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  RESUME Name HARI SIDDHARDHA Mobile. 7659939978 E-mail: siddhardha.hari03@mail.!om Permanent Address: D o 3-#0$ A %&alem$ Ra'%&alem (ma dal)$ *% +%r (dis+ri!+). OBJECTIVE: See,i  a &osi+io +ha+ ill %+ilie m/ +ale + +o e ha !e +he ro+h o +he ora ia+io EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION :BoardColleePer!entae SS1SS1 242RD HI*H S1H22 85 IERMEDIAE IERMEDIAE2ARD$A SRI 1HAIAA 86 *rad%a+io *IAM;IERSI *IAM ISI;E 24 S1IE1E 7# M.S!. *IAM;IERSI *IAM ISI;E 24 S1IE1EERS;I* COMPUTER TEC#NICAL S$ILLS : Lan%aes: E;*;$ E*ISH$ HIDI O&erat'n S(stems: MS 244I1E   E)TRA*CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES +AC#IEVEMENTS   SS <ol% +eer % i+ o *IAM ; i<ersi+/  Team Leader in youth fest   Attended for regional conference on environment   Attended for National Seminar on Environment, Urbanization and Bio-esources !anagement NS-EUB!#$  %artici&ated in 'or(sho&s on 'orld environmental day, )orest day and *zone day$  %artici&ated in +nternational +nstitute of Entre&reneurshi& develo&ment  %artici&ated in one day moc( drill on )ire and Safety  COLLE,E PROJECTS =.IERSHI 2 E44;E EAEME A (E)>.A S;D 2 S2DI;M AS2RI2 RAI2 (SAR) AD S2DI;M ER1E (a ?) I *R2;D AERS A2* HE 12ASA AREAS 24 ISABHAAAM AD IS S;IAII 42R DRIBI* AD A*RI1;;RA ;SE3.A S;D 2 MEA 12RR2SI2 PERSONAL DETAILS :  Date o- B'rt. : >8C07C=995 Name : H.SAMA SIA RA2  Se0 : MAE  Mar'tal Stat%s : ;MARRIED  Nat'onal't( : IDIA  Lan%ae $no1n : E;*;$ E*ISH$ HIDI #OBBIES : =.1RI1BE >. ADMAI2 2Name3 HARI SIDDHARDHA
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