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  English/RomanianLegal Glossary DICTIONAR DE TERMENI  JURIDICI  1203.03 PC MOTION – Request to cancel, modify, change or terminate probation. MOTIUNEA PC 1203.03 – Cererea de anulare, modificare, schimbare sau incheiere a unei perioade de proba. 1203.4 PC MOTION – Request to take back guilty plea or set aside a guilty verdict, and dismiss theaccusations or information. (Made after probation has either terminated or defendant was discharged from probation prior to termination.) MOTIUNEA PC 1203.4   Cererea de retragere a pledoariei de vinovatie sau ridicarea sentintei devinovatie si anularea acu!atiilor si a informatiilor. ( acuta, sau dupa terminarea probei, sau cind acu!atul a iesit de sub perioada de  proba, inainte de terminarea ei). 170.6 PC MOTION   Request to disqualify the assigned #udge from hearing a matter. MOTIUNEA PC 170.6- Cererea de descalificare a unui $udecator de a #udeca un ca!. 995 PC MOTION – Request made by a defendant to dismiss a count of information. MOTIUNEA PC 995   Cererea facuta de catre un acu!at de anulare a unei anumite acu!atii. ABANDONMENT   %hen a parent leaves a child without enough care, supervision, support, or parentalcontact for an e&cessive period of time. ABANDON – 'asarea unui copil de catre parinte, fara ingri#ire sau supraveghere, fara suport ori contact, pentru o perioada indelungata de timp. ABATE – o put an end to to cancel out.(****) * + sfirsi ceva a anula. ABATEMENT OF ACTION – + suit which has been set aside and ended.(****) * n proces care a fost incheiat. ABDUCTION   he offense of taking away a wife, child, or ward, by deceitful persuasion, force, or violence. RAPIRE   'uarea prin inselaciune , forta sau violenta a unei sotii, copil sau a unui minor care se afla in gri#a tribunalului si nu a  parintilor.  -nglishRomanian   'egal   /lossary 0 ABROGATE – o repeal or cancel an old law using another law or constitutional power. ABROGARE   + retrage sau anula o lege veche prin folosirea unei alte legi sau puteri constitutionale. ABSTRACT   + summary of what a court or government agency does. 1n raffic, document that is sent tothe 2epartment of Motor 3ehicles (2M3) to update driving record.(****) * Re!umatul a ceea ce face un tribunal sau o agentie de guvern. 1n rafic, un document trimis la 2M3 pentru a reactuali!a datele. ABSTRACT OF JUDGEMENT * 4ummary of the court5s final decision. Can be used as a lien if you fileit with the county recorder. (---- - Re!umatul deci!iei finale a ribunalului. 6oate fi folosit ca 7lien8 (ve!i lien), daca este inregistrat la arhiva, de County. ABSTRACT OF RECORD - 4hort form of the case. (---- - Re!umatul sau forma scurta a ca!ului. ABUSE – (9) immoderate or improper use (0) to do physical, se&ual, or psychological harm to someone. ABU! – (9) olosirea improprie sau e&cesiva (0) vatamarea fi!ica, se&uala sau psihica a cuiva. ABUSE OF PROCESS – Misuse of the power of the court. ABU! DE PROCES – olosirea abu!iva a puterii legislative. ACCESSOR - + person who helps someone else commit a crime, either before or after the crime. COMP#ICE- : persoana care participa la comiterea unei ilegalitati, inainte sau dupa comiterea ei. ACCIDENT OR MISFORTUNE – +n unintentional event unforeseen event causing misfortune. ACCIDENT SAU NENOROCIRE – n eveniment neintentionat intimplare nepreva!uta care cau!ea!a o nenorocire. ACCOMP#ICE – + person that helps someone else commit a crime. Can be on purpose or not. COMP#ICE – : persoana care a#uta la comiterea unei infractiuni 6oate sa fie intentionata sau neintentionata.  
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