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14 10 19 Balfour Beatty (BBASJV) Building: A bridge too far: BBY shares and why they are down

Author: Tom Cahill skype: t0mcahill Balfour Beatty Ansaldo Systems Joint Venture (BBASJV) is responsible for the electrification, signals and comms on the Northern Double Track Electrification Scheme in Malaysia. I witnessed more overt parasitism than anywhere I had ever worked outside of the London Underground and Network Rail spheres in the UK. This wholesale carpet bagging not only deprived Malaysia of taxes, but also BBplc's, BBY shareholders. In simple terms, the project staff were being employed to steal from their employers, and BBplc's HQ staff would appear to totally on board with this. Obviously they are involved in the endemic corruption. Please see other associated documents uploaded on the same profile. Please feel free to contact me with any queries. I am happy to provide affidavits and other evidence to support all that I have published.
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  From: t0mcahill@hotmail.comTo: vern.pitt@ubm.comCC:; Builin!: # bri!e too far: BB$ shares an why they are own %ate: Sat& '( )ct *0'+ '(:,-:*' 0000%ear /ern& (Vern Pitt, Reporter; cc. Iain Withers, Deputy Editor, Building Magazine 1 2now your ma!a3ine well& as most 4uantity surveyors o. 5hilst few rea any of it& even thou!h it6s normally free as their wor2 pays for it to be in the reception as it has nice pictures& a lot of the ones who will loo2 at it& only s2im over very li!htly& !enerally heain! for the le!al commentaries 777which are on a par with those in the other competin! publications& which they o rea. %efinitely& your ma!a3ine is repute as bein! borin!& ponsy an irrelevant to anythin! to o with builin! 8 'One per reception per firm, or one per person  per firm. That is the question! 9. 5hist not all Ss actually rea anythin! an prefer to o!!le pictures& there6s never been anythin! approachin! an interestin!777 actual  777story in your publication that 16ve been aware of& which 1 thin2 ma2es your job very ifficult in epanin! your bran& an the title is also a turn off777 as it is de!initely not uilding  .1 have a !oo story that woul both strale the span of you reaership& or shoul 1 say the span of your subscriber6s interest& an& as with all successful& mainstream publications& the  potential !ain from oin! an 6iconic6 story from time to time& oes efine them 8it6s not simply ali!ne with that #ee$%s ad&ertising  . 1t wins new reaers an retains current ones who on6t want to miss out& in psycholo!ical terms& it eploits fear777the fear of missin! out9. <ossibly a more male attitue& but you6ll perhaps !ain some iea of what 1 mean& if you consier people who li2e fast cars. They on6t rive them roun really fast all the time& but they li2e to thin2 that they can if they nee to. 1t6s a eep psycholo!ical hole 16m ta2in! you own& but when you venture into the realms of your avera!e subscriber& it6s a ull& borin! settin! that you fin777mur2y mornin!s in an artificially lit open plan office where they6re all pretenin! to o wor2 that they can6t bear to o as it6s so teious& reminiscin! on what they coul have been if they suc2e up to their last three bosses a little more& an how much levera!e they have to pull this bac2 in their latest& soul estroyin! job& where most  people on6t 2now what they6re even meant to be oin! there yet. This is the BB story& so their employees alone woul be a !oo few thousan new subscribers& as their jobs if not theentire firm is obviously at ris2 of !oin! pop.BB6s a !oo story for you. They are incapable of hittin! bac2 in their current state of isarray& so you have a !oo winow& until the new man ta2es over in =anuary 8which 1 thin26s far from certain to happen9. They have a poor self ima!e accorin! to your reporte story on their own employee poll. They have a lot more to hie than you6 ima!ine. They have been actin! criminally an it !oes to the top 8which 1 am a first han witness to777#nrew >c?au!hton& eC)& an the BBplc Boar& *0'0 Bribery #ct 8ealin! with Bribery9& etc.9. They are unynamic. They are institutionally corrupt. >c?au!hton left to cover up for crimes that he6 committe on the shareholers& an must have been ta2in! bac2 haners& so he won6t be wantin! to comment.#ll of my accusations can be bac2e up by myria factual& totally verifiable ocuments& an& are cross confirme by their continue criminal behaviour in coverin! up instea of actin! on information which it is criminal not to act on 8which is a crime in itself9. They have continue their blac2 ballin! policy& as you mi!ht have notice they basically amit to urin! their 6apolo!y6 vieo& which was no such thin!& an on the job 1 was on& they were  payin! a AS firm to run a 6confiential6 whistle blowin! service& but 16m reliably informe that people who calle it were sac2e an !iven ba references within a ay of ma2in! the call777a lot of which concerne S an iscrimination& an not just the financial corruption.  1 wor2e for them in >alaysia& an each of the stories that 1 have on various aspects of their corruption will be topical an interestin!. 