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2011 PRICE LIST VOIMASSA Sis. Alv. 23%

2011 PRICE LIST VOIMASSA Sis. Alv. 23% EXHAUST / MUFFLER RS Evolution Exhaust System 113-AF007 RS Evolution Exhaust GDA/B (A~D Model) AF013 RS Evolution Exhaust GDB (E~F Model) AF015
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2011 PRICE LIST VOIMASSA Sis. Alv. 23% EXHAUST / MUFFLER RS Evolution Exhaust System 113-AF007 RS Evolution Exhaust GDA/B (A~D Model) AF013 RS Evolution Exhaust GDB (E~F Model) AF015 RS Evolution Exhaust GRB AM008 RS Evolution Exhaust CT9A AM013 RS Evolution Exhaust CZ4A AN001 RS Evolution Exhaust BCNR AN002 RS Evolution Exhaust BNR AN013 RS Evolution Exhaust S AN014 RS Evolution Exhaust BNR AT004 RS Evolution Exhaust JZA AZ001 RS Evolution Exhaust FD3S 968 Hybrid Megaphone Evolution Exhaust System 115-AF001 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) GC8/GF AF003 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) BG AF004 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) BH AF005 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) BE AF006 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) GDA AF008 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) SF AF009 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) SG AF010 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) BP AF011 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) BL AF015 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) GRB AF003 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) BG AF005 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) BH5/ AF008 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) BP5 (SOHC) AM001 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) Z15A,16A AM008 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) CT9A (EVO 7, 8) AM009 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) CU2W 788 115-AM013 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) CZ4A AN002 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) BNR32/HCR AN005 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) Z AN006 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) Z AN013 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) S14/CS AN020 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) ER34 2 Door AN021 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) ER34 4 Door AN003 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) Z AN005 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) K11/HK AN011 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) Z AN048 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) HV35/V AN050 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) AK12/BK AN052 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) Z AN057 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) CPV AN060 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) TZ AN063 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) NT AT004 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) EP AT005 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) SW AT008 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) JZA AT011 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) JZX AT012 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) JZS AT016 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) JZX AT002 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) AE AT003 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) AE AT018 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) ST AT032 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) SXE10/GXE AT034 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) SCP10 (& Wills) AT036 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) ZZW AT037 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) ZZT AT040 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) MCR/ACR30/40W AT046 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) NCP10/NCP13 (RS) AT058 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) NCP60/ AT059 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) ZNE/ANE10G AT079 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) DBA-SCP