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  Isobaric  –  constant pressure Isochoric  –  constant volume Isothermal  –  constant heat Adiabatic  –  no heat transfer Muscle Skeletal Smooth Cardiac Fiber shape Cylindrical Spindle Cylindrical  –  branched Striations Striated Nonstriated Striated Number of nuclei Multinuclear Uninuclear Uninuclear Location of nuclei Peripheral Central Central Cotyledon/SEEDLEAF (sa ANGIOSPERM LANG NI SILA) Monocot Dicot Vennation Parallel Net-like Root Adventitious Taproot Floral arrangement By 3s By 4s or 5s Furrow of pollen 1 only Many Root bundle Rings Scattered Vascular bundle Scattered Rings Swimming sperm Vascular tissue Pollen Seed Flower Fruit Bryophytes Yes Simple Vascular plants Yes Yes Gymnosperms  (MAY BUNGA NGA LAW AY) CONE ONLY Yes Yes Yes Angiosperms (MAY BUNGA NGA MANAMI) PRUTAS KAG BULAK Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes All phyla have an organ system  except for Poriphera  –  cellular Cnidaria  –  Tissue All phyla are bilaterally symmetrical  except porifera and the larval chordate phyla (radial) All phyla have cephalization  (HEAD AH) Except for Poriphera  –  sponge abno Cnidaria  –  te diin bi ang ulo sa corals charot Echniodermata  –  abeh lantawa din ulo sang urchin starfish kag sea cucumber abe abe diin itudlo All phyla have a coelom  (Body cavity  –  shempre tulukon mo kun diin ang may unod) and a complete digestive tract except Porifera - duh cellular lang sa Cnidaria - tissue lang sa Platyhelminthes  –  paano mo tuhugon ang taenia cheqa lang  PROKARYOTES and EUKARYOTES similarly have VVCC Vesicle Vacuole Cell wall (plants and fungi in eukaryotes duh) Chlorophyll (INDI CHLOROPLAST DI MAG NILANGKA KAY WALA SINA ANG BACTERIA) ANIMAL and PLANT CELLS differ in Rated C (CCC) Chloroplast  –  only in plant cell , duh sis ga green panit mo aw Cilia  –  sa aton  lang na dzai, sige itika bi ang tanom kun mag kadlaw sa hahahahha Cell wall  –  sa plant  lang ni sis, ganit ganit kanagid aw? R  –  selection  –  pa R iwa R a K  –  selection  –   K ahinay Mnemonic haha Potassium Sodium Calcium Depolarization PoSiCo Out In Out Polarization PiSoCi In Out in I.   Rest Close All gates are closed II.   Depolarization Na Na channels open III.   Repolarization Ko K channels open IV.   Hyperpolarization CLOSE NA GANI BOYSIT All gates are closed Circulatory pathway VAVA L VAVA 1.   Vena cava 2.   R atrium R AV valve (TRICUSPID) 3.   R ventricle Pulmonary semilunar valve Pulmonary trunk 4.   Pulmonary artery (Artery with deoxygenated blood) 5.   Lungs (oxygenation) 6.   Pulmonary vein (vein with oxygenated blood) 7.   L atrium L AV valve (BICUSPID/MITRAL) 8.   L ventricle Aortic semilunar valve 9.   Aorta Path 1: Systemic circulation Path 2: Cavite city sheren CA Coronary artery CT Cardiac tissue CV Coronary vein CS Coronary sinus Going back to R atrium **** Tricuspid and bicuspid slash atrioventricular valves preceed the ventricles  ****Semilunar valves are valves which preceed the next organ char not so basta para hupos lang lagpaton haha charot  (like pulmonary semilunar to lungs and aortic semilunar to aorta)

bone density

Sep 11, 2019

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Sep 11, 2019
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