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0264 - i Am a Toilet--Are You

I AM A TOILET--ARE YOU? --MO September 8, 1972 NO.264--GP Copyrighted September, 1973 by The Children of God Box 31, London WC2E 7LX England, or B.P. 752 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France 1. I WAS SO HOLY AND GOOD IN SO MANY WAYS, AND SUCH A DEDICATED CHRISTIAN, I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS AND HOLIER-THAN-THOU YOU COULDN'T HAVE TOUCHED ME with a ten foot pole! I couldn't have stood these stinking hippies and their filth, and I never could have understood or stood them, I never could have h
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  I AM A TOILET--ARE YOU? --MO September 8, 1972 NO.264--GPCopyrighted September, 1973 by The Children of God Box 31, London WC2E 7LX England, or B.P. 752 75123 ParisCedex 03 France1. I WAS SO HOLY AND GOOD IN SO MANY WAYS, AND SUCH A DEDICATED CHRISTIAN, IWOULD HAVE BEEN SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS AND HOLIER-THAN-THOU YOU COULDN'T HAVETOUCHED ME with a ten foot pole! I couldn't have stood these stinking hippies and their filth, and I never could haveunderstood or stood them, I never could have had sympathy or compassion or really loved them, if God hadn't permittedme, in fact nearly forced me, into such a situation so that I cannot brag about my own holiness being suitable enough to suitthe church!--I have nothing to brag about!2. NOW I WOULD HAVE TO SAY TO MY ENEMIES, LIKE ST. DOMINIC, YES, YOU'RE RIGHT:--I'M GUILTY OF ALL OF THESE THINGS! In fact, I'm much worse than you even think: I'm terrible! But look at the Lord: Isn't He wonderful? In spite of me and what I'm like, look at the Lord. Look at my Children and what the Lord'sdoing through them! 3. GOD HAD TO PUT ME IN SUCH A SITUATION SO THAT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TOCONDEMN ANYBODY for almost anything, because there is hardly anything that one of our dirtiest hippies have donethat I haven't also done!--Which is really what the Lord Himself did when He descended to the earth and took on the clownclothes of humanity! He suffered all the things humans suffer.4. GOD HAD TO DO IT TO HUMBLE ME AND KEEP ME HUMBLE, or this whole thing might have goneto my head. It could have, but I'm so nothing and such a mess that, when God even speaks to me about David , I'm almostafraid and ashamed to say it because I feel so unworthy! But I know God is trying to show it's only Him . The David of thespirit is all His creation, all His work:--Not this foul David that you can see with your naked eye, but that David which the Lord has created by His Spirit, the king of  His people!5. (PROPHECY AND WEEPING:) FOR IT IS I THAT HATH MADE THEE, AND NOT THOUTHYSELF! For My hand alone hath fashioned thee. For I did take thee from that exalted pedestal whereon thou wastenthroned, and did break thee and cast thee into the dust, that I might mold thee and make thee a better vessel. 6. I WAS AN ORNAMENT IN THE HOUSE OF GOD, a beautiful vessel sitting on the mantelpiece, whichmany did look upon and admire, the praise of my mother's friends! I was the church's creation and doting son, the very waythey wanted me to be. But God had to cast me off and break me and grind me into the dirt, so that He could take me andfashion me again into what He wanted me to be, which was not at all what the church wanted me to be! In fact, He hasmade me into such an ugly vessel that I am like the slop bucket under the bed as far as the church people are concerned!7. BUT I AM NOW A WHOLE LOT MORE USEFUL AS THE POTTY UNDER THE BED, to catch all their excrement and dung that they would have thrown out of the window! God has let me catch it, and has reconstituted it, andHe can now use it again.8. DO YOU KNOW THAT'S WHAT THEY DO IN THOSE SPACESHIPS? They supply the water for the men by giving them an initial supply of water, and then their urine is put through a refining process in flight so that they are later literally drinking their own piss as the Bible says! They filter it, purify it, distil it, reconstitute it, and drink it again! Manlikes to glorify the spaceman, but doesn't like to talk about these embarrassing subjects. But that is exactly what they aredoing, because they can't carry that much water in space.9. AND THAT'S WHAT GOD HAS DONE WITH US: HE HAS SHOWN HE CAN RE-USE THE WASTEMATERIALS OF THE EARTH, the weak things, the vile, the foolish, the broken, the worthless, the outcasts and castoffs,and literally reconstitute them and make them better and more useful vessels than the fancy ornaments the church hassitting around on its mantelpiece that you can look at but not touch! The church today tries to separate themselves from thehippies because the church people think themselves so perfect, so holy!10. BUT GOD HAS GIVEN US THE DREGS OF SOCIETY AND THE OFF-SCOURING OF THE EARTHTO SHOW WHAT THE LORD CAN DO WITH IT! He's made me like the potty under the bed to catch it so it won't goto waste, and we've turned it into living water like gold!