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This document is part of the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board set, which was up to date as of 2/20/2011. The documents in this set consist of every pdf posted on the IEC website, but they should not be considered a replacement to searching the official website: ----- Disclaimer: I am not selling this data or making any money by posting this data. I'm merely trying to find a better way to search the information on the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board website.
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  Generated On: 3/24/2009 10:15:04 AM IOWA ETHICS AND CAMPAIGN DISCLOSURE BOARD | 510 EAST 12th, SUITE 1A | DES MOINES, IA 50319 | (515) 281-4028 1 of 2 DR-1 Statement of Organization 515-401-4703 Phone:Last Name: Adelman First Name: David MI: R2841 Gilmore Ave Address:City: Des Moines State: IA 50312 Zip Code:E-Mail: Candidate 515-306-9658 Phone:Last Name: Sundstrom First Name: Scott MI: 343 43rd Street Address:City: Ds Moines State: IA 50312 Zip Code:E-Mail: Treasurer District: 0 County: Polk Committee Name: Citizens for Adelman City Candidate - City Council Committee Type:Status: Filed Date: 3/23/2009 Political Party: Not Available Committee Code: 13811Citizens For AdelmanType: CheckingIowa State Bank627 East Locust Street Des Moines, IA 50309   Account Name Bank Bank AccountsPurpose At-Large Des Moines City Council DR-1 IndexedAuditedComputer Year Standing for Election: 2009 Date of Election: 11/3/2009At-Large Des Moines CityCouncil Office Sought:  Generated On: 3/24/2009 10:15:04 AM IOWA ETHICS AND CAMPAIGN DISCLOSURE BOARD | 510 EAST 12th, SUITE 1A | DES MOINES, IA 50319 | (515) 281-4028 2 of 2 Statement of Affirmation By Treasurer and Candidate; or Political Committees, By Chairperson STATEMENT OF AFFIRMATION: By filing this document the committee affirms the following1. The committee and all persons connected with the committee understand that they are subject to the laws in Iowa Code chapters 68A and 68Band the administrative rules in Chapter 351 of the Iowa Administrative Code.2. That Iowa Code section 68A.6 and rule 351-4.9 require the filing of disclosure reports and that failure to file these reports on or before therequired due dates subjects the candidate or chairperson (in the case of committees other than a candidate's committee) to the automaticassessment of a civil penalty and the possible imposition of other criminal and civil sanctions.3. That Iowa Code section 68A.14 and rules 351-4.38 through 4.43 require the placement of the words paid for by and the name of thecommittee on all political materials except for those items exempted by statute or rule.4. That Iowa Code section 68A.15 and rules 351-4.44 through 4.52 prohibit the receipt of corporate contributions by all committees except forstatewide and local ballot issue PACs.5. A candidate and a candidate's committee may only expend campaign funds as permitted by Iowa code sections 68A.40 through 68A.42 andrule 351-4.25.6. That the committee will continue to file disclosure reports until all activity has ceased, committee funds spent, debts resolved, and a final reportand a statement of dissolution (DR-3) has been filed. Candidate: Treasurer:(signature and date) (signature and date)
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