16m use to bein! threatene by libel lawyers& an 16m use to them always roppin! their threats. ere you also have an avanta!e. They willten to attac2 the messen!er& so if 1 am happy to !ive my name777at some sta!e& maybe the start777they will !o for me. This is the tactic of the cowar. Then& they6ll fin that bi!!er fish have one this an faile& an it will blow up into a bi! mess& as it will be clear that they are is!ustin! bullies who are incapable of chan!e. 1 can openly say this as they6re li2e astuc2 recor& an always act the same way& even when it won6t possibly wor2.This is a bi! story an the fi!ures stolen are also bi!. 1t6s base on their operations in >alaysia where they are in cahoots with bent officials& the >#CC 8>alaysian #nti7Corruption Commission9 an the police 8the employ e7police fiers9 an it loo2s li2e they6re controllin! the construction element of the B>CC 8British >alaysian Chamber of Commerce96s n!ineerin! an Construction section& via BBD> 8Balfour Beatty Dail >alaysia96s Country >ana!er.There6s a really bi! story here& but there6s an even bi!!er one still777much bi!!er. Eet6s just call the bi!!er one underspecced yet signed off  for now. 1 can6t confirm that this one is true& but& that6s what 16m hearin!. BB o openly amit to havin! a scorche earth policy there& so their recors are efinitely contrive& ma2in! auitin! very ifficult& without i!!in! holes.8 BBAS Corruption: it's our poicy...e deete a emais  their crimina, scorched earth  poicy & http:watchGvHIjBl5SltJ>0  9Their last C)& #nrew >c?au!hton was efinitely aware of why they were haemorrha!in! money an the only plausible eplanation is that he was behin it& or at least& benefitin! from it. e6 never intene to remain in the job. Ear!e scale frau re4uires the ever chan!in! of whoever the buc2 stops at as it stays ahea of the authorities 8or shoul 1 say those who6re losin! money an will put pressure on them to o their jobs& but will be too late9.1 have ocumentary proof& an am happy to provie police witness statements& recorin!s an all other ata. 1 am happy to si!n affiavits to the effect of everythin! that 1 say. 1 am a victim of three types of frau upon my person an a first han epert witness into many more777an 1 was only there for less than a month 1 am owe a lot of money& ue to these fraus an associate crimes which happene as a irect conse4uence of my not a!reein! to  be complicit in serious or!anise crime. /ictims of their malicious& racially base bullyin! an abuse i come forwar an provie more information to me about wier corruption& butthe efficacy of this woul be !reatly increase if there was a more hi!h profile release of information via what we can both a!ree& however limite777 is a staple o! British pu lishing, in yoursel&es . ?ot showin! interest in a series on one of the country6s bi!!est eports as well as internal  players will not loo2 so !oo. >aybe 16ll hear from you. >aybe 1 won6t. There6s a story in itfor me whether you play umb or whether you try an come up with one !oo story once; but here& 1 offer a series.Than2 you for reain!& Tom CahillCommercial Management | Contracts | Claims | Fraud ExpertBOSIET | ACIArb | MRICS | BScSs! pe # t$mcahill  1n the absence of any response or of an unsubstantive response& this messa!e may be publishe. #ny publishe material will be in line with the promotion of actual ethics an actual prevention of ille!al an criminal activity& which is a uty upon us all as well as a ri!ht. 1nee& it is the uty of the press to report actual news before it6s  been announce& an not to promote crime an e!eneration& by repeatin! s2ewe& isinformation as news& asthou!h it is objectively researche fact.#s a follow up job& 1 inten to see2 out the beneficiaries of any party who is unwillin! to support actual news& for their ri!ht to reply that reasonable an balance conclusions mi!ht be arrive at concernin! their actual motivations.1 have not contacte any other meia outlet with this this story. $ou are the first. $ou have until the en of >onay to confirm receipt of this corresponence.#ny concerns that you mi!ht have re!arin! the an!ers of Tippin! )ff can be put asie as all of this ata has been share with the conspirators in >alaysia& which was confirme by BBplc 6s >i2e Flemin!& in writin!. e6s an imbecile& but he oes spea2 for the company& an& #nrew >c?au!hton was also notifie an conformation of this is a matter of recor.The <olice in both >alaysia an the AJ have been alerte& with a crime report bein! submitte 8see lin2 to fullreport with #ppenies9. They appear to have chosen to be complicit for reasons that we are all familiar& etaile in )peration Tiberius6 Deport into corruption in the police. The >#CC 8>alaysian #nti7Corruption Commission9 have been mae aware of the complaint an have yet to have one anythin! either777which was not unepecte.1 am happy to confirm any of what 1 have reporte as fact& an everythin! that 1 have reporte as bein! suspecte as such& via affiavit. Bcc% &erson 'ho(s on)paper clearl the orchestrator o* the Mala sian pillaging operations and the Mala sian(s subsidiaries( share in rec cling mone bac! to the +,)based conspirators- such as ex)CEO- Andre' Mc.aughton /'hich is certain to be laundered b prox - 'hich 'ill 'iden the tentacles o* complicit 0%Encls%# &lease re*er to m Scribt account- user name# b1nladen- and all documents under the BBAS23 title component- including this message b the time ou ha4e *inished reading it% &lease see same account *or li!el dail updates%
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