--Living water that is multiplied and poured out again and again andagain!  11. YOU REMEMBER THAT PICTURE OF AQUARIUS, where he is pouring out his water urn? Did you ever notice that his vessel never runs out of water? The more we pour out the more God pours in! He helps us to take thesedespised vessels and He re-makes them through us and makes more Aquarians, more little Davids, more little Moseses, all  pouring out the living water!12. THE POTTY UNDER THE BED IS A VERY DESPISED, FILTHY, MENIAL VESSEL, BUT WHATWOULD THE SYSTEM DO WITHOUT IT? The dirtiest job in the house is cleaning the toilet! I've always had a special burden for toilets, and it seems I always wind up cleaning them--the filthiest thing in the house! I put stuff in the toilet everyday and brush and clean, and when I am through I'm proud of it! I look at it and think, How beautiful! 13. IT'S THE MOST USEFUL THING IN THE HOUSE!--WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT ATOILET? The whole house would be filthy! The toilet catches all this offscouring of the earth and it sends it down throughthe pipes into the sewer and through God's reconstitution plant, the filtering of the earth, the sewage disposal plant, wherethe waste matter is removed and the dirty solids are returned to the earth, sometimes even as fertiliser.14. THE PURIFIED WATER IS THEN RELEASED INTO THE RIVERS AND THE SEAS AND THELAKES and returned to the clouds by evaporation. The final step of purification: Distillation by being caught up into theclouds to return to Earth later as rain!-- With us it'll be our reign!-- And They can't stop our rain! --Or  reign! 15. SO GOD'S SYSTEM DOES IT ALL! BUT WHAT AM I?--I'M JUST A TOILET THAT'S CATCHINGTHE WASTE OF THE SYSTEM! Then God does the reconstituting and makes it usable again. Come to think about it, Inever heard any preacher call himself a toilet!-- I wonder why? You know what the System will say of me?-- We knew hehad a morbid fascination for everything dirty and filthy! 16. SO I AM A TOILET!--BUT WHAT COULD WE DO WITHOUT TOILETS? I love to see them clean andsmelling nice and fresh! I was this vase which the Lord cast off the shelf and broke and stomped into the mud, and thenmade of me a potty under the bed!--A better vessel!17. THE LORD SAID HE MADE ME A BETTER VESSEL: NOT A MORE BEAUTIFUL or a more decorative or  pretty one, but a better one: a toilet. I have heard them pray, Lord make me a better vessel! but I never heard 'em pray, Lord make me a toilet! -- I never heard of  anybody wanting to be a toilet!-- They all want to be somethingmore beautiful and useless-- not useful and essential like a toilet! 18. BUT WHAT VESSEL IN THE HOUSE IS MORE USEFUL THAN THE TOILET? You can go weekswithout eating and days without drinking liquids, but you can't go very long without going to the toilet! So you might go for quite some time without a glass to drink out of, and a plate to eat on, but you need the toilet all the time!19. THERE ARE MANY VESSELS IN THE HOUSE, SOME TO HONOUR AND SOME TODISHONOUR, BUT WHICH IS MORE NEEDED? The beautiful vase standing as an ornament on the mantel, lovely tothe eye, or even the dishes and the pots and pans in the kitchen? No, the most needed vessel in the whole house is the lowlyor the toilet!20. WHICH CAN YOU NOT DO WITH OUT? When the health inspector comes along and checks your house,he doesn't look for the pretty vases or the pots and pans! But there is one vessel that he is absolutely insistent that you must have in your house or available, and that's the toilet! 21. SPEAKING OF VESSELS, THE TOILET IS THE ONLY VESSEL REQUIRED BY LAW! God has agreat house, too! He is the law, and the most important vessel in His house which He requires is the toilet.  Now you see,what I say about myself  is true about each of  You,  because we're all in the same ministry.