8857 Israel .... (Meaning of the Name)

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  WORD OF GOD... through Bertha Dudde8857 Israel  .... (meaning of the name) I am going to answer all our !uestions as soon as ou #an drawa $enefit from it for our soul... For what hel%s ou to thematurit of our souls is the re#ei&ing of the answer that $ridgesthe 'nowledge whi#h must $e an e%ansion of our #ognition itmust fill a s%a#e in our 'nowledge. It should not onl assuage a#uriosit therefore it cannot be a worldly question.  our thin'ing to this etent is #orre#t in that ea#h name has itsmeaning $ut ou are not #a%a$le to fathom this onl then when ou $ring one of our own names in #onne#tion with thename of a %eo%le whose name I *self ga&e. +hen first ou ha&e to $e#ome aware of what I *self ha&e%la#ed into this name. +hat I #hose a %eo%le to introdu#e *self amidst of a %eo%le to the world as their God and ,reator...that I#hose a %eo%le to em$od *self in. +herefore I am s%ea'ing of the %eo%le of Israel the %eo%le who re#ogni-ed onl one  God and that is wh I a$ided with them. I was not talking about for whom I was not the SaviourJesus Christ... $ut I s%o'e of those instead of them who a#'nowledged me who #ould #all themsel&es true Israelites $e#ause I was a trueIsraelite and #ould rightfull ta'e on this name *self $e#ause Iarose out of the tri$e of Da&id the an#ient father of those thatbelieved in Me and therefore followed Me. +hough e&erone #alled themsel&es ew $ut were more or lesswithout $elief their $elief was / $e#ause the had no lo&e / not a  li&ing one and although in the tem%le the taught the faith inone God $ut the themsel&es were without faith ... 0nd therefore will the 1eo%le of Israel not  #onsist of those whomou term ews on the #ontrar to $e understood as those who ha&e a li&ingfaith and a#'nowledge *e2 I Who a%%eared as ew $e#ause Iwas a real Israelite. 0nd now again the %eo%le who with all -eal re%resent *e who are taught dire#tl $ *e who %romote ones%iritual well $eing and therefore,   as well belong to MyIsraelites, to the people of Israel,   who in Me recognietheir Saviour and !edeemer,  who feel #onne#ted to *e who I#an s%ea' to at all times. 0lthough it ma not ha%%en dire#tl et the hear me indire#tl.+herefore the $elong to * messengers who #arr the gos%elinto the world. ,onse!uentl I still s%ea' to * 1eo%le of Israel  and denotethose, who confess in their acceptance one od, whoacknowledge only one od, #ho embodied $imself inJesus.  For it is the wor's of redem%tion in whi#h ou %eo%lemust $elie&e in order to also find deli&eran#e. For this the oneGod des#ended to earth and too' on flesh. et 3e had to %re&ail against all atta#'s. For 3e #ame unto 3isown world and 3is own did not e#e%t him. 3e suffered and diedfor the %eo%le and the did not re#ogni-ed 3im $e#ause theirminds were dar'ened and did not want to let go of their tem%lestatutes against whi#h 3e fought in the fields. %nd once again we have come this far that $e is not beingrecognied.  0gain the dar'ness is so great that it is hard to findthe right faith in *e $e#ause the hatred is increasing against the Jews, thecloser we come to the end . 0nd e&erone who re%resents *e $efore the world I will $less   and s%ea' to * %eo%le in whi#he&er form it ma $e. 0men1u$lished $ friends of new re&elations of God 4 Information download of all translated re&elations theme/$oo'lets at htt%66www.$ertha/dudde.info6english6inde.html  — htt%66en.$ertha/dudde.org6
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