1021 Togetherness in Love .... Easy earthly Path ....

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  WORD OF GOD... through Bertha Dudde1021 Togetherness in love .... Easy earthly path .... The longest path on earth is not diffiult to travel if the hu!an eing doesn#t have to over it alone$ for all distress and trou leare easier arried as a t%oso!e. & lonely %anderer ears all urdens and trou les y hi!self$ he has no loving heart to spea'to$ no one to lift hi! up if he is in danger of rea'ing do%n$ andno one %ho! he$ in turn$ an reassure and support in diffiultti!es. &nd !any an earthly %anderer#s fate onsists of the fat thatthey al%ays and forever %al' alone even though they aresurrounded y ountless people. They e(lude the!selves fro!the %orld and re)et all onsolation and ative help. &nd thusthey have to over an arduous$ very long earthly path in onstantisolation. *atural la% onnets people$ natural la% re+uires togethernesssine it is$ after all$ the foundation of continued existence forcreation and its living beings. Everything in the hu!an eing longs for its alter ego$ the hu!an eing naturally feels the instint to ond %ith a si!ilarly naturedperson$ in every hu!an heart d%ells love %hih %ants to e(pressitself to%ards this other self$ and therefore the union et%een a!an and a %o!an is an irrevoa le la% ordained y the divineFather ,i!self.  The foundation for all unions$ ho%ever$ shall e profound love$eah one shall endeavour fro! the otto! of his heart to servethe other$ to treat hi! %ith love and to start a relationship %hihutterly o!plies %ith divine %ill. Then God#s lessing %ill also rest on suh a union$ travelling thepath through earthly life %ill e easier for oth eause their lovefor eah other %ill help the! arry all diffiulties$ and this lovealso guarantees that the Father is li'e%ise present %here purelove unites t%o people. For the eternal Deity#s ativity %ill e notiea le there$ pure love%ill refine people and turn their eyes to%ards heaven$ they %illreognise God$ the -ord$ y virtue of their inherently ative love%hih is divine after all$ and fro! this realisation they %ill dra%the strength to overo!e all diffiulties in life .... They are %al'ing %ith God at the sa!e ti!e .... in lissfultogetherness they have eo!e a%are of the fat that God hasto e present %here love e(ists$ and this realisation !a'es the! lissfully happy$ sine then the hu!an eing %ill 'no% that he issafe under the Father#s loyal guard ....&!enu lished y friends of ne% revelations of God / nfor!ation$do%nload of all translated revelations$ the!e oo'lets at http33%%%. erthadudde.info3english3inde(.ht!l  — http33en. erthadudde.org3
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