26-11 - The Israeli Way and Its Relevance for India

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  1 26/11 – “THE ISRAELI WAY” AND ITS RELEVENCE FOR INDIA ByCol Sanjay Maini SUPERVISORBrig PM AhluwaliaHigher Command WingArmy War College (Mhow) MP  2 (ii) 26/11 – “THE ISRAELI WAY” AND ITS RELEVENCE FOR INDIA ByCol SanjayMaini A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of therequirement for the award of M Phil by DAVV University atArmy War College, Mhow (MP).Dec 2010  3 26/11 – “THE ISRAELI WAY” AND ITS RELEVENCE FOR INDIA Col Sanjay MainiHC - 39  4 26/11 – “THE ISRAELI WAY” AND ITS RELEVANCE FOR INDIA “An Eye for an Eye, A tooth for a tooth”  1  Jewish Proverb“  If Someone Slaps You on One Cheek, Offer the Other One Too  2  ”  Mahatma Gandhi,Father of the Nation Appendix: -  Bibliography INTRODUCTION 1. “ India is a soft state   which is probably encouraging terrorism by its inactivity”.“ Why India can’t be more like Israel?”   “We know who the benefactors of theperpetrators of the terrorists are. We know where these terrorists are getting trainedand who supplies them with weapons. We also know who brainwashes them enough tocommit such heinous crimes against humanity.  How difficult can it be for the Indian Defence forces to carry out surgical insertions against the training camps inside Pakistan Occupied Kashmir  ”? “What have we raised the Special Forces for”? “Whyshould this raise anyone’s ante except Pakistan’s? Besides,  Pakistan is hardly likely to drop a nuke on India on a small provocation of Indian Special Forces   destroyinga few training camps in POK. Israel does it against Hamas in Palestine so why not Indiaagainst Pakistan?” Theses are the queries and the views being expressed lately in thecountry, which became more pronounced post 26/11.2. The terrorist acts in the last couple of years and more recently and specifically atMumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have made the  populace at large restive   and may justbe urging the government to  give its nod for a military action  . It could advise thegovernment that should Pakistan continue with its present changed strategy on attack-by-infiltration,  punitive raids could commence in J & K  . The Israeli example of its 1 Hattis Rolef, Susan and Avraham Sela  “Zionism”. The Continuum Political Encyclopedia of the Middle East  . Ed Sela. New York: Continuum, 2002. 2 Gandhi MK.  The Collected Works of Mahatama Gandhi  . New Delhi: Publication Division, 1958.

Handling Injuries

Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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