AZ001 Hybrid Exhaust (Turbo) FD3S AZ001 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) NA6CE/8C AZ009 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) SE3P AZ010 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) GG3S 1207 Honda AH012 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) RA1, 2, 3, 4 614 116-AH025 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) RA6, 7, 8, Honda AH030 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) EU AH032 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) GD1, AH038 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) UA-RB AH041 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) LA-RB AH042 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) RB Suzuki AS007 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) ZC31S AS008 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) ZC11S/M13A 752 Import AI001 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) 9CAQY (VW Beetle) AI002 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) RA16 (Mini Coupe) AI003 Hybrid Exhaust (N/A) RE16 (Mini Coupe S) AF001 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) GC AF002 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) BG AF003 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) SF5/SG AF005 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) BH AF006 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) BE AF007 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) GDA AF010 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) BP AF011 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) BL AF012 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) GDB AF013 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) GDA/GDB (A~B) AF014 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) GDB (E~G) AF001 N1 Exhaust (NA) BG5/ AF002 N1 Exhaust (NA) BH5/ AF007 N1 Exhaust (NA) BP5 (DOHC) AF008 N1 Exhaust (NA) BP AM001 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) CD9A/CE9A AM002 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) CP9A AM003 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) Z16/15A AM009 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) CU2W AM010 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) H81W AM012 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) CT9A AM004 N1 Exhaust (NA) DE3A AN001 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) BCNR33/ECR 161-AN002 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) BNR32/HCR32/HNR AN003 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) S14/CS AN004 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) #PS AN006 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) KRS AN007 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) ER34 2Dr AN010 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) CZ AN012 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) ER34 4Dr AN013 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) S AN014 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) BNR AN027 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) ECR33/BCNR AN028 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) S AN010 N1 Exhaust (NA) K11/HK AN012 N1 Exhaust (NA) Z32/HZ AN048 N1 Exhaust (NA) HV35/V AN050 N1 Exhaust (NA) AK12/BK AN052 N1 Exhaust (NA) Z AN057 N1 Exhaust (NA) CPV AN060 N1 Exhaust (NA) TZ AN063 N1 Exhaust (NA) NT AT001 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) JZX AT004 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) JZA AT005 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) JZX AT006 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) EP AT007 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) EP AT011 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) SW AT015 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) JZX AT001 N1 Exhaust (NA) AE AT002 N1 Exhaust (NA) AE AT004 N1 Exhaust (NA) AE AT005 N1 Exhaust (NA) JZX90/100, GX90/ AT008 N1 Exhaust (NA) EP AT010 N1 Exhaust (NA) ST AT023 N1 Exhaust (NA) SXE AT032 N1 Exhaust (NA) SCP AT033 N1 Exhaust (NA) ZZT AT037 N1 Exhaust (NA) ZZW AT045 N1 Exhaust (NA) NCP10/ AT059 N1 