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1. 10 Mobile App Tips for10 Mobile App Tips for YourLocal BusinessYourLocal Business Presented by: Aaron Emerson (805) 456-8636 2. Tip…
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  • 1. 10 Mobile App Tips for10 Mobile App Tips for YourLocal BusinessYourLocal Business Presented by: Aaron Emerson (805) 456-8636
  • 2. Tip #1Tip #1 Be Prepared by Developing a Plan  The Mobile App market is very competitive  Plan ahead to avoid some of the pitfalls that can come with a failed app  Conduct thorough research before you start developing your app
  • 3. Tip #2Tip #2 Make Sure Your App Solves a Problem  Make a list of problems that your app could solve for your customers and prospects  Think more like a mobile customer and less like a business owner  Make sure that your app is useful and provides value to your audience
  • 4. Tip #3Tip #3 Keep Your Budget in Mind  Mobile apps can range drastically in price depending on the features and functionality  Discuss everything you want your app to accomplish and discuss with your designer to get a clear, laid out budget
  • 5. Make Your App Visually Appealing  Create an app icon that will attract and invite mobile users to use it  A nice-looking app icon will pull your audience in to find out what lies behind your cool icon Tip #4Tip #4
  • 6. Use Loading Indicators  Sometimes, it takes a few seconds for apps to load, but don’t allow a blank screen  Use loading indicators to make your app more user-friendly by letting them know that your app is working Tip #5Tip #5
  • 7. Offer Special Promotions to App Users  Reward users for using your app  Offer discounts, special deals, freebies, or anything along those lines  Convert them from one-time shoppers to loyal customers Tip #6Tip #6
  • 8. Make Your App Social Media-Friendly  Users will be able to connect to your social media profiles right from the app  App works to build a strong social media presence for you on auto-pilot Tip #7Tip #7
  • 9. Make Your App Interesting and Irresistible  Think outside the box and give them something “extra” in your app  Include elements that make mobile users “want” to use your app often Tip #8Tip #8
  • 10. Make Your App Easily Shareable  If your app is great, your users will want to share it with their friends, family, and colleagues  Make it easy for them to do just that by integrating a sharing tool in your app  This is essentially “free” advertising for you Tip #9Tip #9
  • 11. Keep it Simple  Make sure users understand how to start using your app  Your design should provide the best user-experience  Apps are a great way to gain local popularity with mobile users Tip #10Tip #10
  • 12. Aaron Emerson (805) 456-8636 If you would like more information about mobile apps, contact me at (805) 456-8636.
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