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  Earth and Space SCE 3110Activities  Activities for EarthActivity 1Investigating the Relationship between Wind and Wave SizeWhat yo! need Electric fanTrayWater Sand and Pebbles. What to do 1.Construct a beach with sand and pebbles at one end of the tray. Slowly fill the traywith water to a depth of 3cm.2.Position the fan at the opposite end of the tray to the sand. Aim the fan so that it willhit the water at rouhly a ! # anle.3.$sin the low speed of the fan% turn it on for 3 minutes. &ecord your obser'ations inthe table. Allow water to calm.!.$sin the hih speed of the fan% turn it on for 3 minutes. &ecord your obser'ationson the table. Allow water to calm. .Write a prediction that describes what you thin( will happen when you turn the fan onfor seconds at hih speed. ).Turn the fan on for seconds at hih speed. &ecord your obser'ations ne*t to your prediction.+.$sin your obser'ations what can you say about the lin( between wa'e si,e andwind. -. #anspeed$i%e&bservations Prediction of ih speed for seconds.  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 0bser'ation of ih speed for seconds. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  1  Activity 'Investigating the Relationship between Wave Speed and Water (epthWhat yo! need Tray Water Two different lenths of wood.Stopwatches What yo! need 1.ill the stream tray to a depth of 1cm. 2.$se the loner piece of wood at one end to act as a reflector.3.$sin the shorter piece of wood% ma(e a wa'e pulse by droppin or pushin thewood into the water one end at a time.!.Time how fast it ta(es the wa'e to tra'el the distance of the tray. .&ecord your findins in the table.).Complete aain with water depths of 2cm% 3cm% !cm and cm.+.&ecord your obser'ations and e*planations you miht ha'e. Water (epth$i%e&bservationsE)planations  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  2  Activity 3#or%ation of volcanoWhat yo! need a(in Sodainear 4odellin Clay What to do 1.5n roups students build a mini 'olcano usin modellin clay% ba(in soda and'inear. 2.Students reflect on the reaction that caused their 'olcano to erupt and how this issimilar to acti'e 'olcanoes.6$se your creati'ity to ma(e this e*periment a successful one 3

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Jul 27, 2017
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