Exhaust (NA) ZNE/ANE10G AT074 N1 Exhaust (NA) ACU35W AZ001 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) FD3S 860 161-AZ002 N1 Exhaust (Turbo) FC3S AZ001 N1 Exhaust (NA) NA6CE/NA8C 1091 Honda AH006 N1 Exhaust (NA) RA1/2, RA3/ AH018 N1 Exhaust (NA) RA6/7/8/ AH030 N1 Exhaust (NA) EU AH032 N1 Exhaust (NA) GD1/ AH033 N1 Exhaust (NA) RN2/RN AH038 N1 Exhaust (NA) RB AH041 N1 Exhaust (NA) RB AH042 N1 Exhaust (NA) RB AH051 N1 Exhaust (NA) RN6/8 585 Import AI002 N1 Exhaust (NA) RA16 (Mini Coupe) 918 Hyundai AKI04 N1 Exhaust (NA) TIBRON AKI05 N1 Exhaust (NA) AVANTE AKI07 N1 Exhaust (NA) EF-SONATA AKI08 N1 Exhaust (NA) TUSCANI 1178 Suzuki AS008 N1 Exhaust (NA) ZC11S/M13A (Swift) 679 GT Spec Exhaust System 171-PF001 GT Spec Exhaust GC8/GF PF005 GT Spec Exhaust GDB (A~D) PF006 GT Spec Exhaust GDB (E~G) PF013 GT Spec Exhaust (N1) GDB (A~D) PF014 GT Spec Exhaust (N1) GDB (E~G) PM012 GT Spec Exhaust (N1) CT9A PM002 GT Spec Exhaust CN9A/CP9A PN001 GT Spec Exhaust BNR32/HCR PN002 GT Spec Exhaust BCNR33/ECR PN003 GT Spec Exhaust PS PN004 GT Spec Exhaust S14/CS PN005 GT Spec Exhaust ER34 (2Dr) PN007 GT Spec Exhaust S PN008 GT Spec Exhaust BNR 171-PT002 GT Spec Exhaust JZA PZ001 GT Spec Exhaust FD3S 1243 PS Evolution Exhasut System 159-F005 PS Evolution Exhaust BH F006 PS Evolution Exhaust BE F007 PS Evolution Exhaust GDA/B (A~D Model) F010 PS Evolution Exhaust BP F011 PS Evolution Exhaust BL M012 PS Evolution Exhaust CT9A N001 PS Evolution Exhaust BCNR N002 PS Evolution Exhaust BNR N013 PS Evolution Exhaust S N014 PS Evolution Exhaust BNR N052 PS Evolution Exhaust Z T023 PS Evolution Exhaust SXE Z001 PS Evolution Exhaust FD3S Z009 PS Evolution Exhaust SE3P 1937 GT Spec Front Pipe 145-F001 GT Spec Front Pipe GC8/GF F002 GT Spec Front Pipe GDA/GDB (A~B) F003 GT Spec Front Pipe GDA/GDB (C~D) F004 GT Spec Front Pipe GDA/GDB (E~G) M001 GT Spec Front Pipe CD9A/CE9A M002 GT Spec Front Pipe CN9A/CP9A M005 GT Spec Front Pipe CT9A M006 GT Spec Front Pipe CZ4A N001 GT Spec Front Pipe BNR32/33/ N002 GT Spec Front Pipe HCR N003 GT Spec Front Pipe HNR N004 GT Spec Front Pipe ECR33 361 145-N005 GT Spec Front Pipe PS13/S N006 GT Spec Front Pipe S N007 GT Spec Front Pipe ER T001 GT Spec Front Pipe JZX T003 GT Spec Front Pipe JZZ T007 GT Spec Front Pipe JZX Z001 GT Spec Front Pipe FC3S 376 N1 CAT Pipe 148-M001 N1 CAT Pipe CT9A M002 N1 CAT Pipe CP9A N010 N1 CAT Pipe BNR32/33/34, ECR33, 231 S13/14/ N011 N1 CAT Pipe ER Super Catalyzer 149-F001 Super Catalyzer GDB (M/C later model) F002 Super Catalyzer GDB (M/C early model) F003 Super Catalyzer GC8 (Ver. 5/6) F004 Super Catalyzer GC8 (Ver. 3/4) F005 Super Catalyzer BP F007 Super Catalyzer BH F008 Super Catalyzer BL F009 Super Catalyzer BE F012 Super Catalyzer BH F015 Super Catalyzer SF M001 Super Catalyzer CT9A (EVO 7) M002 Super Catalyzer CP9A (EVO 5, 6) M003 Super Catalyzer CT9A (EVO 8) M004 Super Catalyzer CN9A (EVO 4) M005 Super Catalyzer CE9A (EVO 3) M006 Super Catalyzer CE9A (EVO 2) M007 Super Catalyzer CD9A 1221 149-N001 Super Catalyzer BNR N002 Super Catalyzer S N003 Super Catalyzer BCNR N004 Super Catalyzer S N005 Super Catalyzer BNR N006 Super Catalyzer RPS N007 Super Catalyzer PS N008 Super Catalyzer ER N009 Super Catalyzer ECR N010 Super Catalyzer HCR N011 Super Catalyzer Z N012 Super Catalyzer ER34 (AT) T001 Super Catalyzer JZX T002 Super Catalyzer JZX T003 Super Catalyzer JZX T004 Super Catalyzer JZA T005 Super Catalyzer SXE T006 Super Catalyzer SXE T007 Super Catalyzer AE T008 Super Catalyzer JZS T011 Super Catalyzer JZX100 (AT) T012 Super Catalyzer JZX100 (AT) T013 Super Catalyzer JZX Z001 Super Catalyzer FD3S (Early Model) Z002 Super Catalyzer FD3S (Late Model) Z003 Super Catalyzer FD3S (Middle Model) Z005 Super Catalyzer NA6CE Z006 Super Catalyzer NA8C 1221 Exhaust Optional Parts / N1 Universal Muffler Mufflter Silencer A001 Super Silencer 115pi A002 Super Silencer 90pi A007 Tail Silenser 115pi A008 Tail Silenser 90pi A009 Tail Silenser 70pi A025 Active Tail Silencer 115pi A026 Active Tail Silencer 90pi 231 Mufflter Silencer A031 Titan Slide Finsher φ A032 Titan Slide Finisher φ Exhaust Control Valve (ECV) A014 ECV Nissan Type A A015 ECV Nissan Type B A016 ECV