220-701 A + 2009 Edition (Essentials) by Saint1254 Number: 000-000 Passing Score: 675 Time Limit: 90 min File Version: 1.0 CompTIA 220-701 220-701 CompTIA A+ Essentials Practice Test Version 1.0 CompTIA 220-701: Practice Exam Exam A QUESTION 1 When a technician receives a call for assistance from a customer, which of the following should the technician do FIRST? A. B. C. D. Identify the hardware make, model, and serial number. Elevate the call to a higher level of support. Assign an appropria
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  220-701 A + 2009 Edition (Essentials) by Saint1254 Number: 000-000Passing Score: 675Time Limit: 90 minFile Version: 1.0CompTIA 220-701220-701 CompTIA A+ EssentialsPractice TestVersion 1.0CompTIA 220-701: Practice Exam  Exam AQUESTION 1 When a technician receives a call for assistance from a customer, which of the following should the techniciando FIRST?A.Identify the hardware make, model, and serial number.B.Elevate the call to a higher level of support.C.Assign an appropriate priority for the issue.D.Identify the user and associated problem. Answer: D Section: (none) QUESTION 2 A technician uses a call logging process in order to: (Select TWO) the appropriate priority level for the issue.B.track the process of the incident.C.identify common issues among multiple maintain a balanced workload for the help desk technicians.E.compose a record which allows user authentication. Answer: BC Section: (none) QUESTION 3 Which of the following definitions below BEST describes System Restore?A.Allows the operating system to be backed up with immunity to virus activityB.Allows the operating system to assigns dates so that user data files are backed upC.Allows the operating system to be rolled back to a previous point in timeD.Allows all data on the hard drive to be rolled back to a previous point in time Answer: C Section: (none) QUESTION 4 A user reports that a computer is running very slow and also states that the machine has been rebooted severaltimes with the same result. The hard drive light is constantly on. Which of the following can be performed on thehard drive to improve performance? (Select TWO).A.Use the defragment utility.B.Use the drive compression utility.C.Use thecheckdisk utility.D.Empty the recycle bin and deleted email items.E.Userestore point to roll back the computer to a previous date.  Answer: AC Section: (none) QUESTION 5 Which of the following media types has the largest capacity?A.DVD.RW+B.DVD.RWC.Blu-RayD.Dual-sided DVD Answer: C Section: (none) QUESTION 6 Which of the following are benefits from an active cooling system? (Select TWO).A.Increase system securityB.Utilize less memoryC.Increased performanceD.Increased network speedE.Longer chip life Answer: CE Section: (none) QUESTION 7 Which of the following display connections are the MOST commonly used to connect an LCD monitor to adesktop? (Select TWO).A.USBB.DVIC.CGAD.VGAE.S-Video Answer: BD Section: (none) QUESTION 8 A customer brings a PC in for repair, and asks when it will be done. Which of the following is the BESTresponse for the technician to give?A.Give the customer an estimated time for repair based on the technicians assessment.  B.Ask the customer to check daily to see when it is completed.C.Ask the customer when they would like to have the work completed.D.Inform the customer that others are waiting. The technician will get back to them as soon as possible. Answer: A Section: (none) QUESTION 9 A user is running a program that is not successfully connecting to the network after upgrading the wirelessnetwork router. The user states that they do have Internet connectivity. Which of the following solutions willMOST likely to resolve the issue with the program?A.Add an exception to the firewall for the program.B.Check the Hardware Compatibility List to see if the program is not compatible with the OS.C.Run the program as a local administrator.D.Check for any updates to the program. Answer: A Section: (none) QUESTION 10 Which of the following methods is commonly used for Biometric authentication? (Select TWO).A.Logical tokenB.Encrypted passwordsC.RFID smartcards Pass Any Exam. Any Time. - 33CompTIA 220-701: Practice ExamD.Fingerprint reader E.Retinal scan Answer: DE Section: (none) QUESTION 11 Disabling the SSID from broadcasting on a wireless access point (WAP) provides which of the followingbenefits?A.Ensures all users physically login to the wired networkB.Ensures that only certain devices can access the networkC.Encrypts data traveling across the wireless networkD.Prevents users from seeing the wireless network Answer: D Section: (none)


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