Will Truth Commision Expose 9-11 and UFO Secrets?

On March 3, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy, held a hearing on creating a nonpartisan commission of inquiry to investigate wrongdoing during the eight years of the Bush administration. The proposed “Truth Commission” focuses on a number of areas since 9-11 where the Bush administration broke the law in the war against terrorism .
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  Will Truth Commission expose 9-11 &UFO secrets? March 6, 7:55 AM ·14 comments Senator Leahy at Truth Commission Hearing. Photo:AP On March 3, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy, held ahearing on creating a nonpartisan commission of inquiry to investigate wrongdoingduring the eight years of the Bush administration. The proposed “Truth Commission”focuses on a number of areas since 9-11 where the Bush administration broke the law inthe war against terrorism . According to astatement releasedby Leahy, “Nothing hasdone more to damage America’s place in the world than the revelation that this Nationstretched the law and the bounds of executive power to authorize torture and crueltreatment.” Six expert witnesses spoke at the hearing on behalf of or against Leahy’s proposed Truth Commission which he believes will help restore America’s “moralleadership.” Leahy’s proposal needs to be expanded to investigate all wrong doing in theBush administration . A Truth Commission with a broad mandate can expose many areasin addition to those pointed out by Leahy where laws were violated in classified programs. Getting witnesses to emerge to reveal these violations has the potential toexpose many secrets, includingunanswered questions about 9-11and the facts behind theUFO phenomenon.Leahy’s proposal is a compromise between those wanting Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate wrong doing during the Bush administration, and those seeking, in thewords of Leahy, to “obstruct and delay” such an investigation. Leahyfurther elaborated on the merits of his “middle ground” position:Over the last month, I have suggested a middle ground to get to the truth of what went onduring the last several years, in a way that invites cooperation. I believe that that might best be accomplished though a nonpartisan commission of inquiry…. Such a commissionof inquiry would shed light on what mistakes were made so that we can learn from theseerrors and not repeat them.”  If a Truth Commission goes ahead, then former Bush administration officials are givenamnesty to testify about all they knew.According to Leahy:People with first-hand knowledge would be invited to come forward and share their experiences and insight, not for purposes of constructing criminal indictments, but toassemble the facts. If needed, such a process could involve subpoena powers, and evenauthority to obtain immunity to secure information, in order to get to the whole truth. Of course, this avenue would be pursued in consultation with the Justice Department andwould not rule out prosecution for perjury. A Truth Commission will encourage many former officials, in exchange for amnesty, totestify about all they know and did. Many illegal activities can be revealed that occurredin classified programs that provide cover for those authorizing such activities. The idea of restricting a Truth Commission solely to the Bush administration’s policies in dealingwith detained prisoners, however, should be dismissed. A much broader mandate isneeded.Truth and Consequences Panel - Senate Judiciary Committee - March 4, 2009http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX4Oa3OBJf8While a Truth Commission will allow the truth to emerge, it also gives wrong doers anescape strategy from potential prosecution. This will upset some since the historicalresults of Truth Commissionshave been mixed.Critics of Leahy’s Truth Commissionview it as unnecessary since the Department of Justice has all the power it needs toconduct an investigation and to prosecute wrong doers. When Leahy first proposed hisidea of a Truth Commission at Georgetown University in Feb 9, 2009, one of the mosttrenchant criticisms came from George Washington University Law School Professor,Jonathan Turley.Turley saidthe proposed Truth Commission is a “shameful” effort to“block the investigation” of “war crimes” by the Bush administration.Turley and other Truth Commission critics overlook the high standards of evidenceneeded to successfully prosecute criminal cases. For example, the criminal investigationinto the leaking of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame's name lasted more than three years(December 2003 - March 2007) and resulted in the conviction of a single person manyregard as a scapegoat - Lewis “Scooter” Libby. More senior officials responsible for authorizing Valerie Plame’s name for political purposes were never prosecuted sincedocumentary evidence was hidden and/or destroyed. A Truth Commission would bemore likely to have the truth emerge on Bush administration policies since it wouldnot be burdened by the high evidentiary standards needed for criminal prosecution. If Leahy’s Truth Commission goes ahead with a broader mandate to explore all wrongdoing in the Bush administration, then truth will emerge about more issues rather thansoley the treatment of terrorism detainees. Three months after President Bush beganoffice on January 20, 2001,a Press Conferencewas held at the National Press Club inWashington DC., concerning UFOs. Twenty two witnesses came forward on May 9,  2001, to reveal evidence that UFOs are intelligently guided vehicles of possibleextraterrestrial srcin, and governments are illegally suppressing the release of thisinformation. Four months later, the world was absorbed by events on September 11, andinterest in the May 9 UFO Press Conference quickly waned. There has been relativelylittle interest in a possible relationship between 9-11 and UFO secrets revealed at the May9, 2001 Press Conference. A Truth Commission will do much to release the secrets behindunanswered questionsconcerning 9-11 and the truth behind the UFO phenomenon.
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