Confdentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement You will recall that one of the conditions for your employment with CONVERGYS PHIIPPINES SERVICES CORPOR! ION #the $Company%& is that you will e'ecute an underta(in) to (eep* protect and preser+e the Company,s con-dential information. In compliance with that condition* you a)ree that your employment with the Company shall also /e su/0ect to your o/ser+ance of the followin) terms and conditions1 2. $Con-dential infor
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  Confdentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement  You will recall that one of the conditions for your employment with CONVERGYSPHIIPPINES SERVICES CORPOR! ION #the $Company%& is that you will e'ecutean underta(in) to (eep* protect and preser+e the Company,s con-dentialinformation. In compliance with that condition* you a)ree that youremployment with the Company shall also /e su/0ect to your o/ser+ance of thefollowin) terms and conditions12.$Con-dential information% shall include /ut not limited to1i.Information disclosed to you in writin) when contained in adocument mar(ed as $Con-dential3%ii.Information disclosed orally to you /y the Company whenidenti-ed as con-dential at the time of disclosure3iii.Records and documents of the Company and all otherinformation pertainin) to its /usiness or a4airs includin)information pertainin) to the Company,s /usiness operationsand procedures* mar(etin) strate)ies* list of clients* tradesecrets* and plans re)ardin) future de+elopment* as well astechnical (nowled)e and information contained in technicalmanuals* dis(ettes* compact discs or other forms of softwarerelated to the Company,s operations or ser+ices3 andi+.Such other information* the unauthori5ed disclosure of whichmay threaten or cause dama)e to the Company.6.!ll con-dential information you may recei+e or de+elop in thecourse of your employment with the Company are pri+ate propertyof the Company. You must (eep in strict con-dence all suchinformation you may ac7uire concernin) Company a4airs* e'ceptas your normal duties and functions may re7uire* or as theCompany may otherwise authori5e in writin)* or to the e'tent thatthe disclosure of such con-dential information is compelled /yoperation of law. 8.!ny con-dential information you recei+e in the course of youremployment shall /e used only for the contemplated purpose* andshall not /e otherwise used or disclosed without the writtenauthori5ation of the Company. You shall not di+ul)e tounauthori5ed fellow employees or any other person anycon-dential matter which you may come to (now in the course of your duties and functions as an employee of the Company. Neithershall you disclose* reproduce* communicate or use to the detriment 1  of the Company or for the /ene-t of any other entity or indi+idualsuch con-dential information* or otherwise misuse any information*trade secrets or con-dential (nowled)e or data pertainin) to theCompany.9.!ll Company records* documents* data and other properties in yourcustody or control shall /e immediately surrendered to theCompany* if re7uested durin) the period of your employment* andat the termination thereof* whether or not re7uested. :.In case of a +iolation of any of the o/li)ations set forth a/o+e* theCompany shall ha+e the ri)ht to en0oin or restrain you fromcontinuin) with such acts throu)h the appropriate processes. Inaddition* you shall /e lia/le to the Company for li7uidateddama)es. !t its option* the Company may wai+e payment of li7uidated dama)es and* in lieu thereof* /rin) an action fordama)es a)ainst you. In such an e+ent* the Company shall /eentitled to reco+er from you all costs and e'penses incurred inconnection with such le)al recourse* includin) all attorneys, fees.  he payment of dama)es* whether actual or li7uidated* shall notdischar)e you from further compliance with the con-dentialitypolicy and its correspondin) o/li)ations* and is without pre0udice tothe imposition of administrati+e sanctions.;y a<'in) your si)nature to this document* you si)nify your a)reement to allthe fore)oin) pro+isions* and commit to strictly a/ide /y all the terms andconditions set forth a/o+e* which form part of the terms and conditions of youremployment with the Company. =e welcome you into our or)ani5ation and trust your association with us will /emutually /ene-cial.I here/y ac(nowled)e receipt of the ori)inal of this letter>a)reement and a)reeto all the terms stated therein. ???????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? Printed Name and O<cial @esi)nationSi)nature ????????????????????????? @ate HR? RN?2A: 2
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