Communication tools by Dip Misra
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   DIP MISRA COMMUNICATIONA L TOOLS [Type the document subtitle] dell COLL! NAM !AN!AD#ARPUR SI$S#AN  MANDIR [Type the %bst&%ct o' the document he&e( The %bst&%ct is typic%lly % sho&t summ%&y o' the contents o' the document( Type the %bst&%ct o' the document he&e( The %bst&%ct istypic%lly % sho&t summ%&y o' the contents o' the document(]   COMMUNICATIONAL TOOLS  Communic%tion is % p%&t o' e)e&yone*s li'e+ ,he&e one is %,%&e o' ito& not( in'o&m%tion p%ss '&om one to %nothe& o'ten ,ithout %s much %s % thou-ht in &e-%&ds o' ,ho the mess%-e is p%ssed to +%nd ho, it is p%ssed on+ %nd the &e%ctions to it( communic%tion is not necess%&ily e%sy +%nd by %ddin- %nothe& le)el to it th%t multin%tion%l o&-%ni.%tions de%l ,ith+ communic%tion does not -et e%sie&( The communic%tion p&ocess c%n be illust&%te li/e this0SNDR   MSSA!  C#ANNL    RCI1R   RACTION  It is b%sed on  LASS2LL*s 'o&mul% in #el-esen 3455678,ho s%ys ,h%t in ,hich  ch%nnels to ,hom ,ith ,h%t e9ect:8  '&om ;<6= st%nds %s one o' the >&st to pin?point the communic%tion p&ocess( Communic%tion%l tools &e'e& to th&ee 'o&ms o' elect&onic communic%tion in dist%nce educ%tion cou&ses? e?m%il+ discussion -&oup+ %nd ch%t &ooms ( These tools en%ble inte&%ction bet,een membe&s o' te%m,o&/ in)ol)ed in the di9e&ent st%-es o' inte-&%ted p&oduct+ p&ocess o& m%nu'%ctu&in- system de)elopment( The tools th%t %llo,s le%&ne&s to le%&n %nd inte&%ct ,ith e%ch othe& %nd the inst&ucto& ( Communic%tion is % dyn%mic cultu&e %nd society?cent&ic p&ocess( 2ith the upsu&-e in %)%il%ble me%ns o' pe&su%sion ,ith online m%&/etin-+ m%&/ete&s >nd its ch%llen-in- to use the pe&'ect blend o' communic%tion tools to p&omote %nd position thei& p&oduct th%t c%n build  thei& loy%lty in minds o' custome& %nd en-%-e them e9ecti)ely 'o& lon-e& &el%tionship buildin-( 1i&tu%l ,o&/ toolsincludin- e?m%ils+ telephones+ o9ice p&oducti)ity tools( Communic%tion tools c%n include0   Sm%&t phones    L%ptops   T%blets    Inte&net telephony    Soci%l net,o&/    @o&ums    Mess%n-e& %pps    m%il    lo-s   T&%c/in- so't,%&e etc(
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