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Youth Unemployment Crisis in Europe

this is my position paper for the WMUN selection, so this is all opinion based
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    Topic: Youth Unemployment Crisis in Europe All your life, you've been told you're a golden prince. The future awaits: it's bright, it's yours. You have a degree! You'll have a good job, a fine life. And then suddenly you find it's not true. said Argyro Paraskeva, a graduate from Thessaloniki University, Greece, in molecular biology, who hasn’t worked since. This is what actually happens in EU  because of the economics recession since 2009. In February 2014, 5.392 million young persons under the age of 25 in the EU were without a job. Italy believes that the youth unemployment crisis in Europe is an important matter as Italy unemployment rates keep rising, this need to be solved because it will increase the risk of poverty and lead to a domino effect. German as one of the EU countries have their own way on tackling the unemployment, such as by the dual education system. It combined apprenticeships in a company and vocational education in vocational school, so the graduate will be ready to face the real condition and can get jobs easier. But, lately there’s a problem arising that only a few German companies are willing to take apprentices, one of the reasons is because the training itself is very expensive and the company must follow numerous regulations from the government. As for Italy, we have our own unemployment policy that has been implemented, such as ASpI (Assegno Sociale per l’Impiego, i.e. Employment Social Allowance). It is a form of compensation paid to workers who have been dismissed. But as the unemployment rates keep rising, by July it’s 12.6%, this policy affect Italy’s public debt. So far there isn’t any policy that could help tackling the unemployment rates in EU fully. After the economics recession, almost all the EU countries are broke. And if we look thoroughly, one of the reasons why the youth has hard time getting jobs is because we are too country-specific, there are different unemployment policies in EU countries. EU should be a union so that we can get up and build our economics steadily like before, as we all happened to suffer because of the recession. So we believe that all EU countries should have the same policy for unemployment, so the youth can look for job easier since there are more oppotunities for the youth. Because of that, we think that there should be a further meetings to talk about this unemployment policy among the EU leaders. Name: Amirah Hadi Aqilah Country: Italy Council: ILO  References 

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Jul 24, 2017
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