4 Steps To Establish Yourself As A Leader On The Internet

Are you looking to become the next internet sensation? Do you want to know how to become the internet figure to whom EVERYONE is attracted? Discover the simple formula to establish yourself as a leader on the internet!
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  • 1. LuSundra
  • 2. Getting established on the internet as aleader is crucial to internet marketingsuccess. Sure, some might say branding(which is also part of the equation), butpeople are looking for someone to follow.Think about it…How many hoards of people hang aroundmovie stars and famous people?
  • 3. Look at the billionaires of the world – OprahWinfrey, Bill Gates, Donald Trump… all ofthese people have millions of followers.People read their books, follow them onsocial media, and watch them on television.What I seek to do with this post is to give youa simple formula for taking you from being apipsqueak to a powerhouse!
  • 4. The formula is simple and can be summed upin this acronym – LIST – which stands forLearnImplementShareTeach
  • 5.  I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage ‘School is never out for the pro’. Well , as overused as that statement is, it is very true. You have to continually increase your knowledge base. Learning new skills is the first step to establish yourself as a leader on the internet. Learning can take place in different forms – a webinar, a training course, and everyday life occurrences.
  • 6.  The key is to take what you learn and relate it to your audience. You can focus your learning based on the problems your target market is having. For instance, every marketer wants to know how to get more leads, more sales, and more money.
  • 7.  Do you want to learn from someone who talks a good talk, or from someone who has actually walked the walk? Yes. You want to learn from someone who has actually implemented what they are telling you to do. Implementation is the second crucial step to establish yourself as a leader on the internet! The only way to do this is to put what you learn into practice. There are no shortcuts to this.
  • 8.  Let’s say you purchased a product on getting more traffic. You watch the training (learn), then you need to implement what you learn. You may find that some tasks are more difficult than others. You may find that you need to develop some skill that you didn’t have. You won’t find these things out until you actually do what the training tells you.
  • 9.  Sharing your results – good or bad – is EXTREMELY powerful! Sharing results is the 3rd step to establish yourself as a leader on the internet.You can share your results with a blog post, a video demonstration, webinar, or audio. Just create the content and get it out in the marketplace!
  • 10.  Here’s the kicker: You can’t share any results, unless you’ve 1. Learned and 2. Implemented! I believe that sharing results often scares people. You can capitalize off of even the smallest result.
  • 11.  If you’ve implemented a new traffic strategy, and determine a week later that you received 20 new leads, share your results. If you tried a new video marketing strategy and got 2 leads, share your results! Don’t think that you have to achieve some major feat in order to be qualified to share your results.
  • 12.  I’m not sure which is more powerful, sharing the results or teaching others. I can honestly say it’s a toss-up in the importance factor! Teaching others is the final step to establish yourself as a leader on the internet!
  • 13.  People want to follow people they can learn from! I think I heard Ray Higdon say, ’The person who holds the pen makes the most money. That means the person doing the teaching is the one who knows the most, and can generate an income from that knowledge.
  • 14.  Information is the best selling product around! When you teach others the solutions to their problems, you become the most valuable person on the internet. When you become the most valuable person on the internet, the income will follow.
  • 15.  Here’s 6-Figure Tip on teaching to generate income: Give enough value to get people started, but not so much that they don’t need you! Take this post for instance. If I were looking to use this topic to generate income, I would hold a webinar. I would give you the steps: Learn, Implement, Share, and Teach (but no real details). Then I would make an offer at the end of that webinar for coaching on these steps, or an opportunity to work closely with me.
  • 16. Here’s what you need to do now: If your goal is to establish yourself as a leader on the internet, you need to get busy. Since you just learned something new, implement it. You can actually write about this post.
  • 17. Here’s what you need to do now: Once you start seeing results, perhaps in the form of more traffic or more leads, share your results. The last step is to teach someone else this method to help establish them as a leader! To learn more about leadership and the 3 things you can do to make money every time, go to
  • 18. Here’s what you need to do now: To learn more about leadership and 3 things you can do every time and make money, go to: http://www.millionairemilspouse.comEnter your email address, and I’ll see you on the other side!
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