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1 The MP3 Audio for this text CLICK BELOW: For some reason the audio automatically starts again when finished. Please therefore manually stop the audio when finished. Humyo has accepted responsibility and are trying to correct the problem https://www.humyo.com/Pages/MediaPlayer? orderBy=&orderDirection=&page=1&fileClass=Audio&id=1294 647-2554319613&startId=1294647-2691969661&_brand_id=1 “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?” By Norman Green-Price Chapter 2 “Putting the Hay Where the Horses Can get at it
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    The MP3 Audio for this text CLICK BELOW: For some reason the audio automatically starts again when finished.Please therefore manually stop the audio when finished.Humyo has accepted responsibility and are trying to correct the problem https://www.humyo.com/Pages/MediaPlayer? orderBy=&orderDirection=&page=1&fileClass=Audio&id=1294647-2554319613&startId=1294647-2691969661&_brand_id=1  “WHERE DO WE GO FROMHERE?” By Norman Green-PriceChapter 2   “Putting the Hay Where the Horses Can get at it.”  Pirbright was to prove a new life for me in many ways. With war,and what was then front-line service in Palestine behind us, we junior officers decided to make up for lost youth, and time.The nightclubs of the West End of London were only about anhour’s journey by train from Brookwood the station for PirbrightCamp. THE SEASON Young Guards Officers seem to be sought after by High Society’smums, who were eager for us to escort their daughters in whatwas then called “the Season”. This played right into ourhands. 1  The ultimate purpose of this “season” activities, wasfor these mothers to present their much sought after daughtersas fully fledged society creations to the Queen at BuckinghamPalace or “Buck house” as we in the Brigade use to call it. I remember going to several Society Balls, of which “ QueenCharlotte’s Ball” was one. Wise, Mothers saw to it that theirdaughters were carefully chaperoned, usually by themselves.To achieve this all were invited to a pre-ball dinner, after which,the whole party descended on the evenings activities.If on initial acquaintance, you hit it off with one of these“debutants“, as they were called, the next step was to further theacquaintance, which usually led to one of the more respectablenightclubs on the nearest possible occasion. I recall frequentingsuch clubs as the “Mirabelle”, “Churchill”, and “The Ambassador” inMayfair, where Edmundo Ross, and his then famous Latin Americaband performed nightly.Drink flowed liberally on these occasions, and seldom finishedbefore 4 am. Hence the train journey to Brookwood had to benavigated under often, shall we say “difficult” conditions .Six nights a week of this kind of intense activity was not conduciveto alertness on the coming Adjutant’s Parade. This resulted forsome in deep trouble, and extra officer duties.At one point, this involved myself being camp bound for a month,coupled with fulltime duties, which cramped my style considerably.The final offending act in my case, was the finale of a memorableevening in the Officer’s Mess, when one of the smaller settees washoisted up the flagpole by someone. We then acquired a box of“thunderfalshes”, used in training to mimic grenades, and with theaid of a drainpipe endeavoured unsuccessfully to launch one downthe chimney.  2  It was into this state of confusion that the Almighty chose toinvade my territory in the form of an elderly friend of our family -Pat Amps.Pat had formerly been Senior Engineer for Richard Contains, one ofthe UK’s top construction companies. Among other things Pat hadoverseen building the Hong Bank.He was a personal friend of GeneralissimoChiang Kai-shek. Pat andhis wife Mary had stayed with the Chiang Kai- skeks many times,especially in their early period in China. During this time the twofamilies shared their Christian experiences together and bothbegan to find a very practical faith.The General was shortly to lead the Kuomintang Party in resistancetoMao Zedong, and his Communist army in China. Eventually, ChiangKai-shek was forced to make peace with Mao, and retired with hissupporters to the island of Formosa (Taiwan) where he establishedthe government, which tenuously exists to-day with Americansupport. Reforming Norman  In my pre-teens, Pat had tried to interest me in the Bible.Even at that early age, I saw in him a quality of life I admired, butthe time was just not right, and so nothing came of it.I can recall the chorus of a song called “Bible Stories”,which Pat use to strum out on our grand piano in a feisty manner,which ran something like this:  “Old folks, young folks, all you people come.Join our party Sunday school and make yourselves at home.Bring your sticks of chewing gum and sit upon the floor,And you’ll hear some bibles stories that you’ve never heard before.”   There were a few verses that were already written, but thenit was a challenge to think up suitable lyrics, if you wished tocontinue. 3  Pat’s enthusiasm and the challenge of producing the next verse,kept my attention, even though my heart was out of doors with thecock pheasants, and other frequent calls, and activities of thecountryside.One verse I remember distinctly:  “ Adam was a gardener with a very naughty wife,Her nasty thieving habits were the plague of Adam life.One day she stole an apple from a very special lot.The Boss caught them at it and sacked them on the spot!”  Apart from a small matter that Genesis nowhere mentions an appleas being the offending fruit, it was a good raunchy tune, whichenabled me to give vent to my lungs!   Pat was the kind of person I felt I could talk to although now in hissixties. He seemed to understand and did not offer too many glibanswers, and he was a lot of fun.What’s more, Pat seemed to live a quality of life I admired,which struck my young, sensitive mind as unusual.Most grown-ups seemed zealous to point out the faults of youth, atthe same time, to my young mind, most seemed to fall desperatelyshort of what they professed!Now I have reached and passed the age of most whom I used tocriticize, I appreciate better the problems they faced from high-spirited raucous youngsters, like myself, desperate to exhaustsurplus energy!   Back to Pirbright now some fifteen years later. Putting The Hay Where The Horses Can   Get At It .   One day, Pat, whom I had not seen since those days at Gwernaffel,my childhood home, phoned to invite me to see a play at the“Westminster Theatre” in London called “The Forgotten Factor”. 4
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