Toyota Type A A017 ECV Toyota Type B A019 ECV 80pi, L=60mm A020 ECV P d A021 ECV 95pi, L=60mm A022 ECV CP9A/CT9A/CN9A A023 ECV 80pi (Flange type) A024 ECV 80pi (Pipe type) 267 N1 Universal Muffler 156-A003 N1 Universal Muffler Turbo 3inch/Silver A008 N1 Universal Muffler NA 2.5inch/Silver KA003 N1 Universal Muffler Turbo 3inch/Charcol Blk KA008 N1 Universal Muffler NA 2.5inch/Charcol Blk 376 SUSPENSION N1 Evolution Suspension Kit (Circuit) 265-AF010 N1 Suspension (Circuit) GDA/GDB AM019 N1 Suspension (Circuit) CP9A AM020 N1 Suspension (Circuit) CT9A AN001 N1 Suspension (Circuit) BNR AN007 N1 Suspension (Circuit) S AN009 N1 Suspension (Circuit) BCNR AN041 N1 Suspension (Circuit) S AN043 N1 Suspension (Circuit) BNR AN052 N1 Suspension (Circuit) Z AT011 N1 Suspension (Circuit) SW AZ002 N1 Suspension (Circuit) FD3S 3700 Honda AH006 N1 Suspension (Circuit) DC2/DB AH008 N1 Suspension (Circuit) EK4/ AH022 N1 Suspension (Circuit) AP N1 Evolution Suspension Kit (Drift) 266-AN004 N1 Suspension (Drift) HCR AN006 N1 Suspension (Drift) S AN007 N1 Suspension (Drift) S AN041 N1 Suspension (Drift) S AT008 N1 Suspension (Drift) JZX90/ AZ002 N1 Suspension (Drift) FD3S 3700 N1 Evolution Suspension Kit (Street) 264-AF001 N1 Suspension (Street) GC AF005 N1 Suspension (Street) BG5 3614 264-AF007 N1 Suspension (Street) BH AF009 N1 Suspension (Street) BE AF010 N1 Suspension (Street) GDA/B AM013 N1 Suspension (Street) CN9A AM019 N1 Suspension (Street) CP9A AM020 N1 Suspension (Street) CT9A AN001 N1 Suspension (Street) BNR AN004 N1 Suspension (Street) HCR AN005 N1 Suspension (Street) ECR AN006 N1 Suspension (Street) S AN007 N1 Suspension (Street) S AN009 N1 Suspension (Street) BCNR AN037 N1 Suspension (Street) ER AN041 N1 Suspension (Street) S AN043 N1 Suspension (Street) BNR AN052 N1 Suspension (Street) Z AT008 N1 Suspension (Street) JZX90/ AT052 N1 Suspension (Street) SXE AT072 N1 Suspension (Street) NCP10/13(RS) AZ002 N1 Suspension (Street) FD3S AZ018 N1 Suspension (Street) SE3P 3426 Honda AH006 N1 Suspension (Street) DC2/DB AH008 N1 Suspension (Street) EK4/ AH032 N1 Suspension (Street) DC S1 Evolution Suspension Kit 268-AF010 S1 Suspension Kit GDA/GDB (A~D Model) AF019 S1 Suspension Kit GDB (E~F Model) AF020 S1 Suspension Kit GRB AM020 S1 Suspension Kit CT9A (EVO 7, 8, 9) AM023 S1 Suspension Kit CZ4A AN006 S1 Suspension Kit S AN007 S1 Suspension Kit S 268-AN041 S1 Suspension Kit S AZ002 S1 Suspension Kit FD3S 2421 Honda AH008 S1 Suspension Kit EK4/ AH022 S1 Suspension Kit AP1 2421 ELECTRONICS EL2 Meter Series EL2 Meters (Silver Version) A053 EL2 Meter Control Unit A054 EL2 Boost Meter Black/Electronic A055 EL2 Boost Meter White/Electronic A056 EL2 Oil Temp. Meter Black Face A057 EL2 Oil Temp. Meter White Face A058 EL2 Water Temp. Meter Black Face A059 EL2 Water Temp. Meter White Face A060 EL2 Ex. Temp. Meter Black Face A061 EL2 Ex. Temp. Meter White Face A062 EL2 Oil Pressure Meter Black Face A063 EL2 Oil Pressure Meter White Face A064 EL2 Fuel Pressure Meter Black Face A065 EL2 Fuel Pressure Meter White Face A068 EL2 Boost Meter Black Face/Mechnical A069 EL2 Boost Meter White Face/Mechnical A974 DECS Tachometer Black Face A975 DECS Tachometer White Face 499 EL2 Meters (Black Version) A954 EL2 Boost Meter Black/Electronic A955 EL2 Boost Meter White/Electronic A956 EL2 Oil Temp. Meter Black Face A957 EL2 Oil Temp. Meter White Face A958 EL2 Water Temp. Meter Black Face A959 EL2 Water Temp. Meter White Face A960 EL2 Ex. Temp. Meter Black Face A961 EL2 Ex. Temp. Meter White Face A962 EL2 Oil Pressure Meter Black Face A963 EL2 Oil Pressure Meter White Face A964 EL2 Fuel Pressure Meter Black Face A965 EL2 Fuel Pressure Meter White Face A968 EL2 Boost Meter Black Face/Mechnical A969 EL2 Boost Meter White Face/Mechnical 181 EL2 Meter Optional Parts A011 Shift Indicator Light for Tacho Meter X001 Oil Temp. Sensor Adaptor Nut (M14xP1.5) X002 Oil Temp. Sensor Adaptor Nut (M20xP1.5) X003 Oil Temp. Sensor Adaptor Nut (M16xP1.5) 29 EL2 Meter Optional Parts - 49B-A007 EL2 Diverged Harness A L=1500mm 14 49B-A008 EL2 Diverged Harness B L=150mm 11 49B-A009 EL2 Pressure Sensor Harness B-A010 EL2 Oil Temp. Sensor harness B-A011 EL2 Water