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  Submitted by: Ritika Varma(229/09) Ritima Jain(230/09)   Jewellery Shop is used to describe the relationship between a customer and shop owner , who is providing services to his customers. Jewellery Shop gives support managing control to the shop owner through the internet and as well as providing facility to the customer to give and receive orders to their home. It is concerned with online booking and managing process for both customers and shop owners.  Slow Process: Manual working of managing all the details of orders and the generating documents like Reports etc is very tedious and slow.Data Inconsistency: It is difficult to maintain the Customer Details, i.e the number of customer details that have been completed.   Difficulty in searching records: It is difficult for anybody to search all the records of different customers and details as well as funds and investments.   Choice to Customers: Customers had less choice, as they are restricted to only one shop but with this system customers can search for the availability of different items in the shop and can shop according to there Requirements.   Difficult to analyze investments: As all the records were to be kept manually but in our system everything will be provided through online system.   Physical presence: For having any kind of purchasing, customer needs to be physically present at the same location i.e. where the shop is Physically Present. 


Jul 22, 2017
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