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5.2 - ABS Braking System [OCR]

Saab 900 OG900 Service Manual
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  Saab 9 S RVI MANUAL 5: S braking system   989  599 Alphabeticalsectionguide 59 ASS-system tester 53 Changing the hr;alke 1fluid 52 Bleeding the  br ke sys ~ m 5 ComponeRI remov.allfittiT} g 5 ABS control: d escrJpti O:n of operation 5 Technioal des ori1ptLon  25 Technical  t 5 Special tools El D t I I i I I i  ThebasicandderivedunitsusedthroughouttheServiceManualareinaccordancewith the SI system.Forusersnot familiarwiththe SI units,somenon-Continentalunitsaregiven in brackets afterthe respective SI unit.Thefollowingsymbolsandabbreviationsareused: mm kg N Nm barI litre Conversion factors 1in= 25.4mm 1lbf= 4.45N11bfft = 1.36 Nm 1psi= 0.07 bar 1Iiqqt=0.951 1 US Iiq qt = 0.83 UKqt IEqlllluvOIiell it llIlB' ot Glll id sy ~o inch in pound Ib pound-force Ibf pound-force foot Ibfft pound-forcepersquareinch lbf/in   Alsoabbreviated:psi US liquidquart Iiqqt Alsoabbreviated:qts US gallon USgal of 1mm= 0.039 in 1N=0.23Ibf 1Nm= 0.74 I bf ft 1bar= 14.5Ibf/in 2 11=1.05Iiqqt 1USgal= 0.83 UKgal  ii ll ie codesrefer to marrketspecificaQuoll1s AT AU BECACHDE DK ES EUFE FI ©Saab-Scania AS 1989   AustriaAustraliaBelgiumCanadaSwitzerlandGermanyDenmarkSpainEurope Far EastFinland FR GB GR IS IT   ME   NOSEUS FranceGreatBritainGreeceIcelandItalyJapan Middle EastNetherlandsNorwaySweden USA Production:TechnicalPublications,Saab-Scania,Trollhattan.Sweden


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