3 S Earth and Space

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  Name: ___________________________________________________________Date: _________________ 3 Science Earth and Space (pce3scea) 1. A scratch test measures which property of a mineral? A. color B. luster C. hardness D. texture 2. Soil comes from A. fire. B. animals. C. rocks. D. sunlight. 3. Stan saw tiny crystals inside a rock. He should know that the rock has A. a fossil inside. B. minerals inside. C. soil inside. D. air inside. 4. Volcanoes form what type of rock? A. sedimentary B. igneous C. coal D. metamorphic 5. The remains of animals that lived millions of years ago are called A. rocks. B. minerals. C. shale. D. fossils. 3 Science Earth and Space (pce3scea)1  6. Which mineral is the hardest? A. salt B. diamond C. gold D. quartz 7. Fossils are found mostly in A. animals. B. trees. C. water. D. rocks. 8. Which soil makes the best garden? A. sandy soil B. clay soil C. soil with rocks D. soil with minerals 9. Use the chart below to answer this question. Which two minerals from the chart above would MOST LIKELY scratch glass? A. galena and quartz B. talc and garnet C. galena and talc D. quartz and garnet 3 Science Earth and Space (pce3scea)2  10. What can you NOT tell about a dinosaur by looking at its fossil footprints in mud? A. how fast it could run B. how much it weighed C. how many toes it had D. the kind of sounds it made 11. For a living thing to become a fossil, the living thing must A. have a skeleton. B. have a hard outer shell. C. die by drowning in water. D. be dead for a very long time. 12. Which of these is a fossil? A. a large fish B. a dinosaur bone C. a young tree D. a mouse 13. How long does it take for fossil fuels to form? A. a few years B. 10 to 20 years C. 50 to 100 years D. millions of years 14. What are the highest places on Earth called? A. mountains B. valleys C. plains D. oceans 3 Science Earth and Space (pce3scea)3  15. In science class Teri used a hand lens to look at a material. She wrote, It has verysmall pieces that look like tiny rocks. I also see pieces of dead leaves and stems. Mostly Isee dark brown pieces. Teri was MOST LIKELY looking at A. fossils. B. minerals. C. crystals. D. soil. 16. New, large rocks can be formed when small rocks A. freeze. B. dissolve. C. get squeezed together. D. are added to sandy soil. 17. Which is NOT true about minerals? A. Minerals are part of rocks. B. Minerals are fossils. C. Minerals are solid. D. Minerals are crystals. 18. Soil is a mix of materials. Which is NOT a part of soil in nature? A. dead plants B. dead animals C. rock pieces D. plastic pieces 19. Which property can BEST be used to identify a type of mineral? A. hardness B. mass C. size D. temperature 3 Science Earth and Space (pce3scea)4
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