--Going out and salvaging thewaste products of the Earth!22. WE ARE TAKING THE EARTH'S POLLUTION AND TURNING IT INTO FRESH AND LIVINGWATER, clean and pure. Every one of you is a little toilet, the most essential vessel in God's house! I always wonderedwhy I had such a fascination for toilets. I'm always the one that had the burden to take care of them. I needed to know I wasa toilet, too, so I wouldn't get exalted.23. GOD HAS MADE ME A TOILET!--AND YOU KNOW SOMETHING ELSE ABOUT A TOILET?--IT  IS THE ONE VESSEL IN THE HOUSE THAT EVERYBODY IS ASHAMED OF! They're so ashamed of it that everytime they use it they have to go in and lock the door! They're even embarrassed about using it! Systemites are still ashamedof the toilet and of going to the toilet!--Just like they're ashamed of me and you!24. YET THAT IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL VESSEL IN THE WHOLE HOUSE, and the most necessary physical function that their body has to perform is going to the toilet! You can die much quicker from not being able to have bowel movements or urinate or eliminate waste matter than from being unable to take food in and new material. You can golonger without the new material than you can without getting rid of the old! 25. YOU KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY?--THEY ARE NOT TAKING CAREOF THEIR POLLUTION! The greatest problem in the world today is not even war.-- It is that they are not able to copewith the pollution!  Not only the pollution of the elements, but what is the greatest problem of society today?-They are notable to cope with the pollution that their society has produced in their  own children! 26. HOW DO MOST SYSTEMITES LOOK AT THEIR OWN CHILDREN, THE HIPPIES, THEPRESENT GENERATION?-- They're embarrassed and ashamed of them! They're ashamed of what they've produced, butthey're having to live in the midst of their own shit, the horrible little monsters they've produced! Their children are a pollution to the world! Everywhere you go those awful hippies are the most distasteful and hated of all!27. PEOPLE HATE HIPPIES MORE THAN THEY HATE SMOG! They're more afraid of the hippiesoverthrowing the American Government and causing riots than they are of the pollution of the elements that might choke them to death! They're spending more money on police and riot equipment to control the hippies than trying to control the pollution of the elements! They're more worried about the pollution of  society and their damned System! America is moreworried about the youth and what the youth are involved in, crime, drugs and so on, than they are about eating, drinking,smoking and polluting themselves to death!28. THE POLLUTION OF SOCIETY IS THE GREATEST POLLUTION OF TODAY, and it is the thing that bothers them the most, and they don't know how to get rid of it. They haven't even found a toilet for it, much less a meansof reconstituting it! They haven't been able to flush the kids out of their System! What they would like to do is just dig ahole and bury the kids, and that's what they'll be doing one of these days! The offscouring of the earth will be as dung uponthe ground!29. WHY?--BECAUSE THEY HAVE REJECTED GOD'S TOILETS! Do you know that when Naaman theleper, second man in command in all Syria next to the king himself, wanted to be healed of leprosy, he finally had to go tothe Lord! When he went to the prophet, the prophet refused to personally see him. Instead, he sent a message saying Dipseven times in the Jordan River, and thou shalt be clean! 30. A DIRTY, FILTHY, MUDDY OLD RIVER! HOW COULD HE GET CLEAN THERE? He was horrifiedand at first refused, but finally one of his lowly servants persuaded him to humble his pride and go bathe in that dirty oldriver if it would heal him!--And he did, and it did! 31. WHY COULDN'T HE GO AND BATHE IN THE BEAUTIFUL, PURE, CRYSTAL RIVERS OFABANA AND PHARPAR IN LOVELY DAMASCUS?-- Because God's only solution and place for him to get rid of hisleprosy as well as his pride was God's river--the dirty, muddy old Jordan! He had to do it in God's way.32. SO WE ARE GOD'S TOILETS FOR THEIR POLLUTED YOUTH OF TODAY, and the only way theyare going to solve this over-pollution of their youth, their crime, their vice and their drugs, and so on, is to flush them downour toilets, God's toilets, in our Colonies, with the water of the Word!33. BUT WHEN THEY DO THAT, THEY HAVE TO FLUSH THEM DOWN FOREVER, AND THEYWILL NEVER AGAIN BE THE SAME! They may not even recognise them because they'll be so reconstituted! Theywill only return as rain upon the earth! That which was once piss in our toilets, next time comes down as rain from the stormclouds of the Lord, and they don't even recognise them anymore!34. BUT