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  HHP 222 Student Teaching Lesson Plan Template (S19) Name: Chandler ThomasHHP 222 Lesson Plan Date: !1!19 Topic: h#thmic $c%&i%esDe&elopment Le&el ! 'rade: Le&el  'rade *+,ec%&es (Speci-c .irginia S*L): /1 The student 0ill appl# locomotor nonlocomotor and manipula%&e sills in increasingl# comple3 mo&ement ac%&i%es/ a) Demonstrate most o4 the cri%cal elements (small isolated parts o4 the 0hole sill or mo&ement) 4or manipula%&e sills (e/g/ thro0 and catch a &ariet# o4 o+,ects ic to sta%onar# and mo&ing partners!o+,ects dri++le 0ith dominant hand!4oot pass a +all toa mo&ing partner)/ +) 5se manipula%&e sills in mo&ement com+ina%ons (e/g/ per4orm manipula%&e tass 0hile dodging and mo&ing in di6erent path0a#s7 catch a rolled +all 0hile mo&ing and thro0 it +acto a partner)/ c) Demonstrate mo&ing to a rh#thm (e/g/ per4orm simple dances in &arious 4orma%ons de&elop and re-ne a crea%&e educa%onal dance se8uence)/ d) e-ne indi&idual g#mnas%cs sills and per4orm educa%onal g#mnas%c se8uences 0ith +alance trans4er o4 0eight tra&el and change o4 direc%on/ 8uipment e8uired: *ne set o4 drum s%cs or lummi s%cs 4or each student/ *ne sta+ilit# +all 4or each student/ $ gallon +ucet laundr# +aset or similar 4or the sta+ilit# +all to sit on/ (plan ahead to ensure every student has access to proper equipment) ComponentsDescrip%onTeacher ;ill ! Teacher Hints ! CuesStudents ;illTime;arm 5p Should relate to VA SOL and Lesson Focus The students 0ill e3ercise +#mo&ing in crea%&e 0a#s to the music and posing in crea%&e 0a#s 0hen the music stops/ This lesson is agreat introductor# dance lesson/ t gets ids mo&ing to music 0ithout e&en reali<ing Ha&e students e3plore the elements o4 mo&ement (le&els path0a#s tempo 4orce etc/)/ *+ser&e as the students mo&e/ $re the# crea%ng their o0n 0a#s o4 mo&ing= t is eas#to assess the students all throughout this lesson/ >ou can 1/ Tell the students to mo&e 0hen the music ison and 4ree<e 0hen the music stops/ Pla# musicand then stop themusic/ Do this se&eral %mes ,ust to mae sure the#ha&e the concept/The students 0ill pro+a+l# 0al  ,og and run as their 4orm o4 mo&ement/ 2 minutes  the# are dancing/ The# generall# don?t4eel em+arrassed +ecause the# are all mo&ing around at the same %me andno+od# is 0atching an#one else/see i4 the students are per4orming common mo&ements lie 0aling ,ogging running hopping sipping etc/ or i4 the# are crea%ng ne0 0a#s to mo&e/2/ No0 tell them to do the same thing +ut this %me the# are not allo0ed to 0al ,og or run as a 4orm o4 mo&ement/ Do a 4e0 more rounds o4 music on and o6 and o+ser&e ho0 the# mo&e/ The# 0ill pro+a+l# do other common mo&ements lie cra0ling hopping sipping etc// Do a 4e0 more rounds +ut con%nue to eliminate common 4orms o4 mo&ement/ This 0ill cause them to use their imagina%on and crea%&it# to mo&e in 0a#s the# ma# ha&e ne&er tried +e4ore/ *4 courseremind them to +e sa4e and not +ump into others or 0alls/@/ Sit the class do0n 4or a +rie4 rest/ ;hile res%ng discuss the concept o4 a 0a3 museum/ 3plain that a 0a3 museum is a museum 4ull o4 0a3 -gures/  People pa# mone# to enter the museum and &ie0 the -gures// Tell them 0e are going to pretend the g#m is a 0a3 museum/The 0a3 -gures come to li4e 0henthe# hear music and the# go +ac to +eing 0a3 -gures 0hen the music stops/ Tell them that 0a3 -gures don?t mo&e lie humans 0hen the# come to li4e so the# can?t 0al ,og run hop sip or do an# other common human mo&ements/A/ Do a 4e0 more rounds o4 music on and o6 and o+ser&e the interes%ng 0a#s the# mo&e and pose/B/ ae sure #ou tell them that their poses should +e entertaining so the people 0ho purchased a %cet to enter the 0a3 museum -nd it to +e a re0arding e3perience not +oring/  / Summari<e at the end o4 the lesson +# telling the students the#danced +ecause dance is simpl# mo&ing crea%&el#/Eitness Should relate to VA SOL and Lesson Focus To allo0 students to com+ine the rh#thm ac%&it#o4 drumming 0ith -tness mo&ement all the 0hile 0oring 0ith apartner to coordinate the mo&ements/Students can +e assessed on 0oring 0ith a partner and s%ll maintaining the rh#thm o4 the mo&ements/ The# can also +e ased to tae a res%ng pulse and a pulse aFer0ardand determine i4 the# 0ere in their target heartrate <one/ The# can also +e assessed on theira+ilit# to remem+er the se8uence o4 the paGerns and their rh#thmic sills/The dance is a series o4 drumming paGerns that are done as partners/2 people 0ill 0or around the same e3ercise +all/ There 0ill also +e -tness mo&ements incorporated intothe paGerns in order to raise the heart rate and strengthen the core muscles/Com+ina%on 1 I2 counts/ Students are across 4rom one another 0ith the e3ercise +all in the middle and ina s8uat or pliJ posi%on/Partner 1 I Hit the s%cs 23 on top o4 the +all 23on the side o4 the+all 23 on the top o4 the +all and 23 a+o&e the head/ ( counts) epeat this paGern 4or a totalo4 2 counts/ Cue 0ith top side 5 minutes
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