!her $g %bstetrician( GynaecologistM66$ )mperial #ollege( <=0( ;!4>?#%G 4ust1>?0MMed %G0 $7pore0( ;4M$ %G0 $7pore0 #ddress4 GynaeMD Women5s & Rejuvenation Cinic @-91-:4 #amden Medical #entre* %rchard 6oulevard$ingapore ,9A+98 1usiness *ours4 Monday to ;riday B -8&--h to *5&:-h$aturday B -8&--h to *:&--hCunch 6reak B *:&--h to *9&--h#losed on Public olidays and $unday Phone4  E+2 +5:: AA*- 0a64  E+2 +5:: AA2- #fter Office4  E+2 +2:2 AA:: Website4 mai4

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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