THE WORLD IS CHERISHING ITS POLLUTION, ITS DUNG, ITS PISS THIS OFFSCOURINGOF THE EARTH! In a way, they don't want it, they abhor it but they don't want to flush it down our toilets! They don'treally want to kiss it goodbye. Because the next they see it, it's not the same anymore, and they don't recognise it! It'scoming down as rain upon the earth, and they can't stop our rain!  35. THE TOILET IS THE ONE ROOM IN THE HOUSE THAT PEOPLE ARE EVEN ASHAMED TOASK WHERE IT IS! It's the most humiliating question a guest has to ask: Excuse me, but where is your toilet? -- Please,could you tell me where the restroom is? But the fact is that the world needs a whole lot more toilets if it is going to handleits pollution, the hippies, the youth problem!36. THE TOILET IS THE ONE ROOM IN THE HOUSE YOU CANNOT DO WITHOUT!-- Yet it's the roomthey're ashamed of! The one vessel in the house you cannot do without is the toilet, required by law, because you have toget rid of your waste and reconstitute it, but they're ashamed of it!37. NOW IF THAT RECYCLING DID NOT TAKE PLACE, THE WORLD WOULD SOON RUN OUT OFWATER, all the water people use for toilets, for baths and cooking and drinking and everything else! You know, if we don'trecycle these youths, the youth are going to become such pollution that they are going to run out of good, clean, pureyouths! There won't be any more!38. IF THEY DON'T LET US RECYCLE THEIR YOUTHS, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE ANYNICE, CLEAN YOUTHS LEFT! They are all going to be filthy, filthy hippies, drugsters, dopers, red radicals and viciouscriminals!39. OR EVEN WORSE, THEY'LL BECOME FILTHY, MURDEROUS, SYSTEMITE, WARMONGERINGMANIACS, WHICH IS MUCH WORSE! The hippies aren't killing thousands upon thousands in Viet Nam!--It's thosemurderous Systemite maniacs, those nice short-haired clean-cut Systemite soldier kids, and some of them are doing it witha relish!--They're the worst filth of all!--They're even dirtier than the hippies, because they are going over there where theydon't belong and self-righteously murdering the poor and destroying that little nation like the religious Pharisees crucifiedJesus!40. WHO WERE THE FILTHIEST OF ALL IN JESUS' TIME? The poor filthy publicans and sinners whosaid Lord, be merciful to me a sinner! -- Please clean me up! --Or the hypocritical Pharisaical religious Systemites whosaid We don't need cleaning up! --And crucified Him for exposing their well-covered filth!-- They were the filthiest of  all! He that is filthy let him be filthy still!41. SO THE WORLD'S WORST PROBLEM TODAY, IN SPITE OF WHAT THEY THINK, IS NOT THEHIPPIE YOUTH, OR THE SO-CALLED CRIMINAL YOUTH, BUT IT IS THE NICE SHORT-HAIRED CLEAN-CUT MURDEROUS MANIACS THAT ARE SLAUGHTERING THE POOR, the weak and the defenseless!--The oneswho look like beautiful vessels on the shelf are even worse than the useless, worthless and good for nothing:-- They aredownright destructive and dangerous! 42. THEY ARE ONES THAT THEIR PARENTS REALLY DON'T WANT TO SEND DOWN OUR TOILETS! They don't need our toilets: You can have all those criminals and perverts and drug-addicts and hippies, butdon't you dare take my little angelic darling!--He doesn't need your old toilet! But in God's eyes he's just as filthy, if not more so than the others! In fact, he really is more filthy, because he doesn't even know he's filthy!43. SO I'M A TOILET: GIVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR WEAK, YOUR WORN, YOUR HUDDLEDMASSES, LABOURERS LONGING TO BREATHE FRESH AIR! -- And all that shit--Even the worst and dirtiest haveto be relieved and the lowest unload! Even the nicest, cleanest, prettiest people in the house have to use the toilet! Even Jesus had to use the toilet!44. BUT THEIR NICE CLEAN-CUT YOUNG SYSTEMITE SOLDIERS AND THOSE WHO MAKETHEM ARE THE WORST SHIT OF ALL! What young men does the System glorify and glamorise the most? Is it theathletes?--No, they're about second. Is it the scholars?--No they're probably about third. But the ones it builds memorials for and commemorates on special days and glamorises as the greatest heroes of all time are its most murderous war-mongeringsoldiers!45. SAD TO SAY, THE MURDEROUS WAR-MONGERING MANIACS OF THE SYSTEM WITH THEIR ORGANISED MASS MURDER, WAR, AND ITS PERPETRATORS--THEY ARE THE WORST SHIT OF ALL! Ina war they are worse than shit and piss and pollution! They are more like deadly poison! They are like contaminated deadlytyphus water that's killing  people!
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