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  ZIGBEE   (A WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY ) Presented By : ZIGBEE 1  CONTENT Topic Slide No o Introduction 3 o Zigbee Device Type 5 o Zigbee Network Topology 6 o  Working 7 o Zigbee vs Bluetooth 11 o  Applications 12 o  Advantages 13 o Disadvantages 14 o Conclusions 15 o Future Scope 15 o References 16 ZIGBEE 2  INTRODUCTION o ZigBee is a wireless technology designed for control and sensor networks. o It defines a set of communication protocols for low-data-rate Short-range wireless networking. o Named after erratic, zig - zagging patterns of bees between the flowers. o Operates in Personal Area Networks (PAN’s) and device -to-device networks. ZIGBEE 3    o Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 Standard(LR-WPAN). o Products created by the ZigBee Alliance. o Operating frequency band 868 MHz in Europe, 915 MHz in the USA and Australia, and 2.4 GHz in worldwide. ZIGBEE 4
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