A/B Testing Your Way to the Perfect Landing Page

Slides from a Formstack webinar on A/B testing your landing pages and forms. Justin Rondeau, Conversion Optimization Manager at DigitalMarketer and Formstack's Jeff Blettner, Conversion Optimization Specialist, share best practices for A/B testing your way to landing page perfection.
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  • 1. A/B Testing Your Way to the Perfect Landing Page A WEBINAR BY FORMSTACK
  • 2. Flexible online form building platform. Quickly capture responses with branded web forms.
  • 3. @formstack #formchat Join the conversation on Twitter! This webinar is being recorded and will be emailed to registrants.
  • 4. Justin Rondeau Conversion Optimization Manager @Jtrondeau Jeff Blettner Conversion Optimization Specialist @jeffblettner #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner DigitalMarketer Formstack
  • 5. • The Value of A/B Testing • Best Practices for Setting Up Your Test • Don’t Make These Common Mistakes! • Easy Elements for A/B Testing • Find Your Testing Inspiration! • Valuable Tools for A/B Testing #formchat Today’s Agenda: @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner
  • 6. The Value of A/B Testing #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner
  • 7. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Find the best way to market or 
 design your page. • What changes make a noticeable impact? • Some tweaks may surprise you! ?
  • 8. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Boost your ROI. • Save money when you optimize your pages. • Increase sales without increasing your spend. cation
  • 9. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Settle team disputes. • Test conflicting ideas against each other. • Use data to drive decision-making.
  • 10. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Get to know your audience. Find out what really works for your unique visitors.
  • 11. Here’s what the Big Dogs are saying: #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner
  • 12. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner - Craig Sullivan, Conversion Optimization Expert at OptimizeOrDie “You are trying to run a bundle of tests, whose expected additional information will give you the highest return.”
  • 13. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner - Linda Bustos, Director of eCommerce Research at Elastic Path “Making design and merchandising decisions based on gut feelings, rather than using the data freely available through web analytics and testing tools, is a real mistake.” 13
  • 14. Best Practices for Setting Up Your Test #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner
  • 15. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner #1 - Traffic & Conversions • Goal: 100 conversions per variation • Sound impossible? Maybe try measuring something higher - like clicks or engagement. • Calculate your sample size:
  • 16. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner #2 - Audience Targeting • Target New vs Returning? • Organic Traffic vs PPC Campaigns? •Desktop vs Mobile?
  • 17. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner #3 - Data Significance • Many A/B testing programs have Significance Calculations to let you know how trustworthy the data is. • Run your tests over a few business cycles to account for traffic fluctuation.
  • 18. Don’t Make These Common Mistakes! #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner
  • 19. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner #1 - Stopping a test too early.
  • 20. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner #2 - Testing too many variables.
  • 21. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner #3 - Testing the wrong things.
  • 22. 5 Easy Elements for A/B Testing #formchat
  • 23. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Pinpoint the copy that snags your visitors’ attention and keeps them scrolling. #1 - Experiment with killer headlines
  • 24. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Test your trust indicators to see what satisfies your audience. #2 - Add “Trust Indicators” comScore: Tested adding customer logos next to the testimonials. After testing 2,500 visitors, the additional logos won, boosting conversions 69%!
  • 25. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner • Your CTA is a crucial element of your landing page. • Test different phrases in your buttons and get your visitors to act! #3 - Nail your call to action! submit application
  • 26. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner • Bullets vs. no bullets • Navigation vs. no navigation • What should be above the fold? #4 - Test opposing page elements.
  • 27. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Don’t overlook this important element of your landing page. Form elements to test: #5 - Optimize your form. • headlines • form length • field order • button copy • design & colors
  • 28. Find Your Testing Inspiration! #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner
  • 29. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner •PageCritiq •DigitalMarketer •Optimizely Blog •Qualaroo •Crazy Egg Not sure what to test next? Get fresh ideas!
  • 30. Valuable Tools for A/B Testing #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner
  • 31. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Leverage A/B testing tools to maximize your results. •Optimizely •Test & Target •Visual Website Optimizer
  • 32. We actively test too - and you were a part of it! #formchat
  • 33. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Control
  • 34. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Variation B
  • 35. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Results •Control = 25.2% CR • Variation B = 26.6% CR •5.85% Improvement!
  • 36. #formchat @Jtrondeau @jeffblettner Questions?
  • 37. Thanks for joining us! #formchat
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