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Discreet Structures Ch1-1

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University of Toledo Discreet Structures Chapter 1-1. EECS
  EECS 1590-002  Discrete Structures Chapter 1, Section 1.1 Propositional Logic These class notes are based on material from our textbook, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications , by Kenneth H. Rosen. They are intended for classroom use only and are not  a substitute for reading the textbook.  Proposition ã Statement that is true  or  false . ã Examples:  –  The capital of New York is Albany.  –  The moon is made of green cheese.  –  Go to town. (not a proposition  –   why?)  –  What time is it? (not a proposition  –   why?) –  x  + 1 = 2 ( not a proposition  –   why?)  Simple/Compound Propositions ã A simple proposition has a value of T/F ã A compound proposition is constructed from one or more simple propositions using logical operators ã The truth value of a compound proposition depends on the truth values of the constituent  propositions   Negation (NOT) ã  NOT   can be represented by the ~ or   symbols   ã  NOT is a logical operator:  p : I am going to town. ~  p : I am not going to town.
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