Temp. Sensor Harness B-A012 EL2 Oil Pressure Sensor Harness B-A013 EL2 Fuel Pressure Sensor Harness B-A014 EL2 Exhaust Temp. Sensor Harness B-A015 EL2 Communication Harness 14 49B-A016 EL2 Power Supply Harness 7 49B-A017 EL2 Power Supply Harness (Control Unit) 7 49B-A018 EL2 Boost Meter Harness (Sensor Side) 29 49B-A019 EL2 Oil/Water Temp Harness (Sensor Side) 22 49B-A020 EL2 Oil/Fuel Press Harness (Sensor Side) 29 49B-A021 EL2 Exhaust Temp Harness (Controller Side) 22 49B-A022 EL2 Exhaust Temp Harness (Sensor Side) 29 49B-X001 Stand for Tacho Meter 22 49B-X002 Stand for EL2 Meter 14 Electronic Controllers Electronic Controllers A917 AFC Neo A011 Auto Timer Silver Version A021 Auto Timer Black Version A921 Auto Timer (Limited Ver.) Black/Blue LED Ver A912 Rev/Speed Meter Silver Version A916 Rev/Speed Meter Black Version A904 AVC-R Boost Controller Silver Version X905 AVC-R Boost Controller Black Version A002 I-Moni Info Display OBD Plug In A920 I-Display Export Version A921 I-Cruising Export Version F001 P-NBC Computer GDA/GDB Subaru Only 1084 Electronic Controller Optional Parts A006 Meter Stand A013 G-sensor for RSM X002 Pressure Sensor for AVC-R X003 Solenoid Valve for AVC-R 166 Power FC Computer Power FC & FC Commander Package AF001 Power FC Package GC8 (Ver. 1/2) AF003 Power FC Package GC8 (Ver. 5) AF005 Power FC Package GC8/GF8 (Ver. 3/4) 1373 Honda AH003 Power FC Package EK AH004 Power FC Package DC2 (Type-R only) AM001 Power FC Package CP9A (EVO. 6) AM002 Power FC Package CP9A (EVO. 5) AM007 Power FC Package CT9A AN008 Power FC Package ER AN012 Power FC Package ECR AN013 Power FC Package S14 (Early Model) AN014 Power FC Package RPS13 (Early Model) AN015 Power FC Package RPS13 (Mid Model) AN016 Power FC Package S14 (Late Model) AN017 Power FC Package RPS13 (Late Model) AN018 Power FC Package S AN028 Power FC Package BNR AN029 Power FC Package BNR32/BCNR AT001 Power FC Package SW AT007 Power FC Package ZZT AT008 Power FC Package ZZW AT012 Power FC Package ZZW AZ004 Power FC Package FD3S (Eearly Model) AZ005 Power FC Package FD3S (Mid Model) AZ006 Power FC Package FD3S (Late Model) 1373 Power FC Boost Control Kit A001 Boost Control Kit for Nissan/Subaru A002 Boost Control Kit SW A003 Boost Control Kit JZX A008 Boost Control Kit FD3S (Mid/Late Model) A009 Boost Control Kit FD3S (Early Model) A013 Boost Control Kit ER34/GC8 (Ver. 5) 528 Power FC Commander Controller H001 FC Commander Honda N001 FC Commander Nissan/Subaru T001 FC Commander SW T003 FC Commander JZX Z001 FC Commander FD3S X001 FC Commander Universal X910 FC Commander PRO Lap Top Software XA01 FC Commander Cable 60 cm XA02 FC Commander Cable 3 m 43 D-Jetro Power FC AM004 D-Jetro Power FC CP9A (EVO.6) AM004 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AM AM005 D-Jetro Power FC CP9A (EVO. 5) AM005 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AM AM008 D-Jetro Power FC CT9A AM008 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AM AN026 D-Jetro Power FC BNR32/BCNR AN026 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AN AN025 D-Jetro Power FC BNR AN025 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AN AN019 D-Jetro Power FC S14 (Late Model) AN019 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AN AN024 D-Jetro Power FC S AN024 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AN AN020 D-Jetro Power FC RPS13 (Early Model) AN020 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AN AN021 D-Jetro Power FC RPS13 (Mid Model) AN021 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AN AN023 D-Jetro Power FC RPS13 (Late Model) AN023 D-Jetro Accessaries for 414-AN D-Jetro Power FC Optional Parts XA03 D-Jetro Intake Temp. Harness XA04 D-Jetro Harness 3P 51 49C-A002 Pressure Sensor Harness 3P 43 49C-A004 Pressure Sensor Harness 5P-L A019 φ4 Nipple (2pcs) for D-jetro P-FC X001 Pressure Sensor for Power FC 210 4Z999A Pure Suction Temp Sensor 108 4Z999B Temp Sensor Connector 14 AP Engineering Power FC - 4E14F02Z AP Engineer Power FC BG5 Single Turbo 1633 Honda - 4E14H01Z AP Engineer Power FC EK9 (Late Model) E14N02Z AP Engineer Power FC S13/RS E14N03Y AP Engineer Power FC PS E14N03Z AP Engineer Power FC RNN