2008 ISC II ToC Schedule by PoolB

2008 ISC II Tournament of Champions August 10-13 Memorial Park - Appleton, WI POOL A 10:00 AM Gm D3 Sun 2:30 PM D1 Sun 8:30 AM D1 Mon 12:30 PM D2 Mon 2:30 PM D2 Mon 6:30 PM D1 Mon 1 Gm 11 Gm 21 Gm 30 Gm 34 Gm 41 POOL B 12:00 PM Gm D3 Sun 6:00 PM D1 Sun 8:30 AM D2 Mon 3:00 PM D3 Mon 7:00 PM D3 Mon 8:30 PM D1 Mon 5 Gm 13 Gm 22 Gm 35 Gm 43 Gm 45 POOL C 10:00 AM Gm D4 Sun 2:30 PM D2 Sun 6:00 PM D2 Sun 9:00 AM D3 Mon 2:30 PM D1 Mon 6:30 PM D2 Mon 2 Gm 12 Gm 14 Gm 23 Gm 33 Gm 42 Memphis Posse Lloyd
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  10:00 AM Gm Memphis Posse 12:00 PM Gm Sioux Falls Sox 10:00 AM Gm Sun Valley Rude Pac D3 Sun 1 Lloydminster Dodgers D3 Sun 5 Bulyea Rustlers D4 Sun 2 Kenosha Earl's Club 2:30 PM Gm California LumberKings 6:00 PM Gm South Lebanon TNT  2:30 PM Gm Wellington Brewers D1 Sun 11 Wyevale Tribe D1 Sun 13 Bridgeport Braves D2 Sun 12 Kenosha Earl's Club 8:30 AM Gm Wyevale Tribe 8:30 AM Gm Bridgeport Braves 6:00 PM Gm New York Knights D1 Mon 21 Lloydminster Dodgers D2 Mon 22 Sioux Falls Sox D2 Sun 14 Sun Valley Rude Pac 12:30 PM Gm Wyevale Tribe 3:00 PM Gm Bulyea Rustlers 9:00 AM Gm Kenosha Earl's Club D2 Mon 30 Memphis Posse D3 Mon 35 South Lebanon TNT D3 Mon 23 New York Knights 2:30 PM Gm Lloydminster Dodgers 7:00 PM Gm Bridgeport Braves 2:30 PM Gm New York Knights D2 Mon 34 California LumberKings D3 Mon 43 Bulyea Rustlers D1 Mon 33 Wellington Brewers 6:30 PM Gm California LumberKings 8:30 PM Gm South Lebanon TNT  6:30 PM Gm Wellington Brewers D1 Mon 41 Memphis Posse D1 Mon 45 Sioux Falls Sox  D2 Mon 42 Sun Valley Rude Pac 12:30 PM Gm Innovative Comm. 12:00 PM Gm Carp I4C Victory 10:30 AM Gm Elmira Cubs D2 Sun 8 Pete's Blues D4 Sun 6 Winterset A's D1 Sun 3 Perkasie Hoffman Rise 6:30 PM Gm Pete's Blues 6:30 PM Gm Ashland Stockpack 8:00 PM Gm Hermann Black Gold D3 Sun 15 Cutro Profession Insp. D4 Sun 16 Carp I4C Victory D1 Sun 17 Bar of Appleton II 8:30 PM Gm Kitchener Outlaws 8:30 PM Gm Palermo Athletics 11:00 AM Gm Bar of Appleton II D4 Sun 20 Innovative Comm. D3 Sun 19 Winterset A's D3 Mon 27 Elmira Cubs 10:30 AM Gm Cutro Profession Insp. 12:30 PM Gm  Ashland Stockpack  11:00 AM Gm Perkasie Hoffman Rise D1 Mon 25 Kitchener Outlaws D1 Mon 29 Palermo Athletics D4 Mon 28 Hermann Black Gold 3:00 PM Gm Cutro Profession Insp. 5:00 PM Gm Palermo Athletics 5:00 PM Gm Perkasie Hoffman Rise D4 Mon 36 Innovative Comm. D4 Mon 40 Carp I4C Victory D3 Mon 39 Bar of Appleton II 4:30 PM Gm Kitchener Outlaws 8:30 PM Gm Winterset A's 9:00 PM Gm Elmira Cubs D2 Mon 38 Pete's Blues D2 Mon 46 Ashland Stockpack D4 Mon 48 Hermann Black Gold 2:00 PM Gm River City Rockers 12:30 AM Gm Keating's Fitness OPENING CEREMONIES D3 Sun 9 Kelvington PDC Comets D1 Sun 7 Waterdown Hammer  unay ugus 2:00 PM Gm St. Paul ASB Villard 10:30 AM Gm Waverly Herda & Sons 5:00 PM Diamond 1 D4 Sun 10 Ottawa Team Easton D2 Sun 4 Chicago Fastpitch 8:00 PM Gm Kelvington PDC Comets 9:00 AM Gm Waterdown Hammer  ames n a cs can e ear on D4 Sun 18 St. Paul ASB Villard D4 Mon 24 Waverly Herda & Sons apar ao a 1:00 PM Gm Ottawa Team Easton 10:30 AM Gm Chicago Fastpitch D3 Mon 31 Kelvington PDC Comets D2 Mon 26 Keating's Fitness 1:00 PM Gm River City Rockers 7:00 PM Gm Waterdown Hammer  D4 Mon 32 St. Paul ASB Villard D4 Mon 44 Chicago Fastpitch 4:30 PM Gm Ottawa Team Easton 9:00 PM Gm Keating's Fitness D1 Mon 37 River City Rockers D3 Mon 47 Waverly Herda & Sons Coin toss will determine home team in all games.Teams listed first to wear dark jerseys.Teams listed second to wear light jerseys.The following tiebreakers will be used in order to determine the pool standings. 1. Record2. Head to head play3. Fewest runs allowed between the tied teams 2008 ISC II Tournament of Champions August 10-13Memorial Park - Appleton, WI POOL APOOL BPOOL CPOOL DPOOL EPOOL FPOOL GPOOL H  4. Fewest runs allowed in all round robin games5. Run differential in round robin games between the tied teams6. Run differential in all round robin games7. Tiebreaker game(s) Once a tie is broken for one team, the tiebreakers are re-applied starting with number 1 for the remaining two teams.ny eau games w coun as a - vcory.Mercy rule: 7 runs after 4 1/2 or 5 innings including championship game.nernaona e-reaer rue: n eec n a games sarng n e nnng excep e camponsp game.
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