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7th Grade Life Science Unit Plan

7th Grade Life Science Unit Plan Cell Biology
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  7 th  Grade Life Science Unit Plan: Plant and Animal Cells Science Standards: 1 a. Students know cells function similarly in all living organisms. 1b.  Students know the characteristics thatdistinguish plant cells from animal cells, including chloroplasts and cell walls. Learning Objectives: Student will know how to distinguish animal cells from plant cells and describe the functions of organelles thatare both similar and different in each.ocabulary: cell membrane, cell wall, chloroplast, mitochondria, organelle, ! , golgi body, ribosomes, lysosomes, cytoplasm  Activities and AssessmentsResources and Technology  Marzano’s StrategyWriting Component  #ay 1 Warm Up (5min):  List $ facts that you know about cells. Input (2 min):  Students will take notes on the differences between  plant and animal cells. %eacher will ask &uestions throughout the lesson to check for understanding and reinforce prior knowledge. ! nlin#uistic $epresentati n (%5min):  Students will be assigned to draw and label a plant cell or an animal cell identifying each part andits function. $eflecti n (5min):  Students will write a one paragraph reflection about the days notes and activities.'rentice (all %e)tbook !lmo*ritical +nputSmall chunks of informationritng about learningOne paragraph reflection of today-s activities#ay  Warm Up (5min):  !)plain the difference between a cell wall and a cell membrane/ 0students would have received this information from the day 1 notes C perati&e Learnin# (%min):  Students will pair up with another student that draw and labeled a cell different from what they did day 1. %he pairs will identify the Labeled drawings of cells from #ay 1.*ooperative Learningarm up response  similarities and differences of plant and animal cells using the labeled drawings they each completed on day 1. Class 'iscussi n (%min):  %he teacher will lead a discussion regarding what the students discovered about the similarities anddifferences of the drawings. %he teacher will help t clarify any misconceptions. Students Practice (2min):  Students will create a enn diagram comparing and contrasting plant andanimal cells.#ay 2arm 3p 0$min: !)plain the differences between plant and animal cells.4ame 025 min: %he students will use the &ui6dom remotes in order to answer &uestions in a friendly competitive game. %he game will reflect information that has been learned in the previous  lessons.*losing *onversation 015min: Students and teacher will engage in open dialogue about the game, the friendly competition, and about the content that has been learned over the last 2 lessons.7ui6dom*ooperative Learning
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