E14N05Y AP Engineer Power FC RPS E14T01V AP Engineer Power FC AE86 (Low Resistance) E14T01W AP Engineer Power FC EP82 (Mid/Late Model) E14T01X AP Engineer Power FC EP E14T01Y AP Engineer Power FC EP82 (Early Model) E14T05X AP Engineer Power FC JZA80 (non VVTi) 1915 AP Engineering Power FC Accessories - 4E15A04Z AP Press Sensor/Cable FC3S (Late Model) 282 4E73G003 AP Power FC Harness EP82(Early Model) 419 4E73G006 AP Power FC Harness JZA E73G007 AP Power FC Harness FC3S(Later Model) 484 4E73G010 AP Power FC Harness EP82 (Mid/Late Model) 419 4E73G011 AP Power FC Harness for AE E73G012 AP Power FC Harness for EVO E73G013 AP Power FC Harness for EVO 8 282 INTAKE Power Intake Kit 507-F001 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) BC5/BF5/GC8/GF F002 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) BD5/BG5/GF8/SF F003 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) BH5/BG5/GC F004 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) BH/GDA/GDB/SG F005 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) SF F006 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) BL5/BP M001 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) CD9A/CE9A M002 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) CD5A/CD5W M003 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) CN9A/CP9A M004 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) EC5W/EC5A M005 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) GH-CT9A M006 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) CU2W M008 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) Z15/ M001 Power Intake Kit (N/A) DE3A M002 Power Intake Kit (N/A) DE3A/DE2A N001 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) BNR N002 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) HCR32/HNR N003 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) S13/RS N004 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) PS13/RPS N005 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) S14/S N006 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) R33/R34/C35/WGC N009 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) Z32/CZ N010 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) RNN N011 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) BCNR33/BNR N010 Power Intake Kit (N/A) K N020 Power Intake Kit (N/A) Z T003 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) JZA T004 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) JZA T005 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) JZZ T006 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) JZX T007 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) SW20 (early/mid model) T008 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) SW20 (late model) T009 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) EP T011 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) ST 507-T013 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) EP T017 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) JZS T003 Power Intake Kit (N/A) AE T004 Power Intake Kit (N/A) JZA T008 Power Intake Kit (N/A) SW T009 Power Intake Kit (N/A) SW T010 Power Intake Kit (N/A) ST202/ST T013 Power Intake Kit (N/A) AE T014 Power Intake Kit (N/A) SXA10G/SXA11G T015 Power Intake Kit (N/A) EP82/EP T016 Power Intake Kit (N/A) SXE T024 Power Intake Kit (N/A) ZZW T025 Power Intake Kit (N/A) EP91/EP T027 Power Intake Kit (N/A) NCP T034 Power Intake Kit (N/A) MCR30W/MNH10W Z001 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) FD3S Z002 Power Intake Kit (Turbo) FC3S/FC3C Z001 Power Intake Kit (N/A) NA6CE Z002 Power Intake Kit (N/A) NA8C Z003 Power Intake Kit (N/A) NB8C/NB6C Z004 Power Intake Kit (N/A) GG3S 275 Honda H001 Power Intake Kit (N/A) EG1/2/4/6/8/ H002 Power Intake Kit (N/A) BB1/BB4/BA8/BA H003 Power Intake Kit (N/A) CE1/CD5/CF2/RA1/RA H004 Power Intake Kit (N/A) DC2/DB H005 Power Intake Kit (N/A) EK4/9, RD1, EL2/ H010 Power Intake Kit (N/A) RA6/RA H012 Power Intake Kit (N/A) GD1/GD H013 Power Intake Kit (N/A) DC5/EP H016 Power Intake Kit (N/A) RB H017 Power Intake Kit (N/A) RB1 217 Universal Power Intake A021 Univ
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